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Biography REFLEX
photo REFLEX
Reflex - was born in 1999, when, and his voice that attracted much attention of those who have some time to track the career singer existed under the name DIANA. Naturally, . soon appeared clip on the track 'Distant Light' knocked all the confusing final, . So since the paint (Turina and efforts Alisher) Frankfurt at the time got a red-haired, . slightly depressed, . - No, . even philosophically serene girl, . speculating about the meaning of vanity, and spiritual place in the hold, . but it looks like in appearance to a rollicking, . disappeared into oblivion DIAN,
. 'Deja vu' think people have started to study music and periodicals to find out how they were deceived.

However, in order. As usual with all 'normal' creative people, . At one point, Diana and her producer Vyacheslav Tyurin butt to do the music, . they together diligently engaged in several years (rather than successfully), . and decided to change the sound to the more fashionable, . and the texts to make some deeper, . than was usual cohort of poets, singers,
. Over the matter was taken very DIANA, but now under his name - Irina Nelson. (below the 'Diana' is not mentioned more, and you, dear, please, in vain not to do so, thanks). Nelson - not the usual for a Russian surname - Russian and is not. She went to Irina from a young man, Andreas Nelson, a Swede by birth, with whom she arrived in wedlock some time.

Details: Did not being the main component of the project REFLEX, Irina for a long time hanging out at studios in the country of Germany, where he met with Mr. Nelson, an extraordinary personality, musician and traveler. Yielding charms predictive Swede, . Irina married him, . but the marriage ended in divorce after a certain period of time for reasons, . We disagree with you regarding, . but Andreas tsepanul stayed in abstraction soul Irina diverse theories from the field zoteriki, . whom she is still fascinated and, . incidentally, . this is how a poet Nelson handle delicate matters when writing texts for songs REFLEXa,
. Studies - the science of thin matter how - the soul, faith, life, eternity. To whom returned Irina? Good question.

The return was predetermined telephone call, Moscow - Germany by Tyurin proposal nostalgic throw back to the edge and loving - who remember, and do together music and life. As you now understand, Vyacheslav all this time waiting and remember.

As Slava's role in the project, he is a producer and arranger for all tracks. However, more than half of the text and musical material written directly to Irina, and so on this occasion there were no doubts, at the end of the press release gives a list of songs with names and surnames of all authors.

At this time staff consists of three scenic character, whose role in the project, you probably will be curious to know.
Irina Nelson - lead vocals, music, texts.
Alena - choreographing, backing vocals, dancing
. DJ Silver - in the world simply Grisha - DJ and ideological inspirer.

. In order to comply with etiquette on the year of birth of the female REFLEXa we keep silent, but with regard to dates, it is health, plus some of the background, without which life is not life

Irina - was born on 19 April in the city of Novosibirsk. Of course, kindergarten, school. Graduated from the Novosibirsk Musical College in piano. Some time has been a soloist with the jazz orchestra in Novosibirsk. In 1994, arrived in Moscow. 1996 - beginning his solo career as a singer. The contract with the studio 'Union' and rushed. The first hit 'Do not say you love me', more you know. Hobbies - the invention and design of every kind of costume jewelry, sewing, driving on an empty Moscow with friends. No smoke. Of alcohol prefers brandy.

Alena - born May 14 in Kazakhstan. Sadik School. Next MGUKI. After zaimeet Diploma in show business and management. In parallel, a contemporary choreography, and taught her the same later, dancing with the Moscow clubs in different musical direction. Fluent in many different styles of dance, and proud of what. He loves fantasy - both read and watch thrillers and tasty meal. Do not smoke, consume alcohol in moderate quantities and in very special occasions. Drugs are seen only on TV.

DJ Silver - was born on June 18 in Moscow. All usual. After school was uvlekatsya contemporary music and ended up in the group REFLEX, what actually very happy today. Hobbies banal: sex, sports and music, music, music. Himself modestly considers pussycat.

Having its own words, these people and you can watch on a variety of capital and not only sites, clubs, live MTV Russia, ORT, MUZ - TV, TV-6, CTC, REN TV, TNT. By the way the song 'Distant Light' with which it all started, almost immediately took first place in the hit parade radio Europe plus. With regard to the rotation of songs REFLEXa in the FM band, it is Europe plus, Russian Radio, Dynamite FM Hit FM and T. d.

