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Aerosmith (Aerosmith)

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If the members of the group "Aerosmith" were professional athletes, this year alone would be stars. In the first ten years of his career, the band was one of the most popular rock bands of America, . occupies an intermediate position between the "Rolling Stones" with their cold, . blues sound and the "New York Dolls" and "Mott the Hoople" c "more metal" sound,
. Having lived through the period of alcohol and drug addiction, a group in the late 80's and early 90's. successfully recovered not only the hearts of his fans, but checkbooks from Columbia Records, where their story began.

In fact, the story of a group started several years before signing to Columbia, when drummer Steven Tyler met guitarist Joe Perry in New Hampshire, where he worked in 1970 in the ice-cream. They made a tremendous trio with bass player Tom Hamilton, then joined by drummer Joey Kramer and guitarist Brad Whitford, and Tyler made it possible to perform the role for which he created - lead singer of the. The name Aerosmith, by the way, actually means nothing, just this was the only name that no one in the group categorically rejected.

By the end of 1970. They moved to Boston and spent 2 years playing in bars, clubs and student parties in Massachusetts and New York. In 1972, he signed a contract with Clive Davis, who was then president of Columbia Records, their debut album was released in autumn 1973. Although the CD includes who later became a classic ballad "Dream On", a special storm in the press he did not call. With constantly traveled with concerts, supporting his second album "Get Your Wings" and acquiring more and more fans who will soon catapult their idols to the stellar heights.

With the release in 1975 album "Toys in the Attic", considered one of the best of their albums, the group has reached a new level of success as a creative and commercial. The first single "Sweet Emotion", a terrific blend of pop, hard rock album, led by 11 in the list of Billboard (gradually been sold six million copies). As a result of this new success, repeated release "Dream On", again released on the first position in the charts. In early 1976, not the first position beyond the super-hit "Walk this way".

Fourth album "Rocks", released in May 1976, and quickly went platinum. The group was at the top of fame, toured. In this period of endless parties, accompanied by drinking, and drugs, began their long fall. Only if drugs were the cause of this, but the fact remains. Albums of "Draw the Line" (1976) and "Life! Bootleg" (1978) sold respectably, but the group clearly produced pairs. They managed to create a new hit in 1978 - the soundtrack to the movie "SGf. Pepper "s Lonely Hearts Club Band" by Peter Frampton. After the release of "Night in the Ruts" in 1979, Perry left the group to work on own project, soon left the group, Brad Whitford, planning to create a group "Whitford-St.Holmes".

With two new guitarists Jimmy Crespo and Rick Dufay, in 1982, the group released its most remarkable album "Rock in a Hard Place". At the same time, projects Perry and Whitford in the charts are not lit. Something had to be done. Valentine's Day in 1984 Perry and Whitford visited their old friends after a grand show in Boston. They reunited for a joint tour, and in 1985, signing a contract with the studio Geffen Records, released the album "Done With Mirrors". Although the album is not particularly sold, it was already clear that the band on the comeback trail. After its release, Tyler and Perry completed rehabilitation programs to combat drug addiction and, together with Run-DMC in the video re-recorded his hit "Walk This Way".

In 1987, with producer Bruce Ferbeymom they recorded the album "Endless Vacation" ( "Permanent Vacation"), which they again returned to the top of. He was the best and best-selling (out of print five million copies) album since "Rocks". Return includes hits "Dude (Looks like Lady)", "Rag Doll" and "Angel". Album "Pump" with the hits "Love in an Elevator" and "Janie" s Got a Gun ", released in 1989, sold half is even better - 6 million copies. 1993 album "Get a Grip" for the group was another overseas - taking the first position in the charts Billboard, went platinum in six times the. The key to this phenomenal success are undoubtedly accompany each song videos. Video clips of a rock-intensive fantasies spun by MTV, and this video series has attracted new fans. Among the young people noticed Alicia Silverstone, make a name for participation in the video for the group.

Album "Big Ones", which was a kind of chronicle of the period of the group's work with the studio Geffen, was released in 1996. Group back in 1991 signed a contract to several million dollars from Sony Music, which will help them to return to their first studio Columbia Records. The return did not bring the expected results. Group has allowed two misses, releasing their first album c Columbia Records under the name "Nine Lives" ( "Nine Lifes"), which included eight songs recorded with Glen Ballard, producer and co-Alanis Morissette. Meanwhile, the split with manager Tim Collins led to speculation of ill-wishers that the musicians after the rehabilitation simply "got off the train". After the death of his father temporarily retired due to emotional stress drummer Joey Kramer. And in the end the divisions within the group (lead singer Steven Tyler has preferred a quiet work with Ballard) sent them for a week in Los Angeles. Gradually, the group stopped at the producer Kevin Shirtli ( "Journey", "Silverchair") and completed the album "Nine Lives" by the end of the year. The album was released in marte1997 year, and before a tour of America, the group initially planned European tour.

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  • Supernatural .... for Aerosmith (Aerosmith)
  • THIS .... THIS IS THE BEST PARTY ! Steven Tyler cool !)) old fart))) Ha: gyyy ..
  • Stanislav for Aerosmith (Aerosmith)
  • I was born in 94 year ... and even in 2008 did not know that there is such a wonderful group! I just in love with their songs and I listen to them recently! And I am so sorry that I have not lived at that time in 70-80 years. It's a shame that I have never been to a concert of my idol Steven Tyler, and this is my dream. I very much want to see these great musicians, but I only see them on raspechatanyh sheets on the wall. I'm writing this entry on Sept. 27, 2009! who have a lot of songs Aerosmith write me at mail ru agent. Here's my address Tipablic_rep (dog) mail. (Pv) Dear friends, very forward, Aerosmith legend and star of this rock ! ie write fan of me really looking forward =))))
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    Aerosmith (Aerosmith), photo, biography
    Aerosmith (Aerosmith), photo, biography Aerosmith (Aerosmith)  Music Group, photo, biography
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