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QUEEN Natasha

( Musical Performer)

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Biography QUEEN Natasha
photo QUEEN Natasha
Full name: Poryvai Natalia
Date of Birth: May 31, 1973
Place of Birth: Kiev Ukraine City
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Occupation: Popular singer. Actress
Place of residence: Moscow, Russia

Natasha was born into a musical family. Her mother - Poryvai Lyudmila Ivanovna, is a professor, Honored Artist of Ukraine, conductor Choir 'Torch'. Father - cosmonauts Vladimir Poryvai, was choirmaster Academic Choir. His first steps on the stage Natasha made at age 3 years. These were the performances with great Children's Choir of Radio and Television of Ukraine. Natasha was the youngest soloist. Her first song on the big stage - 'The Cruiser Aurora'. In seven years, Natasha goes to a music school, piano and at the same time in the studio choreography of folk dance in the chorus of. Ropes.

In 12 years, was devoted to children's song, Natasha acquainted with composer Vladimir Bystryakova. She recorded his song 'world without miracles' and 'Where away circus'. The young singer is very popular at all congresses, government, concerts, New Year elkah. Neither City day goes by without a bright child unit with Natasha! It was a great experience for the little Natasha, she learned to be collected, hardy, independent and very hardworking. In early 1987, in the life of Natasha was the first and only competition 'Golden tuning fork', in which she participated, as a soloist of the band 'Mirage', and became diplomantkoy this contest.

In the same year, composer A. Sparinsky specifically for Natasha writes children's musical 'In the country of children'. The spring of 1987 the first in the life of Natasha's shooting at Central Television in the 'Wider range'. In the summer of 1987 at a festival in the city of Evpatoria on Natasha drew particular attention to music editor of the Central Television Marti Mogilevsky. Natasha leaves her audiocassette
With his songs. Subsequently, this cassette will play a crucial role in the life of Natasha.

Spring of 1988 Natasha tries his hand as a leading concert program "Kiev Beauty ', the leading academic concert at the Organ Hall, leading the International Championship in Rhythmic Gymnastics. The summer of 1988 Natasha finishes school and goes to the Kiev State School of Circus Arts Variety-class pop vocal. Selection committee was against the income Natasha. They believed that learning it will not be because of his popularity in Ukraine, but her talent was undeniable, and Natasha was adopted.

In the summer of 1989, as the leading soloist of child rock - the Opera 'Peace Child' Natasha goes on tour in the U.S.. The project was wildly successful, but the most striking 'jewel' again, it was - our little princess Natasha. From America Natasha brought an invitation to study at the University of Rochester ... But fate had decided otherwise! And instead of America, Natasha moved to Moscow, to listen to the most popular composers of Russia Igor Nikolaev. Among the three contenders, he chooses her, although at first glance Natasha it has not made any impression. The first song, written and. Nikolayev for Natasha - 'Yellow tulips'.

In 1990 comes the first EP 'Yellow tulips'. The popularity of this girl has surpassed all expectations. Stadiums, sports palaces were filled. Spectators were carrying armfuls Natasha Yellow tulips. They were waiting for this singer. And even when Natasha broke her leg, asked the audience to make it to the stage, even if it is in a cast.

In 1991, Natasha graduated pop-circus school. The State Commission takes the exam in overcrowded Kyiv Sport Palace.

No time to calm down the excitement over the emergence of a young star, broke out a new interest in the duo Igor Nikolaev, Natasha Koroleva and fairy stories titled 'Dolphin and Mermaid'. In 1992, out in the light of plate 'Dolphin and Mermaid', and the first time in Russia grand super - show with ballet, decorations, special effects. Costumes for this show were made by Valentin Yudashkin. 5, b, 7 March 1992. Five concerts in the great hall of Sport 'Olympic'. The enthusiasm of the public and the success. During the three years of its existence, this program won all corners of our vast Russia, CIS countries, Germany, Israel.

In 1994, Natasha released solo album, 'Admirer'. She gradually begins to prepare his solo program.

In 1995, the super - show 'Dolphin and Mermaid' ceases to exist after a big farewell tour.

