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Biography MINAEV Sergey
photo MINAEV Sergey
His name Minaev Sergey

. He was born on 12.01.1962 g.

. Place of birth Moscow

. Nationality Russian

. Type choleric nature

. Sign Capricorn

. Nor were

. Traveled, noVozvraschalsya

. Education English special school? 30 Music School violin class Gos.uchilische circus and variety of IP-tion Moscow theater Gos.institut IP-tion Moscow

. And most importantly Refresher courses directors, managers discos in the Komsomol Central Committee (not clear who gets taught)

. In the nursery - "Santa Claus" in the kindergarten - storm educators in the yard - "plant" in the school TUZ (napr.Balzaminov) and rock band (Grand Funk, Slade, Deep purple)
. The "City" with 2 courses GUTSEI - is already seriously ( "beans", "midaksy", "performer", "Mugi", "shura")

The first tour - 1987 - the first permitted by the authorities, the super-disco studio "Record" in the Luzhniki Stadium (Sports Palace). In the program he performed "Modern talking" and new songs Y. Chernavsky specially written for him (Margarita, Shaman).

Since 1988 - touring activity throughout the Soviet Union. For 4 years - behind the entire country - from big cities - to the remote corners. In October 1988, on the first channel in the transmission of "Spotlight adjustment" S. Minaev the whole country had been "thrown into the charges in excess wages. Sergei Lisowski rubbed his hands: the best advertising scandal could have been devised. In 1989 he became the winner of "Musical Ring" - the popular television.

In the period from 1989 to 1992 he worked with a live group - especially it has brought a lasting impression when he had to work on 3 concerts a day. Record - 6 concerts a day - Sverdlovsk ...

. Overseas tours - Hungary, Sweden, Israel, Ireland, Germany and France - have made an indelible impression not only on the artist, but also on the "Kazakh" Germans, "hohlyatskih" izrailetyan "and" Ryazan "Parisians

. Television - since 1988
. "50/50", "Hit Parade Ostankino", "Morning mail", "2 the piano" - is only the central channels.

Spending is not set. He believes - "it would be time, and his hands itch, and so that any damage". He likes the speed and silence. HATE PLANES AND TRAFFIC! Since 1993 plays in the football team entertainers "Stark". During the international mast in Germany and Ireland took part in a brawl on the field with the enemy. In a match in 1996 in Rostov-on-Don has received a double fracture of the ankle. Adores his wife and son. Lives of town. Brings up the dog - Bernese mountain dog (it is not clear who is who).

He began to write his own songs ...
Mocked strangers before, but without sensuality. Being with friends on a visit seen as "baldeyut" under his first recording (Carnival, Bangkok). I thought - being bullied. When those "prosekli" what's what - the first time felt that such "respect" friends and "understanding" friends ...

Disco engaged, rescued friends. So for the MAI in a student dormitory (1979), then the south, replacing drunk "п¦я-я¬пЁп¦п+п¦" (1982), etc.. As a result of substitutions, substitution began working in the hotel "Youth" (1983) and the hotel "Intourist" (1985) for "foreign tourists". In 1984 the student was in camp MEI in Alushta. Finally he reached the Russian-speaking audience, and ex-diskzhokey camp Sergei Lisovsky "got" to him and began to serve as its director. At this point we can speak about the birth of the trade mark "SM"

Up until 1987, is a variety of scenic sites - from coffee MAI, MEI, DC, to disco "Park of Culture. Gorky, Garden of. Bauman etc.

Shot ... 1982 - "I can not say goodbye" director B. Durov. A cameo from singer tants.ploschadki. 1989 - "Our man from San Remo. Cameo role of the singer-mafia. 1989 - Island of lost ships "- directed by E. Ginsburg. Voiced songs performed by K. Raikin. TV film "Street" - directed by A. Komarov - a rock opera, which played a major role. Partner was V. Presnyakov - ml., An opera written and Sautkin Presnyakov-st

. Parody of "Tender May" - "White Goat" (1988), . "Modern talking" - "Monyu Tokin '(1984 - 87), . "Yakida" - "... the Bulls can not, . and yaks - yes "(1995), . Lambada - LomBabu "(1990), . "Macarena" (1997), . "Music Pop" (1998), . "Sex-bomb" (2001) - brand Minaeva,
. (At the concert "Modern talking" in Kharkov in 1998, "Sweet Couple" went on stage an hour late of schedule because they face "a joke" he said, by the way, not their repertoire.)
. Official site

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MINAEV Sergey, photo, biography
MINAEV Sergey, photo, biography MINAEV Sergey  Musical Performer, photo, biography
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