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Biography ACCEPT
Life - as they say in a proverb - begins with the birth, nor is it? But in the case ACCEPT exact date of birth is difficult to determine. There was a band called ACCEPT already since the beginning of 1970. They played at the amateur level in and around their hometown of Solingen, Germany. Although they had professional ambitions, it was moving slowly. The group got together and started, as they tried to find their own style, to write their own songs.

This lasted until 1976, then, the pace began to accelerate. They were finally noticed by major record company at one germanskom first held Rock Festival - the legendary ROCK AMRHEIN. The stunned audience of several thousand rock fans witnessed the beginning of a new musical style which was subsequently named "Heavy Metal (Heavy Metal)". Group then consisted of: Udo Dirkschneider (Udo Dirkschneider) - vocals, . Wolf Hoffmann (Wolf Hoffmann) - Guitar, . Peter Baltes (Peter Baltes) - bass guitar, . Gerhard Wahl (Gerhard Wahl) - Guitar, . (Replaced in 1978 Jurg Fischer), . and drums, . Frank Friedrich (Frank Friedrich),

Life should never be repeated again for this young and prominent bundles of wild and obnoxious boys from Solingen, a small town in the smelting industry in Germany. They were signed immediately, and, at this early point of their creativity, none of them had no idea about the work in the music industry. A few months later, they okazavalis in the studio - yes, a real, professional recording studio - to produce their first album, "ACCEPT". The result was excellent. Vocals Udo, inserted into a war of electrical instruments - loud, energetic and brutal - instantly helped to establish the brand of music ACCEPT. There was no comparison. Never before did not sound like it was attacking a human ear. Order of the day it was a great power, which bore fans.

Interestingly enough, the bass guitarist Peter Baltes (Peter Baltes) was mapped singing two songs in this debut album, "Sounds of War (sounds of war)" and "Seawinds (Marine winds). It seemed unusual in this kind of regulation in the group, but it will be repeated on a later album. Their musical style was not yet determined how it will be clear on the next album, . but their skill and ability to create excellent music for pokazalos.Posle record their first album, . drummer Frank (Frank Friedrich) has decided not to join the others in their journey to professional music career and he passed all Haufmanu Stefan (Stefan Kaufmann),
. Seeds were planted. Their second album, 1980's "I'M A REBEL (I am a rebel), he could not describe the group better. When "I'M A REBEL (I am a rebel)" started to run to earth around the charts, the band gets an offer to play first on TV and they get their first look at the popularity of.

The image of the group, especially their live performances show, send a message: No mercy for the poor - while some will want to survive this - they should be better prepared for an earthquake. Udo's voice, the brutality of the attack guitars and drums start the power and bass made this band a cornerstone for a new musical style, which is defined by the term, is rapidly dispersed throughout the UK: Heavy Metal (Heavy Metal). Then, in 1981, released their third album, "BREAKER (Destroyer).

During this year, they signed a deal with German manager Gaby Hauck (Gaby Hauke) - relationships that will last anywhere accept's. Stage was set, and from that moment they pingyang to high gear, supporting the mighty JUDAS PRIEST all over Europe. This should open the door to its own world-wide popularity in the next decade. The team worked relentlessly. The only "interrupt" for ACCEPT was the name of their latest album "BREAKER".

In 1982 the first signs of tension led to internal changes. Dzhodsh Fischer (Jorg Fischer) left the band before recording their next album "RESTLESS & WILD (restless and wild). This album became a milestone in the career ACCEPT. With thunderous double attack in the drum song "FAST AS A SHARK (Quick as a shark)". They gave birth to a new style which will soon be called "Speed Metal (accelerate the Metal).

Later, the influence of ACCEPT in Heavy Metal (heavy metals) and Speed Metal (accelerated metal) is the foundation and serves as a powerful, inspiring and definitely a historical group. "RESTLESS & WILD" also displays the popular "PRINCESS OF THE DAWN" (Princess Dawn) anthem for every ACCEPT fans. This is - during this period that ACCEPT accurately defined their unique identity at this stage. Their fate as a mega-power core was found. Ruthless rehearsal allowed the group to provide a show which no one has ever seen, just like a car with twin guitar duels and, of course, ubiystvennyygolos Udo. Set the group name and not forgotten to this day. For their extended tour, playing concerts, they hired German guitarist HERMAN FRANK.