After the collapse of the duet for Natasha fell on difficult times. The public did not want to believe in the collapse of the duo, and even more so in self-Natasha. And then Natasha had to re-gain the trust and love of the audience, and not just to win, to prove that she - PERSONALITY.

Winter 1995 release of the first in our country single with three songs from the new album by Natasha Queen 'Confetti'. And to his birthday on May 31 Natasha makes a gift to himself and his fans - the release of new album.

In spring 1995, Natasha was on tour in the cities of the Far East. Huge success, full houses, and suddenly ... everything collapses, people are dying. Natural disaster. Earthquake on Sakhalin. People homeless - Shock ... Natasha with his team travels to the epicenter of an earthquake and give charity concerts in 3 cities of Sakhalin. She tries to give moral support to people affected by the earthquake.

With the release of new album, no one could have imagined that the song 'small country' will become an international anthem of all children living on our planet. Natasha fairy fairy appears in the video Oleg Gusev 'small country'. The first singer in our country, will reflect the image of purity, and surprising discoveries, which played a fairy tale, and believe in it myself, made it possible to believe in it all - and to adults and children.

The triumph of 'small country' began the conquest of Russia and America, all the CIS countries and Germany, Israel and Britain, Greece and Spain.

In 1996, Natasha was withdrawn in the New Year program 'Old Songs of Home', which brilliantly played the role of the daughter of the chairman of the kolkhoz. In the same year she played a major role in the film 'The New Adventures of Pinocchio'. Natasha continues to record new songs and touring around the world. In the summer of 1996 at his concert Natasha met with raised-nicks orphanage? 60 of Nikolaev. In this orphanage the children live, children with cerebral palsy and other serious diseases. Natasha has often come to him, bringing gifts, warm clothes, toys. Some of the children it sends to the summer season in the Crimea, in the city of Evpatoria (children's resort), to somehow ease the suffering of sick children.

1997 - World Tour Natasha Koroleva. England. London. Natasha won the hearts of the British public, which by chance was on the concert of Russian stars. 'This small and does not stand out among a 16-year-olds a girl and such a talented and comprehensive star on the stage'. So said the London audience of viewers, who have a concert by Natasha. Greece. Athens. Thessaloniki.

Perhaps such concerts was never a Greek audience, or at the very Natasha. The whole scene was entirely covered with flowers. The audience chanted and did not let Natasha did not just leave the stage after the concert, but even to leave the room. This country has left a very warm memories of Natasha's soul. Germany.

There is no need to recalculate the city, which served Natasha. Because of their more than 50. Naturally Berlin, Frankfurt, Cologne Hamburg and many other cities were applauding our 'small country', our 'Sunflowers'. And the children, many children, many children carrying flowers, toys, their smiles and sincere love Natasha Koroleva.
Once Natasha asked Igor to write a song about blue swans. It had proposed several options for text, but something Natasha did not suit, then Igor suggested that she write most of his poems to music. Thus was born the first song on the verses Natasha Koroleva. But as it turned out - not the last. In 1997, out in the light of the new album 'Diamonds of Tears'. Nobody expected from Natasha's such an unusual and unpredictable change image. Slowly, but still fairly confident Princess 'small country' wants more love. The more text on music and. Nikolayev was written by the most Natasha ( "Every little girl ').

She just grew. All dreamed about a little girl in his fairy-tale dreams come true was gradually. Tale was awake. Viewer's success, and a sincere love of a dolphin, swimming to meet her little Mermaid.

Summer 1998. For the first time in Ukraine - joint concerts Natasha Queen and her sisters Russia (Rusya - popular star of Ukrainian Variety). Great tour - 20 cities. Halls and stadiums, sport palaces and squares of cities. Ukraine met their daughters with open arms.

May 31, 1998 - the city of Kiev. European Space. 350000 visitors came to congratulate Natasha and her 25-ti lithium - once she dreamed that he would come to his birthday in his hometown favorite, and Kiev, and he will submit it. Kiev applauded Natasha that evening. Standing ovation! And she stood on a huge stage in the center of the city and wept ... Cried with happiness and joy. He was given a grand salute on her - the Little Princess of our vast country.

