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Comments for BAD BOYS BLUE
With Bad Boys Blue was formed in late 1984 in the city of Cologne germanskom. Three of its members were highly variable from each other - on education, musical preferences and hobbies.

About Group Name:

1) invented it all Uncle Andrew, who comes from somewhere in California. And in the States, among black sub-germs, the adjective "bad" has the opposite meaning - that is, if one guy says to the other "you're so bad!", Really meant - "You're cool, man!".

2) There was some thought had something to do with the name of Al Capone and the mafia dismantlings thirties. Therefore, first came up with "bad guys". Then he decided it was too hard, and changed the "guys" in the "boys".

3) Now for the adjective "blue". If the Russian language "blue" means the actual color and sexual orientation, then in English - color + "sad, lonely", etc.. If you remember the cover of the first two albums, accompanying their early singles and videos - they have always acted and photographed in the blue.

John McCain Inerney (John Edward McInerney) was born September 7, 1957 in Liverpool. His mother Agnes died when John was four and a half years. John and his brother, who was then three years, was brought up by grandmother. In 15 years, John played in the junior team of the local football club, but a professional football player out of it did not work. After school, John worked as a stockbroker, and in 1979 moved to Germany. There he had to change profession and try to pretend to be a decorator.

John - a big fan of beer "Guinness", for what friends called him "mister McGuinness". He owns several pubs in Cologne, the latest John acquired in March 96 years, and received a lot of pleasure from his own pro-herewith repair.

In 1985, one of the shows "Bad Boys Blue" John met with a charming blonde named Yvonne. The girl group did not like, but ... After a while she became the wife of John. A February 20, 1989, at 12.55., Has been born their son, Ryan Nathan. The 92 year there appeared the second son of John - Wayne.

Trevor Taylor (Trevor Oliver Taylor) was born January 11, 1958 in Montego Bay, on the island of Jamaica. When he was 14 years old, Trevor's parents moved from Jamaica to Europe. Trevor - a typical rasta-man; until 1984, he played with Eddy Grant and a group of UB 40. His idol - Bob Marley. Hobbies - football and cooking. And last "hobby" for some time been the main source of income: in 1978, Trevor worked as a chef in a restaurant "Holiday Inn" in Birmingham, and then - in Cologne restaurant "Stummel".

Third member - Andrew Thomas (Freddy Andrew Thomas). He was born May 20, 1946 in Los Angeles. He has one brother and five sisters. Andy's father was a gospel-singer. Before his musical career, Andy was studying psychology and philosophy, and was going to become a teacher. He loves to travel, and said that the best feeling in Asia.

In 1968, Andy moved to London and worked there for some time at the U.S. Embassy. Once he went to the Germanic city of Aachen - visit a friend, and met a girl who lived at that time in Cologne. Then Andy "accidentally" moved to Cologne ... Ceychas he is still not bound by ties of marriage, staying in search of something special. However, according to agents' data, somewhere in his daughter grows up, which is five years.

Back in London, Andy began to sing - not without the help of Eddy Grant. True, the music, which he then played, very different from the disco rhythms of "Bad Boys Blue": Andy played mainly blues songs.

In late 1984 the trio released their first single "LOVE. In My Car ", and in early 1985 -" You're A Woman ". Also in 1985, the company Coconut beyond their first album - "Hot Girls - Bad Boys". "Bad Boys Blue" a lot of performances in various discotheques and television show.

1986: album "Heartbeat". On it, as well as on their debut album, most tracks played Trevor Taylor, some - Andy. John McCain Inerney the first two albums just sang.

In 1987, the group released the single "Come back and stay"; this song, sounding for all European discos, sang John McCain Inerney. On the 1987 album "Love is no crime" had already sounded the voices of all three members of.

1988: album "My Blue World".

