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Biography PINK FLOYD
This celebrated British rock band, whose complex and long history, in general, does not know unique in rock music was founded in 1966. Originally, it included graduates of Cambridge College, Syd Barrett and Roger Waters. A graduate of the London School of Arts Syd Barrett had already been the author of many poems and songs, . and his friend Roger Waters, . studied architecture in London "Regent Street Polytechnic" with Nick Mason and Richard Wright, . - Performed in various cafes and clubs popular at that time, songs in the style of rhythm and blues,
. Waters introduced his fellow architects of Richard Wright and Nick Mason, who played with him in the group "SIGMA-6" in 1965, with Syd Barrett. With "SIGMA-6" was formed in college and was replaced by a number of names: "T-Set", "The Meggadeaths", "The Abdabs". Initial composition of the group "SIGMA-6" was: Clive Metcalfe - bass, . vocals Roger Waters - guitar, . vocals Nick Mason - drums, Richard Wright - keyboards; Kate Noble and Juliette Gale - vocals (by the way, . Juliette Gale soon married Rick Wright, . and Kate Noble, and Clive Metcalf - left the scene),
. They struck an unusual, full of surreal images, poetry, Barrett, which perfectly combined with not less than the original music of Waters and the so-called "psychedelic effects, started then come into vogue. This quartet, and acceded to the jazz guitarist Bob Close formed a group, which initially was called "Screameing Abdabs", but was soon renamed "Pink Floyd Sound". This name was taken in honor of the then known bluesmen from Georgia opted Anderson and Floyd Kauns (a name suggested Syd Barrett, who had a album of Anderson and Kauns). I must say that due to ignorance of the latter, in our country, rock historians have repeatedly tried to translate the name "Pink Floyd". For example, the known translation of the name "Pink Flamingo". In short, we know the consequences of the lack of reliable information than our country is different for many decades ...

. Soon after the formation of the group left the band, Bob Close, as the psychedelic blues, combined with the surrealistic poetry Barrett did not come jazzman to taste
. Later, Bob Close tried himself as a vocalist, but little success in this field do not get.

. So, after Close of the group looked like this: Syd Barrett - guitar, vocals Roger Waters - bass guitar, vocals Richard Wright - keyboards, Nick Mason - drums.

. Since February 1966 "Pink Floyd" gives concerts at the club, "Marks" that brought fame to many teams, among them the famous "Rolling Stones"
. During this year the group is working on a big show "Games for May". In December 1966 the staff began to work with managers Andrew King and Peter Jenner, who led "Pink Floyd" recorded his first single - "Arnold Layne". This song Barrett by the National Radio refused to broadcast, but aired in the wake of a radio station and immediately fell to the British hit parade, which lasted 7 weeks and got to 6 places. "Arnold Layne" - a story about a guy who stole women's underwear in the laundry. This song had a real background: when the mother Barrett and Waters were female students at Cambridge, they handed over their clothes in the laundry. One night it so happened that someone stole underwear from there. Music critics, who received the metaphor literally Barrett, immediately attacked the group, accusing it of outright performance bawdry. That such a scandalous at first, the fame won by a group "Pink Floyd" in 1966 ...

Meanwhile, a growing number of students takes an interest in creativity "Pink Floyd", Barrett's poetry, filled with images of heroes to. Graham and A. Carroll, sharply contrasting with the texts of other groups, abundant rhymes "yesterday-faraway".

Shortly before the group got a serious problem - Syd Barrett addicted to hard drugs such as LSD, causing hallucinations. After a series of scandals caused by this circumstance Barrett promises to his friends "engage" with LSD, and for some time he does. Meanwhile, completed the first major work of the collective - the show "Games for May", which may have identified further work style of "Pink Floyd", its magnitude. The song "See Emily Play" from the show again one of the ten best of the British hit parade, and the number of fans increases substantially, as it is written more articles and notes in the music press. "Pink Floyd" starts to receive offers of cooperation and orders from various recording studios.

. It was, as many music critics and historians, as a first team later gave the world a completely new style of music performance
. In the western (and in watching her in this) literature, this style is called "electronic pulse, although the term is little that explains. Music, which utilized both classical and jazz harmony, and the ancient traditions of English and Scottish folk songs, hardly falls within such a narrow definition, as "ripple".

