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Cold Faith

( Actress)

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Biography Cold Faith
photo Cold Faith
Some admirer would have died on the spot to learn that their idol was not born "under the starry sky of Argentina", and in the Ukraine and that the appetite for the fabulous mother called her daughter "Poltava dumplings". Family high school teacher Vasily Levchenko moved to Moscow in 1895, when Vera was two years. Here, in a house located in one of Kislovsky lanes, and spent his childhood of the future Queen of silent film. Vera, the eldest of the children in the family was considered too meek and obedient. This sisters Nadia and Sonia little afraid of her, to oblivion, dreamy, and seemed not of this world. Nadia, . making terrible eyes, . Sonya said in a whisper: "Look, . Vera again talking to herself! "One girl overheard, . as their older sister with gusto and drama, . violently gesticulating, . puppets retells the story of the adventures at sea, . Faith which were read at age six.,
. And Vera loved to dance, and persuaded her mother to send her to ballet school of the Bolshoi Theater
. Have adopted the girl at once: in any of its movement through fades and elegance. Future prima ballerina she was assured. But intervened domineering grandmother Ekaterina, who considered ballet unacceptable occupation for a girl from a respectable family. Vera bedew pillow, but there was nothing - had to go back to school.

Soon native Vera realized that she really is not the same as all. Fifteen Vera visited the play "Francesca da Rimini" Gabriele d'Annunzio. Starring shone Empress of Russia Drama Theater Vera Komissarzhevskaya. And at this time, another faith, which will soon be no less famous, literally suffocating from the abundance of impressions. Returning home from the theater, she became a closed, at night she got high fever: a fever would not let a girl for a week. The family doctor told the parents that their daughter is too impressionable and prone to melancholy. It can not be too much to read and ... dream. Since then, parents were forced to Vera winter walk with my sisters to the rink and in the summer to play tennis at the dacha Zelenograd. How could she not like those silly sports games!

At the graduation ball with a charming Vera Levchenko danced the whole evening handsome young lawyer Vladimir G. Cold. In the end he dragged her into the far corner of the auditorium and began to read his favorite poems Gumilev. So Vladimir found the key to her heart - strange, unusual and seemed completely detached from the whole routine. Vera saw him as a loyal knight, who in contrast to all her family will be able to help her not just to live, and how to soar above life. She did not think to hide his love for the lawyer. "At least wait for when he first recognized you," - said Vera reproachfully sister, Sonia. But Vera was in a hurry to live as if she knew that the fate of her released very few years.

At the wedding, held in the same 1910, gathered a huge number of relatives from both sides. Brother Vladimir Cold - Alex, a famous music critic, relegating the groom aside and asked why it is so sad and silent young bride. Vladimir does not know what to say. He himself wondered: why? But Faith just irked noisy feast, prosaic, playfully rough toasts guests ... Such a preamble completely combined with its ideal of romantic love.

Having emerged from the parental home at will, Vera every night fascinated her husband to the theater. In 10-ies in Moscow was really someone to look at: M. N. Ermolov AND. M. Moskvin, A. G. UNC M. A. Chekhov, Sarah Bernhardt. But most went to the motion picture "Buff", which in Sadovaya. The invention of the Lumiere brothers had only just beginning to become popular in the country. It was in 1910 at the Russian screen appeared the picture of "The Abyss" with Astoy Nielsen. Cold downright frightening is the passion with which Vera tried to get on all the pictures with the Danish actress. House Vera froze motionless in front of a mirror and looked long at his reflection. "Such a life can not continue, - decided to Cold. - Vera should do something real, otherwise it eternal daydream will end badly.

When in 1912, Vera had a daughter, Eugenia, her husband gave a sigh of relief - now, it finally will present women's work, no time to dream. A year later, Vladimir persuaded his wife to take in foster daughter Nonnu. Vera - a submissive wife. She never argues, and touchingly concerned about both children. But in her huge eyes settled disappointment. Soon mother moved to the cold of the Faith - Ekaterina with two daughters. Vladimir G. and happy and not very. Now a household will fall entirely on the toying, but what will Vera?

... Director in. Gardin noticed a beautiful brunette from his office window. She walked from the station on the Alexander Tverskaya. When the stranger was in his office, the director felt a kind of vague anxiety: the beauty of this woman lurked something alluring and toxic simultaneously. She said she never never played, but wants it gave her a role on the screen. "But we need an actress, not just beauty," - said Gardin. The strange woman looked him straight in the eye: "I really need the role". To reject it completely, irrevocably, he, too, for some reason could not. As a result, Gardin handed her a letter to the director Yevgeny Bauer of the firm "Khanzhonkov and K б°". Name Khanzhonkov knew all. He was the most prosperous kinofabrikantom then Russia.

Her mother Vera face stretched from bewilderment and despair: that's already lasted a year Russia's war with Germany, and the sole breadwinner of the family of Vladimir Cold called to the front. All hope was at Vera. But, wary of being left without her husband's arms, she won what was intended - in akterki surged, but not in a normal theater, but this ... theater of shadows, as it was called in those days the cinema.

Of course, the mother could not even imagine what would lead a careless act of daughter. After the first two films Eugene Bauer - "The Song of Triumphant Love" and "Flame Sky" (1915) - Vera Cold hypnotized the whole of Russia.

For that to look at it, people lined up in huge queues. A young cinema in Russia is still not known. In Kharkov, for example, during stollotvoreniya in the cinema "Empire" were smashed all the windows, doors torn off their hinges, and in order to pacify the crowd, stormed the hall, was caused by a detachment of mounted dragoons. And such a buzz going around the country. Thanks to Vera Cold rasprobovat people suddenly a strange drug called "cinema". For a modest fee, this beauty would take him into the world of dreams, and people yearned for the recurrence of "attraction" again and again.