Total for reporting and election period from the end of 1999 and has so far been withdrawn five video. This is a 'Distant Light', 'Meet the new day', 'How many years - how many winters' historic 'go mad', as well as completely new videohit 'I'll always be waiting', which you can see the fall of 2002. The director has all the video versions of the glory Tyurin and his last three shootings helped Alisher. Location filming Frankfurt, Cyprus, and the endless expanses of Tashkent, respectively. By the way, if you want to continually draw fresh information about us, welcome to the site www.reflexmusic.ru

. One of the nice recent developments have taken place already in the new century - a proposal by one of the most famous European pop - artists DJ BoBo - REFLEXom record with one song, which was done immediately
. We give a certificate. DJ BoBo is: 6 albums, 18 singles, 90 million compilations, 7 World Musicawards (world record!). Sold 6 million copies of albums and 5 million single-coil plates. His albums became platinum 8 times and 25 times the gold. VoVo sent 'fish' with his vocals, Irina recorded their voices in Moscow, and several versions of tracks were sent to Germany. The song is called 'The way to your heart', of course, in English, with the task Irina handled more than successful.

Now about remikcah - separately. One was made two years ago on 'Distant Light', and not someone there, and the lads from the ATV on a great sympathy for creativity REFLEXa. It happened in Germany in 2000 during his team at one of the recording studios. In 2001, DJ ORL, incidentally, a very big admirer of creativity DJ BOBO, created the mix of 'Way to your heart'. The new version is so relished Irina that was immediately decided to speak at concerts Reflex is with this version. In 2002, the masters of the art DJ ORL, DJ Silver, DJ Vartan, FunkMaster written eight remixes of the landmark 'go mad'. When recording of the musical material is widely used as analog, . and digital achievements of world leaders in manufacturing zvukoizvlekayuschey products, . full list of which we will not allow, . but some names out of respect for you please connoisseurs Reading / AKAI, . WALDORF, . VIRUS, . ROLAND, . SUPERNOVA,
. Full я┐п╩п╣я┌.

And then came 2002. Year just insane success for REFLEX!!! The song 'go mad' simply brought to mind all of our great country and all its surroundings. She made her debut it in Russian radio in late November 2001 and is already December 1, 2001 'go mad' is the first line in the hit parade 'Golden Gramophone'. In late December, a remix of this song makes DJ ORL and Anton Tyurin (Yes, yes. The son of Vyacheslav). And the miracle happens. In the hit parade of the 40 best songs radio Dynamite, 'go mad' for five days, rising to second place!

. A January 19, 2002, . song 'go mad' wins in the hit parade 'Evrohit-top40' radio 'Europe plus', . leaving behind Geri Halliwell, . ROXETTE, . Kylie Minouge!!! And finally on Feb. 2, 2002 - First place in the charts at the Radio 'DINAMIT FM'! Dropped from the main stage of the pedestal of the song 'Hands up'! Indeed drive you mad! But that's not all,
. But we thought it was all over, but as it is not so! Ballad took the first step of the radio Hit FM. And later again 'Golden Gramophone', already with a mix of Eagle and Anton. Because of this we have installed two of the absolute record: 2 first places in the Russian original radio version and mix for 3 months, as well as 2 simultaneous first place and slow dance songs on the radio Hit FM and Dynamite FM.

Super song, super group. And all these achievements, thanks to you! Dear fans! Thank you!

. In late winter, went 2-nd, reissued the album, 'go mad', includes songs of the publication 'Meet the new day' and go crazy, a duet with DJ BOBO - Way to your heart, plus remixes of these wonderful songs

Thanks to advances of the last six months, the group received the award 'Bomb of the Year', the second consecutive time, as well as a nomination prize 'Ovation' as the best youth group, and Vyacheslav Tyurin victory in the category 'Best Composer'.

We have long thought, what new song released by the summer of 2002, in the spirit of 'going mad' or her own mix of the famous. Outweighed the desire to dance. So, our fans and not only met with the hit 'first time'. The song took two prizes at Dynamite and Hit FM - 3rd place.

In the first half of June, the group took off in Tashkent on video clip for next autumn hit 'I'll always be waiting'. All trembling, awaiting the event.

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Photos of REFLEX

Photos of REFLEX

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  • 4 albums: "Meet the new day", "go mad", "I'll always be waiting," "This Love" and 2 singles: deluxe edition of the journal "Cool", Vinyl single, "I loose my mind"
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