. The first tour group from Great Britain took place in August 1967
. Past with the brilliance of the first speech, it seemed to promise a great success in the future, but within three weeks after the start of the tour there was a huge scandal connected with Syd Barrett. Fact, . that Barrett, . again took up drugs, . brought a downright insane to state, . often fainted on the stage, . in the best case was, . enigmatically smiling and staring into space, . unable to play any, . not recall the texts of his own songs,
. No persuasion of friends could not get Barrett to end the drug and bring it to its normal state.

. This fact led Roger Waters to invite a group of his friend - guitarist Dave Gilmour - as a replacement
. During the tour, David Gilmour proved to be very bad - not only as a guitarist, but as a singer.

Waters also liked some stage musical ideas and even David Gilmour. "This guy with the go vrubilsya in the case and threw a lot of standing ideas. None of us had the impression that he - once "- Waters said in an interview after the first joint statement with Gilmore. Almost seven weeks to continue their joint concerts, Gilmour more "fit into the team, but Barrett could not find himself, and never being able to overcome his passion for drugs and throw them, was forced to resign from the group. -Old musician, whose talent has brought him many admirers, forever gone from the big stage. Without this, it is unknown, as would have been the fate of the group, and with it, perhaps, the whole direction of rock music.

. However, in 1970, Syd Barrett recorded two solo programs, which, however, success is not particularly enjoy, and few people are interested.

. In 1967 came the first official disc group, which was called "The piper at the gates of dawn", the name of which Barrett borrowed from K
. Graham. Just as the single, the album stayed on the charts for 7 weeks and reached 6 places. Listening to this CD, you begin to understand that the withdrawal Barrett of music and poetry - a great loss. Fairy-tale characters, mysterious characters and nature - all this is much like a fairy tale by Lewis Carroll and removes listeners from the gray routine, boredom and tedium of our days ... Song "Scarecrow" and "Bike", final drive, differ somewhat from the previous as the music and poetry by. The song "Bike" - is not a fairy tale, but a simple, sad story of life. Bicycle, borrowed, a homeless mouse Gerald - of the real world, who want to do better, to fill with music.
. Following the release of records "The piper at the gates of dawn" to the group came to a great success, interest in it as mere listeners and critics alike, greatly increased
. Already in 1968, comes a new program "A saucerful of secrets". And again - a great success, in particular thanks to the song "Corporal Clegg" on the soldier returning from war with a wooden leg, which he bought in the 1944th, and with a medal, "he had received from Her Majesty the Queen" ... This song which did a lot of noise, caused severe irritation to the authorities.

. In 1968, the band toured extensively throughout the U.S., Japan and Australia, gaining ever wider recognition and more experience; for "Pink Floyd" comes more and more popularity, circulation records, and with them the proceeds of musicians, are increasing.

. With the arrival of the group of David Gilmour in her statements more evident desire to increase the scope of the show, the diversity of ideas and unexpected discoveries Waters - with the departure of Barrett - a leader and principal author of texts and music
. The desire to create "great, . the best and comprehensive show "expressed, . example, . in, . that once the musicians staged a scene is not anywhere, . but on the surface of a large lake, . Having concluded the show with fireworks and a series of explosions, . after which the astonished spectators surfaced huge inflatable rubber octopus and fish (present, . however, . also did not take long to wait, as a result - yet another scandal with the police and society "Green").,

. 1969
. In June, to finalize the program "More", and in November, comes the double album "Ummagumma". This is a completely different work. The first of them - a few lyrical songs, kept in the usual style for the group, the second - this endless electronic noise meditation. The second disc album "Ummagumma" consisted of a concert of songs recorded in June-August 1969 and earlier - in 1967 on the first disk group.

. Disc "Atom heart mother", released in October 1970, is considered one of the best programs of
. In the song "If" sounds the pain of unfulfilled hopes and loneliness, the feeling of hopelessness ...

. In 1971, a disk "Meddle" the first song from which "One of these days" re-enters the list of top UK charts, even though its text contains only a few lines, and the melody ( "electronic noise meditation") is rather monotonous
. Other songs from this disc were written in a more tranquil pace and quite melodic.

. In the same year the band has toured extensively in different countries with such programs as "Relics" - old songs, and "Meddle", . recorded on film a series of concerts (such, . concert in Pompeii), the level of "Pink Floyd" has already said it, . that in 1970 the group was invited to cooperate outstanding Italian director Michelangelo Antonioni,
. As a result, the band recorded music for the film "Zabriskie Point", has received several international awards, including for the music.

