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Sergey Zverev

( Stylist)

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Biography Sergey Zverev
photo Sergey Zverev
About me:

I due Baikal. Near Irkutsk. City Kultuk. When talking about Kultuk, just remember the nursery. I was 4 years old, we go into the woods to pick berries. They crossed the railroad tracks and found ourselves in the woods. And there strawberries: And I remember some sort of edge, where we gather berries and sing: "The sun in the yard, and garden path, you are my sweet, berry raspberry". And then a father or mother took away my home. Home I came so tired, but happy with a bunch of grapes! I had such a happy childhood, a kind of berry. Incidentally, I asked my son Seryozha about this song. It turns out that they, too, sang it in nurseries and garden: That's interesting!

In general, the family, I almost did not tell anyone, did not mention dates: I do not like about it ... The moment of birth, marriage, birth, different fields, different views ... I am very superstitious. Knowing these numbers, these things can be positively or negatively affect human. So I am going as far as possible toward. I have for this reason.

Unfortunately, my childhood was short. I was soon given to school sooner "thrown" in the modeling business. While still very young, I was educated on three specialties: hairdressing art, decorative cosmetics and designer clothes, and began to work.

From my mother I was always together. She's a Siberian girl. Blonde, bright eyes, blue-green. As far as I remember, it's always been a woman with taste, slim, smart, glamorous, bright. She herself from the orphanage, so to most things very strictly applies. My mother believes that everything must be correct at the time. This she gave to me, and it is this discipline and helped me in life to be sufficiently collected. All the activity, the energy I have from my mother. I wonder how it is resistant to diseases, illnesses. For many women who have just a sore head, he immediately told about it, "the whole country". Mama "until recently" will walk with temperature and no one will know until it does not do everything right, so the house always pryadok. If you need to get out to four in the morning, then she will do everything to four in the morning. Her strength of will and support are very helpful to me. They say that not only the character, but apparently I look like my mother. And if the son is like a mother, so happy!

My father died early - the tragic death.

I was 4 years. Papa me clothed, shod and brought to the street. Were frozen. And now I see a puddle, ice-covered. Dad put me in the boots on the ice and: I felt boots stuck to the ice! I do not know how long it stood there and cried. I could not even turn around in a puddle of iced boots. Then my father took me under his arms, and boots were left on ice! Dad is laughing. That's what I remember it very well. Even my pops into your bath, in which my father drove me to wash, do not even know why I remember this bath!? Or our trip to the village to my grandmother: Here are my memories about my father. Very warm, light. He was very fond of me. Generally, it seems to me that he was leading me through life and protects up to now.

O brother, I mention very rarely, and hardly anyone asks: As a child we had were not particularly friendly. He was older than me for two years and so it turned out that when I grew up in a family, he grew up with my grandmother. Conversely. We have little overlap with it, I can not even say that I obviously was to love him as a brother. No, this was not. I love this feeling, unfortunately, when it lost. And I understand that on the one hand, he had no time in this life, nothing. On the other hand, had a lot. This two children - a girl and boy. My brother was a fair-haired. Very healthy, athletic, physically fit man, adapted to the harsh climatic conditions of Siberia, then why can not I say about myself. When he died, I saw this loss like no other, because I felt that I gave him something no Doda. For some heat or something: Have you seen my signature? "Beasts", and then at the end of the name is the letter "A". Brother's name was Alexander. In principle, I - A., and I think that they (brother and father) to join me there at the end of the signature. As they were invisibly present in my work.

By the way, several models of men's hairstyles, I called Sasha - this is on behalf of his brother. When I do the men's collections, I always mentally refer to my dad and brother, and many images were uncovered precisely because of.

And, perhaps, my life was forced to work for two. Maybe even enough for three, because I was always something pushed. What I have a mother - one, and hopefully not on someone. I had to make a breakthrough, to change something in life, and God forbid not raskisnut. After all, creative people can drink, get carried away by drugs. But I did my best to move forward, to grow.
By 1996, I received the Grand Prix in virtually all countries of the world. In the same year I became Vice Champion of Europe. In 1997 - absolute champion of Europe. In 1998 he became the champion of the world. We won in a time when the country's crisis, and we stood in awkward, impossible moment for the country's. I returned home tired and exhausted. Victory we have broken all countries. What other profession in our country in the field of beauty and art can boast that it is number one in the world? I have already reached the ceiling. Next nowhere. Above there is nothing, nothing happens!

I have no place where to lay down all the awards. But there is one exception! I have all the awards, but our government. There's only medal for the 850 anniversary of Moscow from YU.M. Luzhkov. And that was stolen.

I love my profession, as a child. In whatever you may be the mood, the music you love, you'll hear in a bad mood. It's not about health, and not at the time of year, and his love for his work, that you sent to earth by God to serve beauty.

