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Igor Alexandrov

( Journalist)

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Biography Igor Alexandrov
photo Igor Alexandrov
"Meet ... Sixteen years later", - said the director of IRTC "TOP" Igor Alexandrov in his 45-year anniversary, 10 days before the assassination ...

. Apartment - rather poor, typically journalistic apartment Igor Alexandrov - keeps exemplary loyalty to his master
. His things do not change their places: all over the bed as hundreds of gleaming icons, which he collected from his childhood, lie on the bedside table is a pile of books with bookmarks. "Russia, which was not" Bushkova, "Echo of bygone" Pikul. Stolypin, Solzhenitsyn, Karamzin, Suvorov between them - a volume of "Journalistic investigation".

In the closet - a picture of Vysotsky. "He's been here hanging. Igor was a lover of his work, collected poems, a lot of tapes, about 600 songs, "- says wife Lyudmila. "And this (points to the wood carving), he was given. He hung on the wall and said: "This is our son, Leszek, running toward the sun."

Actually, he wanted to have a minimum of three sons, all named with the letter A - the name of loyalty. - We will Alyosha, Antoshka and Andrei - told his wife. And when, after Alexis was born, Anya, was 10 and the sky with delight washing diapers. And then she made a hat out of foam and taught her for two weeks, swim.

According to his son was a strict and demanding. It wanted Alex studied and graduated more than one university. Educated Igor Alexandrov - a civil engineer, graduated from the Irkutsk Institute of Engineers zh.d. transport, in no time he accused opponents. And although the journalist makes a journalist is not a crust of a special institution, yet he really understood the role of education. And so terribly upset when his son after two courses left in akademotpusk. He was shocked: "You lose a year!"

He read a lot, carried this habit from childhood. In the past subscribed to the classics, . read all of Pushkin and Dostoevsky, . Book shore and growing library of literature is so diverse, . that the wife Lyudmila difficult to answer unequivocally, . What interested him most,
. Here and in the geographical literature, mathematics and electronics, and "History of Ancient Civilizations", and the impressive volume with the title "Latin America", and the work of Nietzsche, and "Life of Animals" Bram, etc.
. "He was so versatile - wife says
. - In addition to books and icons, collect coins and medals, caps of champagne and beer labels, and at work in the office grew cacti.

"People came to him on any issue - tell the neighbors about the house. - And it nobody nothing withheld. He had an endless, perpetual desire to help. Not tomorrow, not 10 minutes - at once, now. And anyway, he hastened to live, and spent his whole life on the run.

"As a rest?" With a book and a glass of beer, - says wife. - Very fond of beer and all my friends switched from "Rogan" in Obolon. And he loved animals, simply adored him know all the dogs in the district, and always ran behind him a whole pack of wagging tails. All output was lost my grandmother, my mother helped around the house. I managed to mow the hay, going to shake honey. Nursed cows and bulls - fed, . cleaned, . and recently was so tired of the problems at work, . that no matter how seriously told my mother: "That's it would have tinkered with the bull and the bees, . so tired of everything! "Mom only jokingly picked:" What, . I - livestock, . We worked well with you! ".,

. "THEREIN simmering"

. Recently, the state of Ihor Alexandrov was kind of strange - a disturbing, but the attempts he only waved his questions: "Everything is OK"
. He was a man of moderate, did not like to dedicate someone to their problems, the house draws a clear boundary between work and family. "You - my secure a strong base - told his wife. - Why do you want to know? I cherish your peace of mind.

"Maybe he phoned and threatened," - thinks Lyudmila. Perhaps hinting at reprisals, and this was cause for alarm. But Igor did not expect death at any rate, such rapid. In general, he was an incorrigible optimist, and the word "death" is perceived as something distant and even unnatural. Even when it floated in abstract philosophical discussions, Alexandrov always indignant: "What is death, what you say!".

He was active and energetic life in it seethed. Lyudmila knew him so since 1979. They met in Siberia, in g. Taishet Irkutsk region: she came here on distribution, and he lived here. He worked first in the locomotive depot, then - as an instructor in the city party committee, then - first secretary of the Komsomol. They married in 1980, and in Slovyansk moved in eight years. (Because of the children had to change the climate). All youth passed in one breath - in the various events, congresses, stroyotryadah, cross-country skiing, Komsomol activities. Houses Alexandrov almost never occur, and eventually his wife to live with it - realizing that it can not be undone that work in his life values, occupies the first place.
. Restrained in expressing emotions, sometimes he became sentimental, especially when his wife was away with her small son to his parents in Ukraine
. He wrote tender letters, then guiltily noticed that, probably, in those letters, said more words of love than a lifetime ...

Disturbing thoughts

On the eve of his death Alexandrov managed to write a letter of resignation. This was due to the arrival of new owners in the television company, the founders of new. He gave the television 10 years of life, 10 of the best years and, of course, realizing the need to leave the post of director of television, was depressed. It was the second blow after in May because of financial problems stopped leaving his newspaper, his brainchild - "I myself.

But his anxiety was special, nothing like the excitement of people to lose their jobs - say people who were close. Moreover, it will not be broken trough. He had specific plans for future activities: as a minimum, to resume publication of the newspaper. Immediately responded friends, went proposals. And against this background that something did not give him no peace. Who and what? Oh, if he though someone shared his thoughts then!