The summer of 1989 the band released the album "Bad Boys Best" - a collection of his best songs, which included also a new single, "Hungry For Love". Simultaneously, the group is changing: it takes Trevor Taylor, did not accept changes in the sound of the group and remain true reggae style, but instead it appears ... another Trevor - this time named Bannister.

Trevor Bannister was born in 1965 (64?) In the English town Grembsby. Information about him, alas, there was very little.

Trevor Taylor after retiring from the "Bad Boys Blue" tried to act in films and now he owns a shop in Cologne, which sells your favorite reggae-recording.

In 1989, the band released the album "The fifth". The most famous songs from that album - "Lady In Black" and "A Train To Nowhere".

1990: Album "Game of love".

In May 1991, "Bad Boys Blue" first made in the USSR. The group took part in a grand good-creative festival "Children of Chernobyl - our children". Organizers of concerts, held from May 31 to June 2 in the Olympic Sports Complex, were Peter Muller (father of the infamous singer CCCatch) and the Hamburg entrepreneurs Gerhard Klepper. In "Bad Boys Blue", at the festival were made by Dieter Bohlen, CCCatch, Den Harrow, and many other performers of dance music.

In November 1991, "Bad Boys Blue" released their seventh album - "House Of Silence", and in December, the newly arrived in Moscow. The group took part in the shooting of TV show "Bravo-91". Obviously pyatnadtsatigradusny frost was not care of: John strolled in jeans with huge holes in the knees.

In July 1992, "Bad Boys Blue" were made in Tallinn, at the Rock Summer Festival.

Autumn 1992: album "Totally" (with such hits as "I Totally Miss You" and "A love like this").

In 1993, the "Bad Boys Blue" released the ninth album in a row - "Kiss", which consisted of half of their old hits. Then parted company with "Coconut", and literally a couple of months at the company released "Intercord" the new single "Go Go (Love overload)". But in the new line-up: apparently, Trevor in the group do not take root, and "Bad Boys Blue" became a trio in a duet. The video for this song was filmed in Oslo, Norway.

In spring 1994 they released their first - at the company "Intercord" - album called "To Blue Horizons". In addition to previously recorded single "Go Go", the album featured such songs as "Luv 4 U" and "What Else?".

Despite the fact that "Bad Boys Blue" went to the firm "Intercord", in the summer of 1994 the company Coconut released album "Completely Remixed", which amazed the audience found altered beyond recognition the old hits "Bad Boys Blue".

Band has toured extensively, speaking even in such exotic countries as South Africa. By the way, there they are very popular - and fortunately, not only because of the fact that in a group of musicians with different colors of skin. One of the album "Bad Boys Blue" was certified platinum in South Africa. Once, when the "Bad Boys Blue" acted as warming group before a-ha, there was very unpleasant for the management of Norwegians case: most of the audience left the hall after the performance of "Bad Boys Blue".

In early 1995, joined the group Mo Russel (Irmo Russel Ringeling), born 15 March 1956 on the island of Aruba in the Caribbean. Mo - a wonderful actor, he lived in Germany for about ten years, and about the same knows John and Andy. It was at their insistence, he replaced the stage to the music scene, but now the theater is still his favorite hobby.

June 25, 1995 "Bad Boys Blue" (jointly with the Italian techno-project "Capella") were made in Kiev, at a concert dedicated to the Day of Ukrainian Youth. The concert brought together tens of thousands of Kiev, was held at the Song Festival Grounds bank of the Dnieper. The concert was free for spectators; "Bad Boys Blue" had been invited to it by the Directorate of the international festival "Tavria Games".

In July 1995, "Bad Boys Blue" released the single "Hold you in my arms".

In August 1995, the film crew from Ekaterinburg studio BBF and 4th channel, headed by Cyril boiler workers traveled to Cologne, taking off his 45-minute film about the "Bad Boys Blue".

September 22 and 23 "Bad Boys Blue" gave two concerts in the best Moscow night club - "Utopia". Concerts were a huge success: despite the very high cost of tickets, the club was full of.

