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Biography DIESEL Vin (DIESEL Vin)
photo DIESEL Vin (DIESEL Vin)
Vin Diesel was born July 18, 1967 in New York, USA. Actor did not know his own father, and still the journalists' questions about his nationality prefers laugh it off or does not meet.

For the first time a tendency to show business manifested itself in Wine, when he was just 3 years - during a visit to the circus a little boy was not taken part in the presentation of the company, but was stopped in time mother.

Diesel's stepfather, who worked the head of the theater and taught acting at New York University, has stimulated interest in their children to art, often leading them to the theater and cinema.

Playing on stage Vin began quite by accident - when he was 7 years old, he was with the company of friends decided to get into the building one of the local theaters that fooled around a little there. Their foray was spotted a woman, rehearsing something on stage and she called to her children. After talking with them, she gave them the script and promised to give everyone $ 20, taking the children promise that they will come to her at rehearsals every day after school.

So after a while the premiere of the first performance with Diesel. Unlike their peers, the actors, who preferred to make a career, acting in television movies and advertising, Vin remained in the theater, which greatly facilitated his father.

Working in the theater did not bring a teenager in real income, so the age of 17 years, he began looking for alternative ways of earning money. By that time, being engaged for several years in the gym, Vin became large enough, pumped guy, and so could easily get a bouncer at a popular nightclub in Manhattan. That's when the actor moved to its present name on our old friend Wine Diesel

. To college, . actor on the advice of his father decided to slightly change as well his profile, . becoming learning English, . learning while writing scripts, . that in the future be able to use this skill to write roles for himself beloved - so reasoned then young wines.,

. After spending three years in college, Diesel decided to finish his studies to begin to act in films
. He went to Los Angeles, staying in full confidence that his theatrical talent will be appreciated there on the dignity. But it was a naive mistake. Unable to find work in film and typing a lot of debts, Vin found work on television as teleprodavtsa. A year of work he was able to establish itself as a talented seller and started earning good money. This Diesel began to notice that greed gradually wins the upper hand, forcing him to work 18 hours a day. Realizing this and did not find a job in the film, he decided to return to New York.

Upon his return, his mother gave him the book "Creating a film worth no more than an old car, podkinuv him the idea that the film is quite possible to shoot on their own. Crimson this idea Win began writing the script tapes "Strays", but never being able to give this project the course switched to something simpler, having decided to withdraw his short. The script he wrote in just 5 days - his work was devoted to the topic close to himself - multiculturalism and identity cards and called the "Multi Facial" - "Many-sided".

The film was shot in only 3 days and cost its creators only $ 3000. Wines made not only as a writer and actor, he also produced his first work, and acted as a director. During the filming Diesel constantly receiving negative feedback from others, and under their pressure, was forced to postpone his project on the shelf without even mounting the final version. But his father sided with the Wine and advised him to finish his short. As a result, the film was released and was shown to a small audience of 200 people in the Anthology Film Archives in Manhattan. After receiving positive feedback, short film has been approved for participation in the Cannes Film Festival, which also was greeted warmly.

Inspiring his success at the festival, Vin returned to Los Angeles to re-engage telesales and save up enough money for the film adaptation of his first zadumki - tapes Strays. Total for 8 months of active work Wines with his friend John Salem amassed more than 50,000 dollars and started shooting. And after 7 months have already demonstrated their tape on the Sundance Film Festival in 1997. The victory gave the blame at the festival so the funds it needed for the promotion of his belt, but despite a confession obtained in Sundance tape sold very well: Once again on the rocks, Diesel went back to New York.

Soon, however, the wine has contacted his agent, who appeared with him at the festival, and told him the good news - Steven Spielberg, diesels have noticed after the "multifaceted" I wanted to meet personally with young actor. As a result, communication, Spielberg took Diesel in his new project - "Saving Private Ryan, still on a secondary role, specially written for Wine - the role of ordinary Adriana Kaparzo. Despite the fact that the role was very small (the hero killed at the beginning of the picture), it was the first experience of wine in a large cinema.

Meanwhile, "Multifaceted" all continued to promote career Wines. Directed by Brad Bird began to shoot an animated adaptation of children's books - "Steel Giant" / The Iron Giant /, tale of good, but not understood by people because of their huge size robot, and looking for an actor for the main character п+пTп¦я¬я+п¦пT. By chance, a woman who worked with Diesel on the festival in Sundance, directing the implementation of the casting. She suggested that the nomination Diesel is ideally suited for this role and was right - by listening to Vin walked many far more famous Hollywood actors. The film received warm feedback from the critics, but because of weak advertising company, conducted by Warner Brothers film fees were relatively low.

Next tape the actor has a fantastic picture of "Black Hole" / Pitch Black /, deserves attention, in my opinion, solely because of participation in the Diesel. Prosten'kaya story about a group of space travelers, . an accident on a spaceship stranded on a deserted planet with evil monsters, . creeping out at night on the surface, . not striking in its originality, . but charismatic Diesel in the role of convict Derrick, . able to see at night and turned out a common enemy in the only hope for salvation, . worth, . to see this, . in general, . gray film: The film was shot for the wine is very difficult - during the filming of one scene, he almost dislocated his shoulder, . but because of the special contact lenses, . Simulating the effect of glowing in the night eyes, . injured his eye socket, . then he had to undergo rehabilitation in a specialized hospital,

Next tape Diesel was "Boiler Room" / Boiler Room /, where he made a relatively small role of the sharpest broker Chris Varick. Perhaps Vin agreed to this is not the first role is partly to be safe from being with him was attached exclusively Role-action-hero.

Work done by a person familiar Diesel ordinary viewers around the world has released in 2001 eshkn film by Rob Cohen's "Afterburner", which became the first major box-office hit of the actor. In this full drive, excellent sound and memorable picture machines Vin acted as head of a gang of street racers, hunted small robbery in his free time racing

. The image of a tough guy Diesel successfully embodied (and who would doubt) and in the next tape: in the "Three Iksah" was released in 2002, he addressed the roles of extreme Bond 21 century - took place tuxedo alternative to Impress, . place Butterflies - Tattoo, . instead, instead of dizzying stunts -: Even more dizzying stunts ..,

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DIESEL Vin (DIESEL Vin), photo, biography
DIESEL Vin (DIESEL Vin), photo, biography DIESEL Vin (DIESEL Vin)  Actor, photo, biography
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