June 21, his birthday, 45 th anniversary, he gathered the staff - would this date be noted. But the holiday did not work. "It was like a farewell, - I was told staff IRTC" TOP ". - He was a great joker and lover of toast, silent and only nodded sadly. Congratulations passed in dead silence, they were all out of sorts ". They remembered how much fun have been discussing collective celebration, like Alexander, raising his glass, joked: "congratulates you, kisses Cherneta" (Deputy. Director - approx.), . as all plants on toast: "What does not?" There is such a word - should be "; cited as his favorite" 12 chairs ", as best he could account for the failures, . oversight with irony, as zaobedavshihsya girls clocked his favorite phrase: "Once an oasis lit? Well, . work! ".,
. They will long remain in shock, his colleagues, who can not walk now without a shudder at the threshold of the studio and go past the place - where he was killed
. Who can not accept the idea that there Alexandrova. Which is difficult to believe it all ...


The death of Ihor Alexandrov has shocked thousands of people. Telephone in the editorial office and apartment of Alexander does not stop - call journalists Donetsk and metropolitan publications, calls from all over the country, his friends and acquaintances. Even those who met him once in my life, send a telegram expressing condolences. "... Let's daughter Anya come to me in the summer", - cabled Lyudmila Alexeevna woman g. Shostka Sumy region, which Ihor Alexandrov was in Kiev at the seminar.

It is hard to imagine that going through these days the family and close relatives of Igor Aleksandrovich. The last time they gathered together for 10 days before the incident, on June 24, about three events at once: the anniversary of Igor Alexandrov, 20-th anniversary of his son and daughter of the end of the school. On the videotape, which commemorated the fragments of this family holiday, Igor Alexandrov pronounces a toast: "I hope that in the same part, we will gather Sixteen years later ...". And then the film breaks. This rock. What a pity!
. Now all this has a special meaning - shot on video clips of life, . letters, . Photo: Alexander in stroyotryade with a shovel - earns the wedding, Alexander with a book and a mug of beer with a book in a basin, in the army, in Poland, with Poddubnyi; with Marchuk; home with my family, . etc.,
. At home in packs of photos, I also found the photograph Alexandrova 1998 - made on the eve of Valentine's Day. We then prepared the comic material "п▓п╩я▌п╠п╦п╩п╟я│я▄ on their own, and it so happened that from more than two dozen men, Alexander was the first to whom we have admitted over the phone pretending to love ...
. Now become a family heirloom box videotape author programs Alexandrova
. Programs, which many were not to taste, in which the journalist was sometimes too bold and straightforward, followed by colleagues and friends used to say: "Igor, you will have problems". But he jokingly replied: "Well, what they do to me? In the worst case - would be killed."


. After, . as the murder of Alexandrov said all Ukrainian newspapers and television, . and intervened in the international human rights organizations and the United States, . Ukrainian law enforcement authorities began to investigate this horrible crime with particular zeal,
. In any case, so it looks. Leonid Kuchma has been carefully handed Lyudmila Alexandrova check for 10 thousand. hryvnia from the "Foundation of Hope and Goodness". Slovyansk periodically flooded by high officials from Kiev, exercise control over the result. Became the crown of the phrase "to honor" law enforcement. It is already the reputation of Ukraine in the world that blood is another journalist permanently stain. And the international image - this is no joke, it's credit, and the U.S. threatens to show us a combination of three fingers - as the country with "primitive" reputation, in which there is no democracy, no freedom of speech.
. In developed Western countries, cases of killings of journalists are long gone in history
. There are, of course, attempts to intimidate, pougrozhat, but that all and ends. Committee to Protect Journalists CPJ, located in New York, closely following the harassment of employees of the pen and camera in the world, documenting the killings on its Web site. Mournful list this year are journalists, so-called developing countries - Algeria, Angola, Colombia, Thailand, Mexico, Yugoslavia, Kuwait, the Philippines, Costa Rica and ... Ukraine. The last name means there Igor Alexandrov ...

Oh, Igor. You are so loved life. You believed that "the day today will be better than yesterday, and it was your last words to his wife so tragically in the morning, July 3. You're so waited grandson ... Little Alexandrova ... The name of the letter A... Let it be a happier you.


TATIANA Peven, chief editor of IRTC "TOP":
- How do I remember him? Jolly. Thinking. Humane. Life goes better, so why - I do not know. He was a fighter by nature and was obviously for someone threatened his principled and uncompromising attitude of many annoyed. He could not say to a black - white, could not dissemble, grovel. Since it was impossible to "agree", was given his own position.

IRINA Humeniuk, secretary-referent IRTC "TOP":
- With him I could speak on any subject was very interesting man. Intellectual - he was open and accessible to all. Equally respected cleaner, a journalist and some boss, did not divide people into the ranks, was not asked. Whoever came for advice or help - each listening, each trying to help. Do not allow himself to thwart the evil in the staff if was not in the spirit - just closed and worked.

VALERY Prudskikh, director of the TRC SAT:
- I hardly knew him. We have almost no contact: a long time relations were unfriendly, even hostile. Competition ... But fate would have it so that we are traveling to Kiev for a seminar, found themselves in a train compartment. And then - in a hotel room, where we settled organizers and where we lived for 5 days. Then began vzaimoterpimymi and periodically during the year were talking on the phone - we discussed the general issues of patient. Last call up to 10 days before the incident, about the relicensing ...

GALINA Lykov, employee IRTC "Thor":
- I knew Igor since 1988. He was such a good soul! Runs used to top (his office on the 4 floor, our 3-m) - necessarily throws: "Galka, hello, how are things at home?". At any trouble responding. And we went to work as a home, with pleasure. He comes early, at 7.45, and on Monday we were going to work together. The next day, Igor walked one, and it was the fateful morning of July 3 ...

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