At the end of 1995 was planned out a new album, the work of such famous figures as Enrico Zabler of the group "Masterboy" and Nosie Katzman, author of the majority of hits the group "Culture Beat". However, because of the desire of most quality formalize album (it was decided to use a multi-dimensional graphics) output repeatedly delayed album.

In March 1996, "Bad Boys Blue" performed successfully in cities such as Irkutsk, Vladimir, Moscow and St. Petersburg.

In early May 1996 "Bad Boys Blue" made in Yekaterinburg, in the five-year anniversary of "4th Channel. At the same time in one of ... remand Yekaterinburg, they shot a clip for new single - "Anywhere".

In June 1996, finally released the long-awaited album by Bad Boys Blue - "Bang! Bang! Bang!".

During a tour of Russia in June 1996, "Bad Boys Blue" were made in Moscow club "Snowstorm", as well as Wal-gograde, Kirov and the Alma-Ata.

In September 1996, "Bad Boys Blue" made in Go-Subcommission Central Concert Hall "Russia", Moscow disco-club "Utopia" and Saratov Club Rotonda.

In June 1997, "Bad Boys Blue" - together with Thomas Anders, the Austrian trio of "Joy" and the group "Boney M" - were made at the festival "Stars of disco" in Gorky Park.

In 1998, when Europe once again became popular disco tunes of the eighties, the band released - with rapper Eric Singleton, known for co-operation with the duet "Modern Talking" - remix of "You're a woman '98". The video for this song was filmed in England. Then he was released and the album "Back!".

In 1999 saw the release of their album "Continued", which included a completely new songs and remixes of their hits 90-93 years.

End of 1999 - the new album "Follow The Light". There are also new songs and old.

Interviews with the group:
Bad Boys Blue: "The tour to Russia?" This is a good experience. We need new impressions.
And who said that "heavy and ugly" life is our artist? Now all the hard. And our, and ihnim ". And that too to the public! ... Let is irrelevant, but "stars" called "Bad Boys Blue", on the last tour in Novosibirsk had not at all easy. Imagine:

. - Concert has been delayed for 5 hours;
. - The normal reaction of people to pay from 500 to 1.5 thousand rubles per ticket;
. - Frequently intensified after the boy `s sang only three songs!

. And could and did turn around and leave, because the organizers of this concert in the Novosibirsk group do not pay!

. But our conversation took place before all this
. No one has nothing suspect. All were still in joyful anticipation. Everything was just good.

A: You have a new lead singer?

Andrew Thomas: Yes. This Kevin. He is our old friend from America. For a year he is with us.

A: From America? But Bad Boys Blue continues to be a group from Cologne? Two American members do not outweigh?

E: No. John (note. John Makineri) - Englishman. He is from Liverpool. So okay.

A: And why Cologne, not Berlin, not Bonn? For example, Russian musicians, they seek in the capital, to Moscow. Cologne, of course, a major city, but:

E: In Cologne, everything. There is a television, a radio. A lot of studios. All that is needed for a good career.

A: You are in Russia in recent years, it is very often. Since 91-year, when you were in Moscow at the charity festival "Children of Chernobyl". This is the reason that that Bad Boys Blue Western concerts not so much?

John: This is just a very good experience in our career.

A: The Experience of what? Experience live without comfort?

A: The fact is that if you are constantly visiting the West, somehow become one and the same. Looking for new experiences. These visits to Russia gives us to understand how huge country. My knowledge of geography is becoming deeper, believe me. Most Western musicians know mostly only Moscow. And we in Russia were about 15 cities. We even make your video clips.

A: Director of Yekaterinburg filmed, almost in a remand prison, yes?

A: Yes, he is our very good friend. And then he came to Germany, in Cologne, and he did a documentary about how the three of us live in Cologne.

A: It's because he has such a rich fantasy or small financial claims? Incidentally, this legendary guy from Yekaterinburg name Cyril Kotelnikov.

