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Piper Perabo (Piper Perabo)

( Actress)

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Biography Piper Perabo (Piper Perabo)
photo Piper Perabo (Piper Perabo)
Full Name: Piper Lisa Perabo / Piper Lisa Perabo
. Date of Birth: October 31, 1977
. Place of Birth: Tomz River, New Jersey

. About a young rising star in Hollywood Piper Perabo / Piper Perabo, today not only knows the laziest or pushed to
. Piper Perabo, with the image of "the last virgin America, represents a new generation of healthy, opting for mineral water is, instead of Pepsi. Blond hair, pretty face and natural naturalness distinguish Piper Perabo from many Hollywood contemporaries, and her biography can be a good example for the education of American schoolgirls. However, from a too positive image of Piper Perabo and may vomit. Career in film, to date, also corresponds to the correctness of the actress: first - low-budget movie, and then - youth instructive stories. Strange as it is only in the biography Piper did not have membership in the club Mickey Mouse.

Piper Perabo was born October 31, 1977 in the remote town suburb of New York - New Jersey. Town of New Jersey, like any other, located near a big city, it is sad boring place. Most of the inhabitants of such towns, dreaming of life in the metropolis - the heart of all successful, in their view, people. Incidentally, in the film, which opened Piper Perabo for a great film - bar "Coyote Ugly", it almost played itself - Provincial, had come to conquer New York. Is that, unlike her character, she did not sing in the group, and dreamed of becoming an actress. General, . Theme good and the good of the provincial, . carrying out his dream, . with honesty and good heart - an old American story and sugary film Crossroads with Britney Spears, . only confirms the readiness of the viewer in the thousandth time to empathize with such a heroine,
. Sure, . Bar in the film "Coyote Ugly, Piper Perabo is not so nice, . as Britney, . but, . these films have much in common, . true, . Crossroads film critics dubbed monstrous, . but at Piper Perabo influential film-noticed right after the picture bar "Coyote Ugly".,

. This strange name Piper Perabo obliged with one hand - their national roots (half-Portuguese, half-Norwegian), and on the other - Horsham taste of their parents
. In the name of Piper's parents decided to name her daughter because of love for the cinema, more precisely, to his classics - the director Blake Edwards (Breakfast at Tiffany's, Big Race, The Man Who Loved Women). Favorite actress Blake Edwards was Piper Laurie, who played in one of the early film adaptations of Stephen King - the film Carrie (1976) directed by Brian De Palma, David Lynch in a series Twin Peaks. Piper's parents - teachers, his father - a professor of English literature, and his mother - a teacher in the normal college. Piper - the eldest child in the family, she also has two younger brothers - Adam and Noah. Flushed with success sisters, the man also entered the Acting Department at the same university, who graduated from Piper, in addition, he has a good voice and is already trying to play in Broadway musicals.

Piper Perabo has always been an excellent student, an athlete (well, except that no member of the Komsomol). At school, she led a team of cheerleaders (was chirlidershey command sailor), the local football club, led wall newspaper and was active in social work. Furthermore Piper has trumped all the main roles in the school teatare. Then, good girl was admitted to the University of Ohio at the Acting Department and was also an activist and an excellent student.

In 1998, Piper Perabo, after graduation, went to conquer New York. For a while, she interned at a small theater, and parental assistance allowed Piper Perabo not look for jobs in fast food, or, God forbid, nightclubs. A year later, Piper Perabo first co-starred in the film - a low-budget picture of lonely space. After a few more low-budget films, she gets a major role in the movie White Men, which is white-skinned girlfriend boy, dreaming to become a rapper. Then, the main role in the movie bar "Coyote Ugly" - a picture failed miserably at the box office, but at isolnitelnitsu - Piper Perabo, drew the attention of the famous American critic Roger Ebert. It is thanks to him, Piper was given the role in a remake of the popular in the 60th years of animated television series The Adventures of Rocky and Bulvinklya, . and invited to the role of Genevieve in a French painting Slap Her, . It Frenchwoman - after this film, . spank one seat Piper Perabo wanted almost all the male members of the audience in the United States and those countries, . where rolled this teen comedy,

But, apparently, slap Piper Perabo is entitled only official boyfriend - Brendan Emerson, with whom the actress met since college days. Brendan Emerson - the son of a farmer from Ohio, and he dreams of becoming a farmer. He faithfully accompanies Piper Perabo at all the secular parties and premieres, and also fits into a positive image of American. Also, Piper Perabo, as all seasoned Hollywood stars, made friends with a homosexual. He is a secular character, Josh Brolin - the son of Barbara Streyzand. He shares the passion for motor racing Piper and various extreme sports. Piper took a great interest auto and motorcycling dreams and even take part in the race for Southern California. Perhaps, . friendship with blue Josh influenced the, . that Piper Perabo starred as a schoolgirl-lesbians in the Canadian film Lost and Delirious - in our hire sworn Not Gonna Get Us (a line from the chorus Tatu, . which immediately gives the viewer understand Russia as a film),
. And this role, in this age of the triumph of political correctness can go Piper Perabo only benefit.

. - Bar "Coyote Ugly"
. - Slap Her, She Frenchwoman
. - Not gonna get us / Lost and Crazy
. Stars on MafiaFilm.Ru Piper Perabo

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  • Michael aka Emilien for Piper Perabo (Piper Perabo)
  • Here's the telly looked like something and suddenly in advertising "Coyote Ugly" I heard a song the group Def Leppard - Pour Some Sugar On Me. Just wanted to see. And only because of this! But I liked Piper ! This is just super! Everything is in and declined as well pumped about it - know it all - saw all. In general - I have it completely Bonkers fans!:)
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    Piper Perabo (Piper Perabo), photo, biography
    Piper Perabo (Piper Perabo), photo, biography Piper Perabo (Piper Perabo)  Actress, photo, biography
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