The same summer Natasha visits in Kiev Children's Cancer Center. Her soul is stirred by fear, which she saw! This is scary! Children - innocent, sinless, an incurable disease - leukemia, doomed to death and the eyes of their parents. Praying and begging God for the salvation of their children. Just a few hours Natasha held in the center and let these children she could not help, . but these little creatures at least for a moment forget about the terrible pain, . which kills them, . perhaps with the arrival of Natasha, they believe in fairy, . believe in miracles, . which can save them,

1999. Ten years on the big stage. Thousands and thousands of kilometers of roads. Planes, trains, halls, stadiums, the audience - children and adults. And only after 10 years Natasha Queen first appeared on the scene's most prestigious halls of Moscow - the Concert Hall 'Russia'. 3 days - and 10 years of life were given for these three days! She transformed from a princess in the glorious Musketeers, fighting with swords, who died when Juliet suddenly came to life turning into the wind. She flew around the room in the spotlight. Hooligan from the song 'Help me', gentle and wonderful 'tear in diamond', the passionate Spanish woman in 'Lete castanets' gay friend in 'Slumber Party' and thrown by a girl in 'caress'. And all this - one man! Of course, there are people who help to Natasha on stage: this is ballet, and musicians, and costume designers and the director, but the talent, hard work and love to the audience and the stage inspire her. And for the sake of that love is worth living!

March, April, May, June 1999. Two hundred thousand miles. Miles - because the distance is measured in miles in the U.S.. Joint-WIDE concerts Igor Nikolaev and Natasha Koroleva. 'Most rodnaya' so-called program, which showed American viewers Igor and Natasha. People who have left Russia and other former Soviet republics, of course, with warmth and love met our star couple. Flowers and applause accompanied by Igor and Natasha entire American tour. From Boston to San Francisco from Seattle to Miami, from Los Angeles to Chicago and New York all the way was strewn with flowers. Audience laugh and cry with songs of Igor Nikolaev, the children enthusiastically screamed and fell silent fascination with songs by Natasha Koroleva. This program was written specifically for the American tour. And audience expectations have been justified.
In autumn 1999, Natasha received GITIS the Faculty of Dramatic Actress. Learning from the first year at college, Natasha was with great interest to attend classes. Teachers and students are surprised at her tenacity, because in addition to studying, she goes on tour, recording new songs, shoot a video.

In 2000, Natasha is the winner of the annual hit parade of "Russian radio" people's prize "Golden Gramophone". The song "little" received the maximum number of votes listeners. Its popularity is growing, and each new song sounds in 510 cities of the first international broadcast of the national radio station becomes a hit. This recognition and love of the 120 millionth audience of "Russian Radio", the respect of colleagues and professionals. In the same year became the winner of the All-Russia festival "Song of the Year" and in this festival with other artists, toured many cities in Russia and CIS. Summer 2000, gives charity concert in the city of Anapa (Children's resort).

Autumn begins preparing to release a new album, which included the songs of young, talented authors, as well as Natasha's works.
Autumn Natasha participated in the gala concert, which took place in the Kremlin and was called "People's Brand", where Natasha was represented domestically produced goods. In November 2000, Natasha took part in a charity concert "Dunno gathers friends", held in the Kremlin. On the Day of Police, 10 November, a charity concert at the Burdenko hospital for wounded soldiers in Chechnya.

In winter 2001, a visit to Natasha and her group in Chechnya, the city: Gudermes Hankala. Charity concerts were also given in the cities of Makhachkala and Hasavyurt with Dagestani folk ensemble "Lezghinka". On TV screens in the spring came a new video for the song "Someday" co-author, which is Natasha. Spring held a concert tour with a new program to cities in Russia and CIS. In May, comes in light of the long-awaited album by Natasha called "Heart". Presentation of the album took place on May 23. Natasha came to congratulate Alla Pugacheva, Iosif Kobzon, Igor Sharp, Igor Nikolaev, Lev Leshchenko, Vladimir Vinokur, Dmitriy Malikov, and many other stars. They supported her, and rejoiced at its success.

Official Website of Natasha Koroleva

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Photos of QUEEN Natasha
QUEEN NatashaQUEEN NatashaQUEEN NatashaQUEEN Natasha

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