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BARSKAYA Margarita

( Actress)

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Biography BARSKAYA Margarita
photo BARSKAYA Margarita
Born June 19, 1903 in Baku. The girl was 6 years old when his father left the family and the upbringing of Mary and her two sisters, my mother worked. The act so infuriated the father of Marguerite, which later, when applying for a passport, it took me another surname. My mother was shlyapnitsey, but hat earnings on sustenance of three children, of course, was not enough, and it "reinforces" by letting rooms to artists who came to Baku on tour. Once inside the actor's environment, the girl from an early age about anything else and not thinking how the work of art. The scene attracted to her.

. The Bar acting career evolved brilliantly: for final exams of the "Russian office recently opened the Azerbaijan State Drama Studio (early 1922) was admitted 7 people, . among whom Mara was the only, . received an invitation at once in three theaters,
. In a mobile theater "Red Torch" led Tatishcheva Barska quickly took the leading position. Most of the roles that she had played, there were children. This is not surprising. And in 30 years, the actress looked like a young 20-year-old girl with a low fine figure, short hair reddish-brown hair, large expressive brown eyes on the ruddy oval face. And this was in a feminine spectacular.

On tour in Odessa film studio invited the Bar an agreement, and the biggest actor and director of Russian cinema of the time Peter Chardynin - hand and heart. "Wonderful people - wrote about Chardynin Margarita. - How good that I lived with him for six years, despite all the grief, which was. Well all I owe to many, including tolerance for people. This is one of the best representatives of Russian intelligentsia bohemia. Old Mohicans, more such will not. At the sixth top ten to win a prickly girl, . What was I, . to marry her (to torture before, . that she ran away), . take another wife, . even younger, . work life, . witty, . drink, . distribute the money to the penny, . maintain a constant kindness to people, . horseshoe bend hands, . a Russian film and before dying breath, . that ..,
. how many more good girls left ". Barska ran not so much from Chardynin as to his dream - to remove children's cinema. The 11 paintings Chardynin Margarita was so-called "rough" director. In its proposal, when in 1925. filmed 2 series "Taras Shevchenko", was filmed a special version for children.

On the children's movie at that time in Ukraine there was nothing to think, but it turned out that in Moscow the situation is not better. In 1930. Barska of their school scenario for agricultural theme raised in Vostokkino "movie" Who is more important - that need, "recognized by the press and the educational community as the first real benefits of integrated teaching. Management seized upon the director's ability and asked her to put the "adult" - the present - the film. Barska refused, citing a principled desire to work in the field of children's cinema, and was fired "for the inability to use."

. Turning to the "beaten" the actor's way, Margarita hard to overcome all the obstacles
. In 1931, Mr.. she wrote a script for the film "Broken shoes, shooting of which she managed to finish until the end of 1933. The film takes place in some western capitalist countries, although primarily for the country's implicit Germany, still not Hitler, and was even invited to "consultant for Germany," a prominent political figure, Karl Radek. This circumstance played in the fate of Margarita fatal.

In 1935. in the country by Maxim Gorky was taken to meet Romain Rolland with the best filmmakers of the country. The meeting turned into a kind of "Benefit" Margaret the Bar. Replying to a question, Romain Rolland consistently "turned aside" to "ragged shoes". Here, they say, what movies should be shot, what scenarios should be, what movies should be shown abroad, this new word in the cinema and other. Gorky said simply: "If I was handing out orders, I would have for this now gave the order. I would have it (parted his hands on two feet) of such Order has given, I would have (made a hand motion, as if lifting weight) pounds in five of the Order did not regret ... And as you have done that you have a little boy to showcase provides a range of emotions, which are available only a great actor? "

Triumphant past all countries Chaplin's movie "Baby" caused a lot of imitations. Disagreeing with Chaplin, relied on the "genius" sverhodarennogo Child, M. Barska principally filmed "normal" children. She believed that every child is talented, you just know how to show it on screen. For children their whole life - this game. You can play "hide and seek" in "Mothers and Daughters" ... And you can - in the "shop". That little girl of five buys: "Let me borrow a piece of meat. I have ten sons and ten daughters. They all want to eat. Honestly, this is the last time. I give the money as soon as my husband went to work ... "The other - the same age - sells:" Stop, you're two years tell me that your husband will do tomorrow at work ... "Playing five-year olds reflect life as the mirror. And the students in this life already entered. Hooting and whistling, they tease strikebreakers with pleasure run, jump, fight, climb fences, forgetting that the camera in front of them. And the kids ( "The film brings together children from 2 to 13 years" - this is the introductory caption pictures) do not even know that they remove. As a result - every frame breathes simplicity and naturalness.
Director insisted that the children were taken not more than 4 hours. Later, this rule was formally approved by the labor laws. Yes, principles of working with children for many years were essential.
"It has long been not been on our screen the film, which caused so much praise. This alone speaks of the "ragged shoes" as a vibrant and significant phenomenon of Soviet cinema ", - said Leo Kassil and ... brought to "Mezhrabpom" story "Cheremysh - brother of the hero". So with the light hand of the Bar Margaret Children's writers "turned" to the cinema.

In 1936, Mr.. "closed" is almost finished now, "Father and Son" (remained positive and mounted separately - Roughing soundtrack). The reasons for the closure was found more than enough. For the first time in the domestic film this movie in an acute form raised the issue of child rearing in the Soviet family and school. The topic was relevant, and that the relevance of "confused" leadership. Effects of "Father and Son" was unfolding in Moscow's back streets and slums, which went against the tacit setting to show only the front and joyful capital. However, there was one more, not less "weighty" factor: Karl Radek, was arrested as "enemy of the people."

Barska was not a member of the family Radek and therefore not subjected to reprisals. However, the envious have not failed to take advantage of this fact and made the Bar most real mock trial. But Margarita was surprisingly persistent and principled: "He is not an enemy, if I knew that he was an enemy, then she could have shot him!" Former friends for security reasons preferred to suspend the introduction. Movies for Margarita has since been closed. In the spring of 1937, driven to despair, Barska jumped from the window of his apartment on the fifth floor.


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BARSKAYA Margarita, photo, biography
BARSKAYA Margarita, photo, biography BARSKAYA Margarita  Actress, photo, biography
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