Returning to released in 1971 disc "Meddle". Despite the repetition of the accusations themselves, critics have rightly said that "there appears before us is a mature group, having achieved a convincing synthesis of two directions -" electronic noise "and the song". To illustrate this fact is enough to compare the first two songs of the disc - "One of these days" and "A pillow of winds" - with good poetry and acoustic guitar.

. In June 1972, published record "Obscured by clouds", very cool greeted with criticism
. None of the songs from this album entered the charts and plate itself is sold out reluctantly, some even rumored that the "Pink Floyd" has exhausted itself, but as it turned out, this prediction was not destined to come true.

. The fact is that after the program "Obscured by clouds" comes an entirely new stage in the creative life of the group "Pink Floyd".

. Having bought after the next tour, new hardware, Roger Waters invited to cooperate with well-known sound engineer Alan Parsons, great saxophonist Dick Parry and a group of singers, led by Clare Torry
. In June 1972, . after the release of the plate "Obscured by clouds", . began a long, . nearly seven-month, . work in London "Abbey Road Studios", . result of which was the record "The dark side of the moon" - the best, . according to many critics, . that was created by a group,
. For seventeen years, this disc never came out of a list of two hundred best charts "Billboard", and by 1995 it sold around 28 million (!) Copies. After the release in March 1973 of the plate in the light of "Pink Floyd" is one of the most popular rock bands in the world.

Music critics have called out this one called "revolution in the representation of the possibilities recording". All kinds of stereo effects, original vocals Clare Torry, brilliantly executed, Dick Parry, saxophone party, indeed, are admirable. Here before us appears already been completed by a group with his inimitable performing style and music. Lyrics by Roger Waters impressed with his sincerity, . although they raise the same, . old, . as world, . problem: disappointment in life, . fear of death, . wish anything to understand and change for the better in our cruel world, and wild, . insane, . lonely man,
. The desire to escape from the hustle and fear, burrow into a hole "(" Breathe "), - in short, to hide from everyone - only one of the thoughts expressed by Roger Waters. Clumsily, thoughtlessly waste time, leaving the youth - that's what appears to us the life of modern man ( "Time"). Rejection of the world zhlobstva, selfishness, violence and "expensive" pleasure so typical of the hero Waters ( "Money", "Us and them") ... Vicious circle of modern society with all its filth and violence, there is no possibility of free choice - is unacceptable to the author. The result of all the fruitless attempts to find a way out - aberration ( "Brain damage"). Despite the despair and hopelessness, draughty in verse, the hero, yet not lose hope, trying to find itself in the cook something unknown, unreal world - the "back side of the moon, which, in actual fact and does not exist" ( "Eclipse").
. The synthesis of poetry and original music, moreover, masterfully executed and equipped with various stereo effects, allows the album "The dark side of the moon" for many years held among the best that has been created in rock music.

. In 1974-75 the group has toured extensively and recorded in parallel plate "Wish you were here", in September 1975 to see the light
. This CD is dedicated to untimely extinguished talent Syd Barrett. Again, the group showed a brilliant synthesis of music and poetry, saxophone by Dick Parry again delighted listeners. Vocalists Roy Harper, Veneta Fields and Charles Williams also enriched the sound of the plate.

. In September 1975, immediately after recording, the music world is shaking sensation: in the studio "Pink Floyd" Syd Barrett himself appears and says that he is completely "tied" to drugs, is completely healthy and ready to work ...

. Alas He lacked only a month, after which it finally disappeared from the horizon of rock music ..

Being at the zenith of his fame, the musicians are not resting on their laurels: the group still tours a lot and working in the studio on new programs. In 1977, the shops there is a new record "Animals", the complete withering satires the vices of modern society. It also creates the show "Animals", in which the social environment appears before the audience as a world populated by sheep, which the rulers - the pig - run with the help of brutal and ruthless dogs. Huge plastic pig from this show becomes a permanent companion of all her subsequent tour. Again a resounding success, and the plate is bought up many millions of copies, and the song "Pigs on the wing" enters the top ten of the British hit parade.

