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Ian Gillan (Ian Gillan)

( Soloists band Deep Purple)

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Biography Ian Gillan (Ian Gillan)
photo Ian Gillan (Ian Gillan)
Ian Gillan was born August 19, 1945 in Hounslow, near London. His grandfather was an opera singer, his mother played the piano. From early childhood, Gillan was fond of warm, cozy room, where at night the whole family gathered, and his mother played the piano. In school, Yang, like many peers, carried away rock and roll Elvis Presley. In 16 years, John the dream to become a movie star, but she could not come true - a love for rock 'n' roll is stronger than.

Even at school he and his friends loved the impromptu rock n 'roll concerts. Once Ian invited me to his home, his school, friends, to have some fun. It's 12 people with guitars. Those who have had all the strings, depicting solo and rhythm guitar, those who did not have enough strings - bass. However, a cheerful submission did not last long, because soon ran frenzied noise of neighbors and kicked the young rockers on the street.

The first group, which began playing Gillan, called "Bootleggers". It was established on a voluntary basis - everyone was pulling out of the house all that could be used. For example, John power was an old tape recorder firm Gryundik ". The role of the drummer played Gillan. In one hand he had a wand in the other - brush. Ian recalls: "When I sang, then there was no one to drum, but when I played, then there was no one to sing."

Then he played in various clubs, and from 1961 to 1964, played in the group "Jabelin", while working repairman freezers. Then Gillan described himself as "Gee Thunder".

In 1964 he was invited to the group "Episode Six", where the bass guitar plays Roger Glover, Ian Gillan which quickly became friends. Here Gillan played until 1969, after which, together with Glover goes into "Deep Purple". In mid-1973 due to musical differences arose Gillan and Glover leaving "Deep Purple".

After retiring from "Deep Purple" Gillan in 1975, creates his own group - "Ian Gillan Band". Its composition: Ian Gillan-vocals, . Colin Towns - keyboards, . Mark Nausif-drums, . John Gustafson - bzs-gyataoa (familiar Gillani on joint work on the production and recording of the rock opera "Jesus Christ - Superstar" (1970, . double album)); Ray Fenwick - guitar,
. The first album was called "Child In Time" (1976). It introduced a new treatment of the same name song "Deep Purple", differs from the original for the worse. Among the tracks the album poeobladayut smooth, lyrical songs, blues. Co-author of a number of songs and produced the album was Roger Glover. The albums "Ian Gillan Band" similar to the first, although they are somewhat "harder".

In 1978, Gillan dissolved the band and by typing a new accompanying staff, began issuing solo albums. On drums in accompaniment of playing Mick Underwood, who spoke with Gillan back in "Episode Six". Although Gillan will not part with his favorite blues, the music of his solo album is much more diverse and "heavier" than "Ian Gillan Band". This ballad, and "pure" hard rock, and rock 'n' roll and blues, and even more genuine kind of symphonic rock. Diverse and lyrics, most of which he wrote himself. This lyrical songs, and anti-war songs, and the mystical-philosophical, conceptual works.

In 1982, Gillan tolerate surgery of the larynx, long sick and dissolve their group. Being "grounded", he agrees to cooperate with the group "Black Sabbath". In 1983, his involvement goes malopopulyarnky album "Born Again". In 1984, Gillan returns to the newly convened "Deep Purple"

. Until 1989, all was well, . Gillan again sang in "Deep Purple" and assured: nothing he need not, . (that did not prevent him working in conjunction with "Deep Purple" in 1987, together with Glover to write the original "funk-jazz-rock" album "Accidentally On Purpose"),
. It seems that this album is really musicians recorded accidentally - either drunk, or whether the money ran out. But in 1989, Gillan, quarreled publicly with the manager, and partly with the other musicians once again left "Deep Purple", stating that broke with the group, with the exception of Glover, which hopes to cooperate further.

. Gillan formed a new group "Moonshiners", which managed to write "EP," and then recorded a solo album by "Naked Thunder" and went on tour
. In 1990, "Deep Purple" without Gillan, recorded the album "Slaves And Masters", where the vocal parts performed by Joe Lynn Turner (known by Rainbow). In 1991, Gillan returned to the group. "Deep Purple" and to this day working in the field of heavy hard rock.

Official site of DEEP PURPLE

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  • affandi for Ian Gillan (Ian Gillan)
  • ian gillan is amazing man..i like him coz he is very brilliant nad smart..i love ian.i love youre voice..you are my hero...GOD BLESS for ian gillan
  • Gillan kostas for Ian Gillan (Ian Gillan)
  • hello ian.
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    Ian Gillan (Ian Gillan), photo, biography
    Ian Gillan (Ian Gillan), photo, biography Ian Gillan (Ian Gillan)  Soloists band Deep Purple, photo, biography
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