A: No, just a financial issue has nothing to do with. Its just very interested in our group.

A: You say that we have an extreme country in terms of tour. In what other country can be compared to Russia? In South Africa, where you are very popular, as is known, and your plate there platinum print editions? Do not be afraid to offend us!

E: Well: We were in the Ukraine, Estonia, Lithuania - the former Soviet republics. But we would not compare Russia with South Africa. And since we were in 16 different states of South Africa.

A: I know that you, John, except that the musician is also an entrepreneur. Do you have a few pubs, yes? This is written in all press releases.

A: Yes, there are two Irish pub in Cologne.

A: It is very convenient, it is possible because in their own pubs and give their concerts is.

A: Yes, when we sing Irish music. (Here, John struck up a song in Irish, and this is verbatim, of course, is not subject to).

A: I do not know, "Rest" can hardly be called a pub. I'm talking about the club, where you are today acts. This is a very powerful institution. Tickets are expensive. Place the table is 1,5 thousand rubles. It is expensive to Novosibirsk and concerts in general. Familiar to you, may be irrelevant now, but still true definition of "new Russian"?

. E: This is the new Russian new money?

. A: With plenty of new money!

. E: Yes, they are very grateful to the audience, they respond very well to us

A: Well, great! Nothing human is alien to them! Koli we are talking about the Russian public, about the Russian artists. Again a few years ago, this question had no meaning, but it stubbornly asked and now it is relevant. Who of Russian artists you is not that likable, but just to be familiar? Judging by how closely you are related to Yekaterinburg, maybe it Shahrin and CHajf "?

. E: Of course, we spoke with other Russian groups, but after drinking vodka, it is difficult to remember the names of Russian artists
. Excuse. We met many people, and very hard to somehow distinguish between them and remember.

A: Obviously, we like the Chinese, all on one person.

E: No, no, I do not have it in mind. It is difficult to remember the Russian names for us.

A: Our artists have chances to succeed ...

E: Yes, we are well-known performers from Russia met, but just be very difficult for us now recall the names of.

A: However - in Russian artists have chance to somehow succeed on the world stage, as you have done? Well, so that you know about them?

E: Yes, of course, no doubt. I do not know how it would be understandable, but from the perspective of a musician, they have the same chances as everyone else, and musicians around the world. I, for instance, as a jazz singer, I sing with his band in Cologne and with the Romanians, and Russian, and Chinese, and the Poles. I am an American, but in my jazz group singing people of different nationalities. We, of course, we sing in English, but the music is internationalized.

A: Well, the other two party groups are not jealous of you to a separate jazz project?

A: No, no, no, it's normal. So Kevin was a performer before he became a member of our group. He has his songs. We are all friends, and no one has any objection to the fact that everyone has their job. Just do not have time to envy someone. We only have time to enjoy each other and from music.

A: I tried to calculate your plate and on the sixteenth figure had slipped. It turns out that you have on the album each year, beginning with the 84-th, including the reissued.

E: 15-16. Yes, almost every year since we started. And now we are preparing a new album, have been working specifically on this.

About: to count? Which charts?

E: Well, never do not know. We write so many songs, and then determines what songs still need to include, and what - no. I think that this album will feature different songs - new and past years, those who we believe best. A guess? It is impossible. Every year their any requirements, trends, and the demands of the international market also must take into account. The only thing that just can not say our music still remains very melodic.

A: Even thought up the name?

E: No title yet.

A: Well, I hope that today in the "Rest" you shall have done the most hits of its program. Over 16 years of creative life of the total accumulated a lot. Actually, Andrew, we congratulate the coming birthday, if I am not mistaken on May 20? Live long, will not tell anyone how old you will be granted!

. E: I have some time now started the countdown and the celebration of his birthday, how would tidy one year

A: We would like to say to all our fans who now listen to us, that if they now come to the concert, we are very pleased to meet them.

A: What do you mean, "if they will come"? They are already there!

May 1, 2000

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