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Dlugach Lika

( Leading)

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Biography Dlugach Lika
photo Dlugach Lika
Leading program 'Caprice' and the hit parade 'Twenty-camyh camyh'.

He likes to paint - watercolor, drawing (ink, pen)
He reads books a lot. Among the favorite writers - Bunin, Kuprin, Sologub, Platonov, Bulgakov, and some English authors.
Music is diverse - from classic jazz and French chanson to the Red Hot Chilly Peppers
Cinema Likes old domestic films, fairy tales and cartoons. Of foreign cinema prefers Coppola, Fellini, and Luhrmann Base.

Live broadcast - it is a huge adrenaline rush. You're in a state of total concentration of its capabilities. The idea works 25 times faster than in normal times, and in which case, I was always confident of his colleagues - in fact working on MTV is really cool team.

Lika wrote articles, stories, fairy tales, scenarios. By his writings, she makes funny drawings.

The latest tale - about the shaggy islanders with pink heels - very nice result:

Several of her works of architecture and television published in the press. Some articles came out with her own illustrations - drawings and sketches.

Lika loves a fast pace of life, but noisy clubs and a large get-togethers prefer communicating with family, friends and a warm, cozy environment. In people appreciate honesty, sincerity, kindness and sense of humor. He tries to live for today.

To resume work on the radio. There are interesting on the radio program's ideas, but, unfortunately, is desperately short of time. If you receive a free minute - Lika happy to remain at home.

I try to instill in the viewer hope to give good smile: It's so interesting to live, and I want to share this feeling:

Born May 9 in Moscow. She graduated from the school with the Intensive English Language. As a child was unruly child, the boys climbed on roofs, fences.

Calmly I could not walk at all, she could only run.

A lot of drawing and reading. Studied at the Architectural Institute of Humanities and the Institute of Television and Radio Broadcasting.

Since 1994, worked at the BIZ-TV program 'Green Corridor special' as a translator and writer.

Writing the script, translated materials - no one touched. Suddenly, people came and said that I was going to report - there was no one to go to the shooting: shooting, night erections, reports: and then, and live broadcasts:

In one breath was done 250 stories. Soon she becomes the leading programs 'Fan-club' and 'Hit Parade BIZ-TV'.

. We Leakey has experience in radio - in 1997 it was didzheem at the radio station "Europe plus".

. Since September 1998, Lika - VJ MTV, the leading interactive programs 'Day whim' and 'Evening whim', and 'twenty most-most'.

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  • blatnou for Dlugach Lika
  • I wonder what zenimaetsya now Lika?? Though I want to know ...
  • vbnvbn for Dlugach Lika
  • vbnvbnvbn
  • fedas for Dlugach Lika
  • yva for Dlugach Lika
  • KKK for Dlugach Lika
  • I saw that she was the editor of Beauty in "home". but there are articles for 2005. What is now doing interesting.
  • Alex Dimidov for Dlugach Lika
  • Unfortunately for us, Lika left us 2 years ago. This loss, we experience so far. In each of us will remain a piece of that warm-heartedness, which was carrying it with him for life. Lika died from burns in a fire in her apartment in Butovo. The investigation revealed that the fire occurred due to the fact that the face of recently abused alcohol and fell asleep with a cigarette nepotushennoy.
  • Zoya for Dlugach Lika
  • Why is this no one negovoril? She was a mega-popular and megadeyatelna why people forgot about it?
  • Kirill for Dlugach Lika
  • Stop drivel. Lika was alive, she had three small children, sitting at home, has
  • Maximillian for Dlugach Lika
  • This Alexey Dimidov-degenerate! U Leakey all is well, she even in the same class "is. And pictures with children. Dimidov-bit you, you moron!
  • Lika Dlugach for Dlugach Lika
  • Dimidov asshole Kochenov I'll find you bitch and burn it.
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    Dlugach Lika, photo, biography
    Dlugach Lika, photo, biography Dlugach Lika  Leading, photo, biography
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