The cold could not believe such a success: she is not Ermolov, not UNC, not Bernard, finally. Often Vera dress so that nobody knew, took his sister Sonya, and they went to the most remote movie theater in Moscow - to observe the reaction of the audience. She said her sister with fear: "You know, I have a feeling that I was living did not exist. What they admire - it's not me. This is just my shadow ". But her voice was heard not only terror, but also a strange satisfaction. Among the conditional perfect, romantic, elegant decoration of the pavilion Bauer Vera's desire to escape from the gray everyday life suddenly becomes a reality. Here, she felt much better than at home, with children in domestic affairs.

. For their loved ones faith really has gradually turned into a ghost, which they now met only late at night, when she returned to regular surveys
. For four years, Cold withdrew nearly eight dozen tapes! Henceforth her house at Basman always besieging crowd of fans. Vera no one could deny his autograph. No matter how tired she always agreed to the interview. General, it belonged to his person as if he already does not belong, and in fact has become public domain. For example, in one of the weekend, when the little daughter so counting on it so rarely have their attention, Vera allowed some admirer shoot himself antediluvian camera. The shooting took all day - a half-day mountain-lover only his apparatus set.

From the fictional life of Vera managed to tear off a mountain. The summer of 1915 came the news that Lieutenant Cold seriously wounded near Warsaw, and position it very seriously. Mother Vera was afraid that because of the daughter would not go to the hospital for her husband. But Vera woke faithful wife, and went to the front, she spent a month at the bedside of Vladimir. He was boundlessly happy. He asked about the family, children. And Vera kept huddled together on the stories about the scenarios about the shooting. Watching the feverish gleam in her eyes, her husband realized that the kingdom of shadows won his battle for the Faith. He just said to her: "You still do not forget the children. They did need a real mother ". As soon as her husband's health improved slightly - Vera immediately rushed to Moscow.

Meanwhile, the films with her participation brought huge profits. Only one theater in a given year, the company Khanzhonkov fantastic sum for those times - 50 thousand rubles. Vera offered to go to Europe, promised huge fees. But it seemed absurd idea of leaving. Where? Why? Here it all is and its all happy.

She, of course, has always been a legion of fans. In cold fell in love with everyone with whom she worked, confronted, on whom threw a random look: In. Maksimov, O. Runich, they say, even Stanislavski himself, asked her to move into the company of his theater. She bathed in the adulation, but ... never physically unfaithful to her husband. "Slave to love" it was only on screen. And above all - her fantasies were to her much more real than reality itself. She adored platonic novels.

Once an unknown soldier had brought a bad faith with the front of a letter from her husband, and then began to come every day. Just sit down and did not take his eyes off her. This soldier was Alexander Vertinsky. He was also in her hopelessly in love, devoted to her songs. Vera replied to him a kind of reciprocity. Once Vertinsky and served cold in a Moscow hospital. All perplexed - what number can execute together nondescript soldiers and luxurious beauty? And suddenly, the couple began to dance tango. In this dance, all expressed their unrealized love for each other, their mutual admiration, sadness. With Vertinsky, as with all her fans, Faith Cold tied not novel, but much more exciting possibility of novel and love ...

Vera did not notice any changes that occurred in 1917. She was formerly. In the summer of 1918, to complete a full-scale filming of "The Princess Tarakanova" and "Gypsy Aza," Faith together in director P. Chardynin travels to the south. Since she has a daughter, Zhenya, mother and younger sister. Hardly recovered from his wounds the husband remained in Moscow. All were confident that soon return to Moscow. Odessa was then occupied by the Allied Army, the power was changing by leaps and bounds.

Shootings, concerts ... And suddenly, Feb. 17, 1919 - unfathomable news: Vera Cold died. At the age of 26 years. By country immediately crawled sinister rumors: it killed out of jealousy in love with her French consul, sending a bouquet of white lilies poisoned, killed her white because it was red intelligence officer, she was murdered by the Reds for the fact that ...

. In fact, in November 1918 by Cold cases of acute form of tonsillitis
. And at the Hotel Bristol, where she lived, the temperature did not rise above minus nine. Angina moved to the virus "Spanish Flu" from which there was no drug. Doctors and relatives who were at the bedside, told that even dying, Vera ... seem to play a scene of death. Sensing that her minutes were numbered, she called from the next room his daughter, Zhenya, a grand gesture, ordered her to kneel down, put her hand on the girl's head and breast and heartfelt voice, bless her. Then, gracefully reclining on cushions, Vera went cold at the realm of shadows, of which no longer returned. Her face was completely calm.

"Your fingers smell of incense, and sleeps in my eyelashes Grief. Nothing now you do not need anyone now not sorry, "- wrote Vertinsky.

Three days after her death on the screens went newsreel P. Chardynin "Funeral of Vera Cold". Sister Vera Sophia remembers that, looking at these pictures, even made his way close to the chill of horror: Was Vera Cold real woman or she existed only on the screen?

. Whatever it was, but in the hereafter Cold like Vera did not want to be alone
. Attracted to herself she was able. Even after death. A few months after her death from typhoid fever burned her mother first, and then her husband. By the way, soon disappeared last earthly trace of this mysterious woman - Vera Cold: In 1931 the Odessa cemetery where they buried the actress, was converted into a park.

Custody of young daughters, the actress has made a cousin of Faith. Later she married a Bulgarian girl and took him home
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. Silence ... ( 'The Tale of love dear')
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. 1918 A WOMAN who invented LOVE

. Vera Cold

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Cold Faith, photo, biography
Cold Faith, photo, biography Cold Faith  Actress, photo, biography
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