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Linda Lovelace (Linda Lovelace)

( Actress)

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Biography Linda Lovelace (Linda Lovelace)
Linda Lovelace (nee Boreman) rodilas10 January 1949, at 6:15 am on Eastern U.S. time.

In high school, Linda dreamed of becoming a nun. Because of her modesty and her shyness nicknamed Miss Holy Holy (Holy Man). Miss simpleton lost her virginity at age 19, and 20 had a baby, which at the insistence of the mother gave the shelter.

The film "Deep Throat" was filmed in January 1972 in Miami for 6 shooting days (all episodes with Linda). Upon returning to New York Gerald Damiano photographed more episodes (with Harry Rims and Carol Connors) and then assembled it all together. This explains why Linda and Carol in any one episode did not appear together, and have different hairstyles, Harry.

Linda Lovelace gained international fame after the release of the screens in early 1972 film "Deep Throat" (Deep Throat), where brilliantly played "herself". 62-minute film marks the ultimate flowering of the sexual revolution and overnight made a 23-year-old native of the Bronx's number one porn star.

The plot of the movie is very simple. Linda, frustrated that her sexual life does not bring her much pleasure, seek the advice of a doctor. He plays it, insisting that she does not experience orgasm for the simple reason, her clitoris is located, not where ordinary women, and deep in the throat. However, there is a simple but effective medicine. Throughout the film the doctor and the other men helped Linda recover from an unusual illness ... Meticulous critics counted in the movie 15 detailed sex scenes, including seven scenes fellatio and four Cunnilingus

. The temporary ban on the film in the United States only contributed to its popularity, "Deep Throat" looked huge number of people, . income from the film amounted to half a million dollars (the exact figure is unknown, . because the film was widely circulated on the "shadow" channels),
. The film was enthusiastically received not only "cultural dissidents and advocates of sexual freedom, . who believed wholeheartedly in something, . that "dirty movies" should be an integral part of the cultural diversity of modern society, he limited success a lot of friends among all segments of society, from diplomats and government members to film critics and single women,
. "Deep Throat" was the first real (professional, not amateur) pornographic films. It was filmed in color, 35-millimeter film, with a normal studio lighting, there were a meaningful dialogue, a semblance of plot, characters, and a song written specially for the film ( "Deep throat, deeper than deep ...") was a hit. But the sexual revolution of the classics "Deep Throat" did not only this. The film received a lively, funny and very candid: the young and beautiful actors obviously enjoy what they do, it is not labored "porn" and the game relaxed energy. Certainly, the film ideologichen, but it is the ideology of liberation and spontaneity.

Deep Throat, as usual in an age of mass reproducibility of art ", provoked numerous imitations and" continue "(without the participation of Linda)-porn serials Deep Throat 3, 4, 5 ..., Deep Throat Girls, Deep Throat Quest ... "Deep Throat"-the so-called one of the songs of Madonna, a porn site with the same name, with the same name contests ... If you have a credit card, you can order online rubber doll named "Linda-deep throat (with three holes for fun). But all this has no relation either to the original film, nor to the sexual revolution.

Rose to the crest of popularity after the success of "Deep Throat," Linda has become a speaker and preacher. In numerous interviews, she enthusiastically described the exotic ways of sex, which she tried, and sang the praises of unbridled sex as a way to liberate the individual. Short films (loops), . in which it withdrew previously-mated with a variety of ways with all kinds of living creatures and inanimate objects, become a cult thing for clandestine viewing in America and Europe (in the first of them, . removed in 1969 and known as "Dogarama" Linda annalnym initially had sex with Eric Edwards, . then, . when the depleted, . the dog),
. Linda was at the Cannes Film Festival in prosvechivayushem dress and re-played herself in pornographic comedy "Linda Lovelace, the presidency" (HotWired published a sympathetic review for this movie, . noting his unparalleled vulgar humor and mockery of stereotypes of American consciousness),

In 1980 there was a sudden coup. Linda and disowned by his success, and of the ideology that so fervently preached. In his autobiography, . called her "Ordeal" (which can be translated into Russian as "test" or "Court of God"), . co-authored with Michael Makgradi, . she said, . I never felt any pleasure from his allegedly voluntary sex,
. In films Chuck Traynor forced her, her manager. According to her, he made her a prostitute, forced to appear in films, kept her under lock and key, continually beating and threatening to shoot if she refused to obey. He also forced her to say that it all like it. Revelations Linda were perceived ambiguously. Noted in particular that the statements are contradictory and Linda that she no describes the circumstances of his unhappy life than analyzing the problem.

