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Comments for PAPA ROACH
Biography PAPA ROACH
The history of this Rapcore-team started in 1993. North Kalifornii.Chetvero friends: vocalist Jacoby Shaddix (aka Coby Dick), guitarist Jerry Horton, bassist Will James and drummer Dave Buckner founded a group. Прикольное name Papa Roach ( "Papa" Cockroach ") is explained very simply: the Coby Dick's grandfather was named Roatch, . Korhogo tovse called "Papa" - so his name with some changes and became the group's name, . a symbol of the team became a cockroach, . personifying, . the opinion of its members, . vitality and longevity, . TK,
. is the only establishment opposing radiation. And they will remain only after the impending nuclear war.

Relatively soon Papa Roach has opened concerts for the Deftones and "equal" playing together with such as bison Downset and Snot. But all this was still only in California - for the world renown team needed a full album.
. Soon, as part of Papa Roach came to an old friend of Tobin Esperance, who have repeatedly stood with the team members during visiting concerts
. Soon a great game "as the opening act" by Suicidal Tendencies, and Incubus, as well as two mini-album "5 Tracks Deep" and "Let 'Em Know" was forced to move major companies. But the label on the ball was Dreamworks, which in 1999 signed with a group of long-term contract. Work has begun on a landmark "Infest", which became triple platinum and brought the world-famous group.

User comments
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  • bagz for PAPA ROACH
  • samayaprikolnaya Group
  • Spidergirl for PAPA ROACH
  • Papa Roach - this офигенная group, they have great songs! Especially Getting away, Scars, Sometimes. All the guys just fine fellows, and especially Coby Dick!
  • Breyker for PAPA ROACH
  • Papa Roach-not just офигенная group, this Super офигенная alt.gruppa ... especially me pin song Time a Time again =) Keep it up guys!
  • Inskips for PAPA ROACH
  • Papa Roach офигенная group! And the best album they Infest, truly a landmark album! But every year is worse! The Parmour Sessions This is simply a rock and not Rapcore, but sorry!
  • Dita for PAPA ROACH
  • Papa Roach is a unique group! In each of the album is something new! And they are not similar to each other, I think that all of their albums are good! And Kobe was born to rock! I just trudge on his voice, style, and in general he just handsome !
  • MMDA ... team really deserves all the praise. It's a pity they did not Russia draws =) Pts want to look at the guys in the living
  • Sanya for PAPA ROACH
  • No vsyakiz disputes - The Best Group! Every year they gave me more and more like them! Next dudes! Listen to Papa Roach! PS I'd love to see them in Russia ...
  • Latest album just a mega super! Guys they rule !.... I wake up and fall asleep under a ParamurSeshinz =)
  • Latest album just a mega super! Guys they rule !.... I wake up and fall asleep under a ParamurSeshinz =)
  • dasha for PAPA ROACH
  • PAPA ROACH constant super ! NO WORDS! !
  • strekozza for PAPA ROACH
  • I love Papa Roach! Particular song The Fire, Forever, Alive, but Kobe is vasche just super, voice офигенный, and he himself nothing, nothing is even =)))))))
  • NoNick for PAPA ROACH
  • With really cool, great albums, especially Lovehatetragedy and The Paramour Sessions !
  • Nicky for PAPA ROACH
  • I love Papa Roach! It radiates from almost all of their songs! And to Kobe VAPSCHE paw! =))) I love it!
  • BlackT for PAPA ROACH
  • Papa Roach rulezzz forever! Coby the best!
  • iNseCt for PAPA ROACH
  • Papa roach ruleZZZ! Especially the song Getting away ..., . Stop looking start seeing, . between angels and insects, . M-80, . never enough! Yes vasche songs офигенные! Jacoby Shaddix ruleZZZ! офигительный voice! these guys nebylo and more possible nebudet! so that people enjoy their songs!,
  • InfesT for PAPA ROACH
  • Papa Roach MEGA-RULEZZZZZZ! I listen for 4 years and not tired! Favorite songs from the album: Infest: Infest, . Dead Cell, . Last resort, . Broken Home, . Between Angels and Insects, . Blood Brothers, . Never Enough, . Binge! LOVEHATETRAGEDY: Life Is A Bullet, . Time and Time Again, . Decompression Period, . Born with Nothing Die with Everything, . ! She Loves me Not !, . Black Clouds, . Code of Energy, . Lovehatetragedy, . Gouge Away, . Never Said It. Getting Away With a Murder: EVERYTHING! No exceptions! Indeed РУЛЬНЫЙ album! Paramour Sessions: ... To be Loved, . Alive (Out of Control), . Crash, . The World around You, . ! Forever!, . ! Time is Running Out!, . What do You Do, . ! Reckless!, . ! The Fire!,
  • Myk-myk for PAPA ROACH
  • With just ПИЗДЕЦ ...... WHAT КЛАСНАЯ ! I am from them so prus, I'm just amazed! Most класный album: The Paramour Sessions )))))) Niodnoy Galimov song! BGD ..........
  • Lores for PAPA ROACH
  • AAAAAa ! pApA rOACh the best ! !
  • zaliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii for PAPA ROACH
  • WORLD'S MOST uletnoy AAA.
  • Huliganische for PAPA ROACH
  • ААААА! My most laFFFnaya group, Daddy just the bomb! FSE I love their songs! I love soloists with the husky voice! Vopschem FSE prostKULLlll !
  • yyyyyyyyyttt !!!! for PAPA ROACH
  • fully agree with all of the above! PAPA ROACH unique group that is a fact ! ! ! ! !
  • Irine DEVIL for PAPA ROACH
  • Well, unless someone can then be better than them? It doubt it! adore JACOBI SHADDIXA he самы very best
  • Luff papa roach for PAPA ROACH
  • ya Luff this group, they are the most luchshie.pApA rOACh ZZZZZZZZ
  • Dimon for PAPA ROACH
  • Offigennaya group суперские your songs, well, just kicks)))
  • devizer for PAPA ROACH
  • People Throw pltz Login or register where you can download most songs Kulnev PAPA ROACH OWL! Music they just fantastically суперская ....
  • tarakan86 for PAPA ROACH
  • I fucking love Papa roacH! Yeahhhhh!
  • Max =) for PAPA ROACH
  • Merz Group =)))))) Sheddiks best ! and the new album shocked !
  • CryingDoll for PAPA ROACH
  • Bliiin ... come to Moscow, and I live in Chelyaba !=((( My Kobi1!
  • guest;)) for PAPA ROACH
  • Such ОБАЛДЕННАЯ group! As I have not heard it before!
  • Sony Playstation for PAPA ROACH
  • The concert played great arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr love them )))))
  • poltorashka for PAPA ROACH
  • even cool group, I like!))
  • PashhhhKo for PAPA ROACH
  • Dudes, you taxi!, So keep!
  • wantus for PAPA ROACH
  • Blin, it would be if only sdorovo PAPA MAKES TOUR OF RUSSIA and then in Perm who is young but if it had come it would be a big breakthrough in their rock music and stalib they are one of the super teams like di Purple! PAPA Roach are the best! pancake and why I do not live in Kiev (
  • Shlesser for PAPA ROACH
  • It would be cool if they frequently visited Russia. Lyuyulyu their creativity especially Paramour Sehhions. Come to our country, without boring you!
  • White for PAPA ROACH
  • Papa Roach is mostly of the steepest vmire grupa
  • Julia for PAPA ROACH
  • sssssssuper
  • Julia for PAPA ROACH
  • very cool group
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    PAPA ROACH, photo, biography
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