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De Lint, Derek (Derek de Lint)

( Actor)

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Biography De Lint, Derek (Derek de Lint)
photo De Lint, Derek (Derek de Lint)
Real Name: Dick Hein de Lint
. Occupation: Actor, producer and director
. Date of Birth: July 17, 1950
. Hometown: The Hague, Netherlands
. Education: Kunstacademie in Enschede, Kleinkunstacademie in Amsterdam
. Foreign languages: English, German, French
. Height: 188 cm
. Family: Wife: Dorit Dzhesserun; children: Jerome (1979), Mick (1981), Oscar (1987)
. Father of Derek, Jan - 83 пЁп╬п╢п╟. Older brother - Jan Andries, Orthopedic Surgeon
. Miscellaneous: Derek - levshka.
. He enjoys the perfume company Lenor Greyl products
. Favorite sport: water sports, skiing
. Favorite music: Bob Dylan, Van Morrison, Neil Young
. Favorite food: Sushi, Japanese delicacy, read about it ..
Western Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Eastern Zodiac sign: Tiger

Derek de Lint (real name: Dick Hein de Lint) was born July 17, 1950 in The Hague (Netherlands).

From 1970 to 1972, Derek studied photography and graphic design in Kunstacademie in Enschede. The next two years he studied at Kleinkunstacademie (Amsterdam): "Every morning we started with ballet. From nine to ten hours of classic, then an hour of ballet and jazz from time to time, Spanish dance. You must be at nine o'clock to stand ready in his tights, otherwise the director John Verdoner expel from school. This discipline, I am handy with time on the set in a movie. "

In 1975 he made his debut at the theater staged by the famous Belgian film director and writer Hugo Claus 'Thuis'. (cm. photo at right). By the time the program cabaret, in which he would like to participate, was rejected and he was out of work. His teacher of Spanish dance, Marino Vastra, accidentally met with the famous Belgian film director and writer Hugo Claus and his then wife Sylvia Kristel. Hugo searching for the leading man for his new production of "Thuis" and he knew Derek from the time when he was moonlighting, acting for the Dutch fashion magazine "Lana". Hugo has invited Derek to play. It was held in Carre (the most famous theater in Amsterdam), with sets by Cyrano de Bergerac - in an empty room for two thousand seats in the front row of whiskey in his hand, Hugo was sitting next to him a future producer of Production Gus Auster. After listening to Derek Oster said: "In the end, in the future you will be able to say that your career began in Carre." And Derek got the lead role Rica Wandel.

Then he played Brad Myers, staged "The Rocky Horror Show" producer O'Brien. The role of Derek was well appreciated by critics, so it drew the attention of Paul Verhoeven, who saw him in 'Thuis'. And soon, Derek learned that he is offered a major role in the film "Soldier of Orange". On the first test he had heard from the producer of the film: "Oh, Derek, this film is worth five million!" (guilders, about two and a half million dollars, at the time it was the most expensive Dutch film). "I was discouraged and I was never able to recover, the sample failed. I was still very unsure of himself. I was able to get only the role of Alex ".

Derek did not like working with Verkhoven - on-set prevailed very nervous atmosphere, Rutger Hauer constantly argued with the director. Verhoeven does not tolerate any comments from the actors. In the course of filming it makes an enormous amount of change and I had a feeling that I never can understand what happens to these six guys in the film. "The next meeting with Derek Verkhoven brought further disappointment
. After the "Soldier of Orange", . Derek has played in several films and TV series, . including 1979, . role in the film "Kort Amerikaans", . where he played a cynical, . young man, . whose stormy temperament seksulny can not meet a single woman,
. In the same year, he again met with Paul Verkhoven.
"As for the movie" Spetters "(in our hire 'cabs, Hauer and Krabbe), this story is very well describes the attitude of Paul to the actors. He invited me to take a sample for his future movie. With great difficulty I got the script and played a few excerpts Paul. After the second test, he told me that I go for the main role Riena. A few days later I received a note from the assistant to Paul, Hans Kemna, which stated that the hype around the movie "Kort Amerikaans" out of line with their film and they refuse to further cooperation. What they have in mind? Advertising the film in a scandalous TV show "TV-Prive"? But why should I be responsible? Then they said that I did not go up in age for this role, but this note I have not seen. "
After that they parted ways forever. Although, interestingly, as would have been the fate of Derek, if not Hauer, but he played the title role in "Soldier of Orange" and that this film would have received Oscar?
. By Derek real success came when he starred in two films that are considered among the best made in Holland in 80 years: in the film directed by Rudolf van den Berg's "Bastille" ( "Bastille") and "Attack" ( "De Aanslag ")
. In "Bastille" dealt with the history teacher Paula de Vite, who lost family during the Second World War. The film was well received by the public and the critics. "De Aanslag" became the first Dutch film, which received the American Film Academy Award, Oscar. He also won a Golden Globe and awards at international film festival in Seattle. From the Dutch weekly magazine "Viva" Derek was "Vergulde Klaver" as Best Actor year. In 1987, the year in Derek was born the third son, who was named Oscar.