ACCEPT wound up with passion, and their music was a constant overflow. In the end, the year they wrote and produced their masterpiece, "BALLS TO THE WALL" (made by Michel Wagner (Michael Wagener)).

Self-produced album contained many lyrical syurprizov.S DEAFFY, they created a concept album that dared to discuss the most sensitive and controversial topics before unheard of heavy metal. Includes topics: politics, love, sexuality, church, conscience, responsibility, and anti-addiction of any type.

Topics that have never been studied were represented in this attitude, which gave inspiration to many, to discuss the other points of view.

Personal beliefs ACCEPT become an issue that has divided people's views on the ACCEPT after that day because of the controversial content. Nevertheless, ACCEPT received undisputed respect for their responsibility in music. This is - that what they were in the past and it is - that what they will always be. Identity DEAFFY was mysterious and talking for many years until it was finally shown that it is a person is the same as a manager, Gaby Hauke. In fact, she began to write lyrics for all albums ACCEPT from "BALLS TO THE WALL" and further. However, she wished that all the attention went to the group, but not to her.

Gaby, face a common secret, always created a career ACCEPT behind the place but never acts on heart. Her professional work has made it into one of the few female managers who are recognized and respected to this day. It - it opened the gate to the world for this young, . German groups together with the help and support of partners such as: Breeze Music in Germany, . BMG International, . SONY New York, . JVC Japan as well as ordering agencies like ITB, . ICM, . Mr.UDO and many others who stayed loyal to Gaby and ACCEPT for 20 years,
. This is a very impressive partnership sold millions of records and made ACCEPT one of the biggest players in this musical genre.

Time passed quickly for the group during this period. In 1983, at Rozhdestvennskom show in their hometown, they met George Fisher (Jorg Fischer). They immediately decided to give it another try.

America, Asia, Europe ... ACCEPT, conquered the world! And when the group returned home in 1984, they completed the journey with exponential performance at the legendary festival MONSTERS OF ROCK. In Germany, goes crazy for their new heroes and ACCEPT rises to heaven.

Shortly thereafter, ACCEPT joined the team with the manufacturer DIETER DIERKS (who had previously made known to the German rock band SCORPIONS), to record their next version - "METAL HEART (Metal Heart)". This album is a vision of the future predicting, in the song says that in 1999 people will be equipped with computing equipment, metal heart. Coverage was custom-built neatly embedded computer - we see through a glass door. And, strangely enough, like the other lyrics of ACCEPT, vision of humanity with a cold heart in 1999 - - certainly today - not so hard to believe, and more. If this is the lyrics, it's amazing how - then and now - spores are still alive and how clear was their vision.

In addition, "METAL HEART" they proved that their talent and fame were not short-lived. ACCEPT, was detected at international concerts and shows exponential passed around the globe. Legions of metal fans, gold albums, sell tickets to the show show - they had all.

In 1985 released her second album - "KAIZOKU BAN" and in 1986, "RUSSIAN ROULETTE" (made again MICHAEL WAGENER). They established themselves in the uppermost ranks of the rock group and they took this responsibility very seriously. There are no failures, they always gave 100% quality. The pressure to deliver another superb album forced the band to work even more intensively.

Unfortunately, as often happens in life, not everyone can cope with extreme problems. With constantly traveling and must adapt to the lifestyle of coercive environments such as hotels, bus travel, etc. - all with little or no secrecy. After a long work, it took its charge on each member. Despite the fact that they were able to settle all their differences are very civilized way, the fact remains that individuals who included, ACCEPT, have matured into adulthood. This meant an increasing divergence of views, interests and prioritov in life.