In an interview about her book, she said:
"When you see the film" Deep Throat ", you look at how I was raped. This is a crime that the film is still shown, all the time in my head was put in charge of the gun ".

She refers here to the described her episode, when Chuck Traynor, at gunpoint, first made her have sex front of the camera. The book is the first day of filming "Deep Throat" is described as:
"Something happened to me, something strange. This was due to the fact that no one treated me like a garbage. And maybe it was just a chemistry group participation. For the first time in many months, I was among the people, other people who were not perverts and not threatened by me. I became part of. I started to relax. I laughed along with all. I thought that my face would burst. I laughed really so long ago that my face from laughter, new wrinkles. And nobody asked me to do what I did not want. "

. In 1986, Linda released a continuation of his autobiography, "Freedom from Slavery" (Out of Bondage) with a foreword by Gloria Steinem, one of the founders of the feminist fund "Ms." and of the magazine
. By this time, Linda (now as Marciano, not Lovelace) became Speaker of the feminist organization Women Against Pornography "and addressed the U.S. Congress (October 1984) reported on the evil that is the adult film industry. It is interesting to note that of all the porn actors, actresses and directors who spoke at the hearing, Linda was almost the only one who betrayed pornography curse. Other noted in its most positive aspects

. One commentator asked: "What made Marciano change their attitude to pornography?" And he answers: "The new relationship-with the radical feminists-feminists, . which opened in her personality the same features, . previously operated alleged pornography industry, . and now exploit them for their own purposes ",
. Femistskuyu mastered the rhetoric and the arguments that have little to do with her actual experience, Linda was the conductor of ideas about censorship, as was formerly a preacher of the liberating force of pornography. In this ideological revolution, consciously or unconsciously, it followed the spirit of the times: sexual permissive and utopian 70's gave way to sexual counterrevolution 80.

Fee for shooting in Linda "Deep Throat" was $ 1250 for a total film budget $ 22000. The total income from "Deep Throat" to date is estimated at $ 600 million.

In 1973, Linda left her Chuck Trainor to the producer and choreographer David Winters (film Linda Lovelace - the presidency - their joint project), who left in 1975 when she married Larry Marciano, a plasterer by trade. She had two children: a son - in 1976 and a daughter - in 1980. Since Linda was unable to find a normal acting, long time, she and her family lived on the dole. Exit her autobiography (Ordeal, 1980 and Out of Bondage, 1986), which caused a lot of acclaim, once again made it a popular figure.

In the 80 years, Linda actively make public speeches on the exploitation of women in the porn industry. In 1987 she underwent surgery for liver transplant. In the early 90's, when her husband's business collapsed, they moved to Denver, Colorado, where Linda led the life of a housewife and raise children. In 1994 she took part in a regular tour of the country, lecturing on "pornography - is evil". For some time she worked in a computer company, receiving $ 9.45 an hour, but was fired for his labor in the registry card. In early 1996, she received $ 3000 from Ron Howard's film adaptation of her book entitled "Ordeal". In the summer of the same year she divorced her husband, who has become a chronic alcoholic and the tyranny of her and the children. Currently, she still lives in Denver, where he worked in the investment company in the department of customer support, and moonlight as a cleaner. She is considering whether to put her clothes on the auction via the Internet. She recently became a grandmother. She has a new boyfriend, and she said that finally found happiness.

Quotes from the press about Linda Lovelace:

"Fresh sensibility, kind of utterly corrupted innocence, the feeling of women, investigating the limits of their sexual expression and feelings. Linda Lovelace - is "a girl from a neighboring apartment, who grew up in brazen: a woman"
. (Cinema)

. "The way Linda engaged in oral sex, swallowing erect a member of any size up to the root, changed the idea of how the wives and girlfriends have to suck a member of
. Today, if a porn actress does not know how to do a "deep throat", that in her? "
. (AWF)

. "Newly renowned one single film, Linda Lovelace became the most popular porn star, giving American men what they want most - the blowjob.
. (Luke Ford)
. Filmography:
. - "Deep Throat"
. - "Exotic French Fantasies"

. Books:
. - "Intimate Diary of Linda Lovelace"
. - "Test"
. - "Freedom from Slavery
. Stars on MafiaFilm.Ru Linda Lovelace

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Linda Lovelace (Linda Lovelace), photo, biography
Linda Lovelace (Linda Lovelace), photo, biography Linda Lovelace (Linda Lovelace)  Actress, photo, biography
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