After the international success of the film "De Aanslag", Derek has a lot to act in films and on television around the. In the period from 1987 to 1989, he appeared in 12 American and European films and serials. Including, in the cult film of Philip Kaufman's "Unbearable Lightness of Being" and "Mascara" with Charlotte Rampling. In 1988, screens released British film "Kidnapped paradise", where Derek superbly played a major role of the famous French philosopher and theologian Pierre Abelard. This film tells the tragic love of Abelard and Heloise. On television, he played a Russian KGB officer Abramov "endless game" (1989), French aristocrat, Bertrand de Rouge in "The Free Freenchman" (1989), etc.. Bernard in the famous American TV series "China Beach" ( "China Beach"), which was dedicated to the Vietnam War.

I think having such a reputation, Derek could expect a warmer reception at home. But, said the Dutch director Roland Kerbosha (Roeland Kerbosch), who directed the 1995 film "Affair Play" with Derek in the lead role, the actor remained undervalued in their own country. Perhaps because of his work in international projects. Although, until recently, Derek was not going to leave Holland.

"My family means a lot to my career, my wife has a good job in Amsterdam, my children go to school, where they like to learn."

"Being in Hollywood, you sit closer to the" fire ". True. But only when you are constantly reminded himself, recalls that you need ... When you get into the famous Hollywood circle, and you are young, first said: Derek de Lint, who is it? And then: we want to give the role of Derek de Lint. When you're getting old, they say: we must find a similar Derek de Lint. Then sounds familiar: Who is it? "*

But after, in 1988, Derek starred in the movie "Rituelen", he began to feel that he ceases to be in demand as an actor in their own homeland. It is removed mainly in the U.S. and Britain. In 1993 he appeared in a small role in the Dutch film "Angie". Then in 1995 it was withdrawn in several Dutch films, including a Roland Kerbosha "Affair Play". This film was made for the Western market, in English, with well-known British actress in a leading role and not a success in Holland.
. In the same year, Derek learns that MGM would be removed at serial Poltergeist ", he meets the author of the idea of this series, Richard Lewis, and after a long conversation with him, he was appointed as the lead role - dp
. Derek Raine - the head of the San Francisco home of the Heritage. Two seasons were shown on ORT. We filmed for four seasons. In the series proved to be a difficult fate. Before filming the fourth season was the question of termination of the financing of the series, but now the series has a new owner - SCI-FI Channel. But, in my opinion, now, Derek is very tired of these shootings, and he wanted to play in Europe, but not in America.

"I understand that work in this series will not last forever. And I would very much like to once again to appear in feature films. Before "Poltergeist" I starred in many films and I hope that thanks to the success of this series, I will be able to draw further attention to the audience for my other works in film. The series took several years of my life and I would like to believe that I will be rewarded for it. "**

Sci-Fi channel refused to shoot 5-th season of "Poltergeist". And in May this year, Derek, along with Robbie Chong starred in an episode of the famous sci-fi series "Outer Limits", which was directed by Helen Shaver, as well as short-lived Canadian film "La Boheme" ( "The Artist's Circle").

"When I look back on all my work in film, I see that most of all I like to work in independent film. Actors do not receive large fees, had no comfort, but also those who stood in front of the camera and those who stood behind her, were genuinely committed to their cause ... I would like to work in independent film, it does not matter in Europe or North America. "***

Derek now lives in Vancouver (Canada). He bought this big house. His middle son, Mike goes to school in the last class. The eldest son, Jerome learns to design the first year of college
. Since February this year, Derek de Lint was filmed on British TV in a trilogy of short films ( "1, . 2, . 3, . Talk to me ", . "Poco", . "Bad Dreams"), . directed by Barry Rooyen Krikmar - a young filmmaker from the East Coast of Scotland and a friend of Derek,
. Derek was also the producer of one of these films ( "Poco").

Since the beginning of October 2000, Derek de Lint was filmed in the new thriller Soul Assassin niderlandskom American director Lawrence Malkin. The film with a budget of $ 8 million is one of the most expensive and ambitious films ever made in the Netherlands. He plays here Carl Jurgenson, head of a multinational financial services company, which is actually a dangerous international organization, and Sir Charles - the spiritual leader of Infernal Force.

Unofficial site of the Dutch actor

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De Lint, Derek (Derek de Lint), photo, biography
De Lint, Derek (Derek de Lint), photo, biography De Lint, Derek (Derek de Lint)  Actor, photo, biography
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