In the course of their travels in 1984, Peter (Peter Baltes), Wolf (Wolf Hoffmann) and Gaby (Gaby Hauke) all fell in love with America. More and more time spent on their new home, absorbing new influences, exploring new ground. Distance in miles, the distance provided the fuel in the minds of.

Also, "boys" were now men, each of them wanted to manage his own life, leaving the vital place ACCEPT. However, a mutual agreement to refer to each other with respect saved them from unpleasant experiences. Break the group was ogovaren, everyone welcomed the idea that Udo should try a solo project.

Peter, Wolf, and Stefan Dyurg asked to write a complete album for Udo, which they did in their own studio in New England. The result was "ANIMAL HOUSE" which, to this day, is the most successful album of her solo career Udoo. Gaby (Gaby Hauke) then worked hard to start a solo project of Udo and organize her trip to UDO. in Europe and America.

Meanwhile, Wolf, Peter and Stefann (Jurg again left the group) worked on the songs in the broader musical field. Dayter Dayrks (Dieter Dierks) very excited when he won his first demo album, and he agrees to produce it. They find a new American singer DAVID REECE. The result was "EAT THE HEAT" album with great commercial potential. New life seemed to be opened - without Udo. It was the first organized tour to support new album. Group members for this American trip was DAVID REECE, WOLF HOFFMANN, PETER BALTES, STEFAN KAUFMANN, and second guitarist, JIM STACEY of Britain. The concert went extremely well and the group has developed a different dimension.

But life is hard. After 3 / 4 of one of the most intensely Travel ACCEPT, . drummer STEFAN KAUFMANN behind last serious problem and was forced to go to Germany for immediate medical care, . drummer HOUSE OF LORDS, . KEN MARY, . helped him and made a loss of nearly undetectable,

But ACCEPT, had more problems.

When in 1990 came "STAYING A LIFE" worldwide demand for a reunited ACCEPT, growing louder and louder. Soon, Wolf returned to Germany for a meeting with Stefan and Udo where they all agreed that there was no other way - they decided to give another try.

By creating new songs, they decided to work as a group of four people - without a second guitar player. Wolff then became responsible for all of the guitar in the studio, as well as on the road. The result was "OBJECTION OVERRULED" released in 1993. To the delight of their fans and all business partners including - Gabi kept the way open - the magic of the group is still there. I, . with their trademark controversial and current lyrical themes, . They proved once again that ACCEPT has managed! Voyage around which followed the receipt of a good reception from fans, . led to what everyone agreed, . reunion builds on the success,
. And because of this exciting conclusion, the team maintained their dreams, which would have preserved forever ACCEPT.

But many things have changed, the music scene has grown and a new generation of fans has expanded the gap between the old and new music. In 1994, the next album, "DEATH ROW", showed that constant struggle to reach the next level - more of the horizon. When STEFAN KAUFMANN again gave him know he is an old problem ostanavil drums, because of this in the middle of recording sessions for "DEATH ROW", they stumble, but nevertheless it was decided to continue with STEFAN SCHWARZMANN as a temporary substitute.

Apparently, before anyone realized it, they were in the format concert recording concert, which began to take their fee on each the ability to overcome this. Wild, young bunch from Solingen now living in other parts of the world, the manifestation of other interests in life. Most married and family life raises issues that must be decided. But they still retained a general commitment that kept them going day in and day Solingene until today - their love for music, performing in front of their fans and creating new songs together.

But it turned out all the more difficult and harder to keep the promotion machines. They knew that they could not save Accept forever, but again, they decided to pack up and go on to another circle. It is possible that this could be the end of a long career together, it was on the back of some of their minds when they agreed to meet in Nashville in summer 1995 to record "PREDATOR (again produced by Michael Wagener)".

New drummer, the American battle-hot MICHAEL CARTELLONE, hired and Peter was again displayed as a vocalist in some songs. This has added fuel to the fire already glow within the group. Final tour of North and South America, Asia and Europe have written the final chapter as more than 20 years of Heavy Metal. In June 1996, they bowed to their fans the last time in Tokyo, Japan. This was the time of departure metal legends ACCEPT rest - this chapter is closed, but is lost and their music will live forever.

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