Meanwhile, strain relations in the group. David Gilmour requires that its ideas are increasingly reflected in the statements of the group; in 1978, he released a solo album "David Gilmour". Also in 1978 Nick Mason released the disc "Fictitious sport", which, despite its big name and fame Mason "Pink Floyd", particularly in demand does not use.

In 1979, the group begins work on the new show "The wall". Despite the controversy escalated between Gilmour and Waters, musicians still managed to complete the huge work a double album and the creation of a grand show with the same name. The performance was shown by a group 29 times in four cities - London, New York, Los Angeles and Dortmund.

In 1980, Waters offers cooperation to director Alan Parker. The result of this collaboration was the film "The wall", filmed on the script, based on Waters' show (in the movie included nearly all the songs from the album "The wall"). This film is about life and death, war and peace, the terrible loneliness of man in society, full of hypocrisy, hatred and malice.

. From a young age hero of the film faces a wall of misunderstanding and indifference, in which bricks are people around him
. Early left without a father, who died in the war, he is looking for male support for fathers of other children - and finds it. Attempts to express themselves in poetry, but a school teacher making fun of him, reading these poems - the most sacred, that guy is - in the Classroom. School - not a "temple of science and education" and the infamous pipeline, on which kids follow a meat grinder of life. It is - only a portion of the wall that separates people into "us" and "them".
Came was love turns into betrayal, and again - the loneliness. The hero is torn once again, not knowing what to do ( "What shall we do now?"). Here it is worth to mention the brilliant animation created by Gerald Scarfe and Roger Waters. The terrible images of war and death pursue the viewer and the wall is all grows upwards and outwards. Tear down this wall, do not be another brick in it - this is what is necessary!

. The lone hero of the film did not find any solace in television movies, . either drinking, . or in other entertainment, . - All his weary, . it can not find it, . he needs ( "Young Lust"); so what now, . away from this cruel world? Because the gaps in the wall is not visible, . like a hero nor sought it.,

. But output, . seems, . is: take himself in hand, . wear uniforms, . unite around himself all scum and, . reveling in their strength and youth, . destroy everything and everyone around - and "Negro, . and Jews, . and weaklings ", . - Word, . all! Must only follow the worms, . and all these "silly" human feelings will go, . will only force and power over the minds and lives of human ( "In the flash", . "Run like hell", . "Waiting for the worms ")...,

. But enough, STOP! The hero does not want to take part in all this, he wants to return home, he wanted to destroy the wall and not to commit excesses with crazed kids in uniform, much like a fascist.

. And - the Court, tribunal, a trial in which the presiding loathsome worm
. World of worms, teachers puppets and their fatty psihopatok-wives "up in arms at him, whose fault is obvious: he wanted to be a man! The sentence was passed, and the wall now surrounds the hero on all sides, top inexorably approaching loathsome worm ...

. But suddenly the wall with a monstrous roar of falling apart, its pieces scattered to the millions of bricks
. When the roar died down, appeared on the scene of the children pick up the pieces. They carry away the stones away, so from the wall of hatred, indifference and banality, greed and swinishness nothing left! And, perhaps, they only collect material to build a new wall?

. Album "The wall" sold 11 million (!) Edition, the songs of which are still popular and continue to live.

. Another of the many advantages of the group - is the ability to create indivisible, neraschlenyaemye works
. However, among the songs on the album "The wall", there are those that can be regarded as something completely independent. Such, for example, the song "Hey you" (incidentally, not included in the film "The wall").

. The variety of musical forms in the film, supplemented by a polished performance of "Pink Floyd" and the brilliant acting skills of Bob Geldofa allows the painting for more than a decade to haunt the minds of people.

. Before recording this album, Rick Wright left the band and went to Greece
. Since 1981, Waters, Gilmour and Mason are working on a solo programs, or help other musicians, including Kate Bush, Brian Ferri and David Bowie.

. In 1983, the "Pink Floyd" recorded the album "The final cut", songs from which "directed against the war and resolving regional conflicts through armed intervention" (as David Gilmour said in an interview).
. Despite the fact that Western music critics greeted the album is very cool, it caused a good reaction from the audience and was sold out more than polutoramillionnym circulation, and the song "The gunners dream" came in a series of charts.

. Later, in the same 1983, the band recorded the disc "Works", but this time without Mason, who had abandoned the music because of the irrepressible passion for motorcycling and cars
. It fell apart and ceased to exist a group "Pink Floyd".

