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Comments for Gary ROMERO (ROMERO Harry)
Biography Gary ROMERO (ROMERO Harry)
photo Gary ROMERO (ROMERO Harry)
DJ Harry Romero:

. "I'm the guy who from record to record is trying to change the sound: the desire of most producers - do not give the records sound the same, but not everyone is able to do so," - justified his many talents Harry "CHOO CHOO" Romero
. DJ and producer remarked: "I always bring into the studio and eclectic mix of new concepts."
Sounds fresh? Well, it's true. At that time, as many young producers of dance music have talent and bright ideas, very few are also different foresight and persistent reputation as Harry Romero.
. Harry had the honor to grow up in a musical family: his mother danced to the Latin rhythms of merengue, while his father was an opera tenor, playing scales and listened to Beethoven
. As a result, Harry is constantly trying to open up musically, and this had happened.
. The Run-DMC inspired CHOO CHOO (possibly, . a nickname he received because of the train conductor cap, . worn by a child) at, . to feel the impact of Latin freestyle-motion 80 and begin his career as DJ-I with a presentation in one of the dance clubs of New Jersey,
. From there they took him under his wing Millenium Music, a company engaged in management and production. Harry worked with their label Gossip Records (which was represented by Strictly Rhythm), which create a variety of demos and has gathered useful knowledge.
. His first recording "Urban Turban" was clearly ahead of its time, combining Arabic sketting (voice imitation of a musical instrument) and house-grooves
. Strictly Rhythm in 1995, instantly seized the record for release, and asked him to release the next record, called "Sea of Passion", which was more Latin elements. Both recordings have received wide recognition and made the name of Harry and his music was known throughout the world.
This was followed by releases for labels such as Emotive, Sex Mania, Power Music and Gossip Records. One of the biggest breakthroughs Harry - Robert Clivilles result of interest to one of the works of Harry "Il Futuro", house-track, with the Italian vocal from "World" EP. Robert asked Harry to write, co-produce and arrange for his song "Saturday Night" for a plate of 1996 "Robi-Rob's Club World". As expected, then to Harry immediately received a lot of work.
Collaboration with colleagues on the label became the basis of Harry and a very important step in advancing its name. Constipated Monkeys, a partnership Harry c Jose Nunez, have created several fashion tracks, including "Cro-Magnon" and "Erectus" (Subliminal). However, Nunez and the head of Subliminal Erick Morillo, they formed a trio Ministers De La Funk and created one of the greatest hits of the label - "Believe", with vocals by Jocelyn Brown. Under the guise of The Dronez trio remiksovalo several acclaimed club tracks, including "I'm Your Baby Tonight" Whitney Houston and "Don't Call Me Baby" Madison Avenue.
. Competent all, . Harry was enjoying success on the Law of her hits: "Hazin & Phazin", . some reason not accepted in the United Kingdom; "Just Can't Get Enough" with vocals by Inaya Day, . who picked up the AMPM, and subsequently saw rising in the TOP40 British national charts, as well as "Beats Vol 1" and "Beats Vol 2",
. Perfecto Records seized Beats2 after they saw the reaction of the crowd when Paul Oakenford and Timo Maas played track.
. He "prermiksil" multiple tracks, including "Bingo Bango" Basement Jaxx and "Lady" Modjo, after which he was known as "international remixer.
. Without dwelling on this, Harry started his own label Bambossa, which are Subliminal, and which has made rapid support after the release of their debut single "So Lonely" Harry and Alex and solo tracks Harry "Night At The Black".
. In addition to all the above must be added that Romero is now working on his solo album, which will be released this fall
. Prepare for surprises! After it he joined his eclectic musical tastes with their technical skills, many of whom worship.

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Gary ROMERO (ROMERO Harry), photo, biography
Gary ROMERO (ROMERO Harry), photo, biography Gary ROMERO (ROMERO Harry)  DJ, photo, biography
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