In 1984, David Gilmour recorded his second solo album - "About face", a record which he helped Steve Uindvud, Roy Harper and Jeff Porcaro. In the period from 1984 to 1985 Gilmore on tour with these musicians, as well as rhythm guitarist Mick Ralphs.

. Meanwhile, Waters poses with his assistants program "The pros and cons of hitch hiking", which, like the album, Gilmour, success does not enjoy special
. In 1986, Waters, together with a large group of musicians, including David Bowie, Hugh Cornwell and Paul Hardkastl, releases "When the wind blows", and in 1987 published the plate Waters "Radio KAOS".

. Seeing the futility of create something new, David Gilmour decides to return to the idea of "Pink Floyd", but without Waters
. By reviving the group, Gilmour and Mason began work on the plate "A momentary lapse of reason", which was released in 1987. Rick Wright featured on this disc participated only as a guest musician, because he feared that Roger Waters, filed a lawsuit against Gilmore for the misappropriation of the name of the group will win the process.

. So, immediately after recording "A momentary lapse of reason" Waters filed a lawsuit against Gilmore, not skimping on expenses (each day of the trial is Waters 5 thousand pounds!).

. Calling the last disk group only work well under his fake music, Waters added fuel to the fire flared up enmity with Gilmore
. Gilmore also took a fierce struggle against the Waters. He did not stop at public insults and even finance company, manufacturer of T-shirts with slogans "Who is this Waters?" and like this one.

. Characterizing the plate Waters "Radio KAOS" with words such as "rare squalor," "much ado about nothing," Gilmore began to prepare for the tour, equal to which have not yet seen the light.

. This world tour the group began Sept. 9, 1987 and lasted almost two years, and only in Europe, the band played 45 concerts (in Moscow, too)
. Sam Dave Gilmore calls this program "the largest-scale show on the road", . and here it is difficult not to agree: only the installation of equipment for a concert involved 132 people over 11 (!) days, the weekly cost of about 1, . 3 million, . and 45 trucks transported the three huge scenes,
. On stage, in addition to eleven musicians are two telescanner, illuminate the scene, four svetorobota, about three hundred spinning tubes, eight varying systems serving twenty operators ...

. In short, the designer of Paul Steplz not doing his job
. Gilmore also attracted to the work of drummer Gary Wallis, which uses red and green fluorescent sticks of special design, the three vocalists, a bass player Tony Levin and saxophonist Scott Paige. "Pink Floyd" gave about a hundred concerts during this nearly two-year tour.

In 1988 he released the album "Delicate sound of thunder", recorded in concert. More than half of the songs of this album - from the program "A momentary lapse of reason", the others - hits of past years.

. However, as Waters had failed to substantiate the right to name the group and the group Gilmour kept its name.

. After this grand tour lull
. The musicians took a break. As David Gilmour himself confessed in an interview: "After so many concerts I simply could no longer keep the guitar in his hands". The next album was released only in 1994. This album titled "The division bell" had good success and held the first position in many charts.

Roger Waters, meanwhile, also did not sit idly. In 1990, Waters gave a grand concert in Berlin. At this concert was full of old program group - "The wall". The speech was devoted to the fall of the Berlin Wall, and the program came in handy. Waters helped to many famous artists, among whom were: Bryan Adams, Cyndi Lauper, Sinead O'Connor, "Scorpions". In concert priinyal part: the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, Berlin Radio Choir, and even the military orchestra of the Soviet Army. The concert was recorded a double album.
In 1992, Roger Waters released a new program - "Amused to death".

His last work "Pink Floyd" is a double album "Pulse", which was recorded in autumn 1994. The basis of the first disc of this album was the program "The division bell". The second disc is an old program group - "The dark side of the moon". Also on the disc are old hits group. Album was published in 1995 in a beautiful and original design. Butt album adorns mounted LED blinking with a frequency of the human pulse. The same grand issued and a concert, for which the group received the award in the "Grammy", as the best concert of the year.

In late 1996, was born the third solo album, Rick Wright, entitled "Broken China". Two songs on this album were sung by Sinead O'Connor.

The story ends with the group. Let's hope yet. And we will wait for new records "Pink Floyd" and Roger Waters.

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PINK FLOYD, photo, biography
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