If someone wants to go into this profession, you need to objectively decide how you want to go down in history. Why did you choose this profession. For many, the final of my career might already be a long time:. But I, in spite of that, I continue to work. I am still full of energy for many years. Therefore, I have the right to tell the truth about the profession. This is not so light and bright colorful life. For all the external beauty lies hellish work. Huge colossal work. My profession is one of the most complex and difficult, I do not envy these guys and girls who want to enter into this world hairdressing, fashion business, cosmetics. Get ready for a difficult life and in professional and personal level! But remember: the family, the children must find time.

Most, which is why I made a name for themselves, not people, for whom I was hooked, and hands, which I have. Such hand no one else has. If I stayed on the streets now, without anything, I will burn it, it is, it disappear, I'll stay. If I stay my hand, I'll do the same thing, and even better.

I - a typical Cancer. If it were not for my sporty character, which I developed over the years ... Removals to affect me very badly. Any country in the world, no matter how well taken ... House - a house. I very much I go to these collections, staged in different cities of master classes, fashion show.

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  • dobriymolodec for Sergey Zverev
  • God grant us all such perseverance and diligence as you Sergey!
  • Nata for Sergey Zverev
  • Your Autobiography: from birth until now for today's dnya.Nuzhno !
  • elena for Sergey Zverev
  • Sergei! You умничка, . as was, . since childhood .... Do not be surprised, . Yes, we lived in one town, . and pulled scraps of fabric from a studio ... It's a pity, . that in his biography, you have lowered the time (I think the most important) when he lived in Ust-Kamenogorsk ... I remember, . what you at this time was nelego, . remember, . that not all understand you, . I would even say - no one understood,
    . Yes, I remember everything and I'm very sorry that nemogla plug the mouths of those who laughed (at most had a lot of complexes). But always in my heart I really wanted (and I always knew it somehow), so you were the first ... It happened. And now, very happy for you, and proud of you, and I can laugh at myself over those who once laughed at the fact that I believed in you.. Success and happiness!
  • yulchik for Sergey Zverev
  • Hi Sergey! if Chesnokov, . I'm the girl who can not live without makeup! I love to paint his friends and noticed, . that have the talent in me and that it is necessary to develop! obyaztelno therefore decided to come to Moscow for training makeup stylist and stylist-stylist! most is my main dream is to become professianlnym make-up artist! and open their own salon beauty! )) I will do everything possible, . to realize their dreams and meet with a man, . which I consider the coolest stylist Sergey Zverev!,
  • Mustafa for Sergey Zverev
  • Especially remembered, . is when we, with Zverev earrings shoveled a landfill, . He was still a glove on his finger broken, . it was good ... And now he is a star of world scale ... not ringing, . not write .., . Early, . when ontolko came, . I noticed, . he trudalyubivy, . fellow, . me such volunteers were needed !)), . In my team liked, . to orange color over time used, . a shovel and a rake, too! And most importantly no longer afraid of the tractor!, . Seryozhka Seryozhka ... ... remember, . we establish the validity of a broom in the dark corners of .... so funny it was to break up punks while waving a rake or a broom .. sorry quickly time has flown.,
    . Although what if I am mistaken .. maybe it was another Seryozhka Zverev ... do not know ...
  • DMX for Sergey Zverev
  • Hello, Helen. I do not know the truth you have written in one of the sites of Sergei Zverevo, . you really were with him znakomy.No would like to know pravdu.Mogli you write more about him something interesnogo.Prosto I am one of his fans, . and I really like, . what he delaet.Poetomu if it's write me otvet.Zaranee thanks!,
  • Saya for Sergey Zverev
  • why did you cheat, you do with Ust-Kamenogorsk. bad memories seem to have worked in the hotel "Ust-Kamenogorsk. forgotten?
  • not animals for Sergey Zverev
  • Come on it, gay a ...
  • Anonymous for Sergey Zverev
  • Zverev freak GAY I BE SUCH A man scorned GOAT
  • Natalia for Sergey Zverev
  • Not know, . where else to write ... Вобщем Sergey, . I really like parikmkherskoe Arts and the, . What are you doing! "I live in Rostov region, . Shakhty! yes ... not close, . I study at the financier, but I understand, . that is not something, . I want to achieve in life! but right now I'm ready to drop everything and go to Moscow "to build their lives", . pursue all! I'm ready preodalet any slozhnoti! In addition, I would like to learn it at your school! I hope you heard!,
  • Kz for Sergey Zverev
  • Vi pochemu vrete vi je iz Ust'-kamenogorska votochno kazahstanskoi oblosti iz posela Sogra, eto je legko proverit ', ne bol'shoe jurnalistskoe rossledovanie i vse!
  • Oled for Sergey Zverev
  • Vot pizdun ti vet 'iz Ust'-Kamenogorska! V odnom meste robotali Dima Chuparev i ti!
  • You should not to fuck for Sergey Zverev
  • You effeminate neuter suschestvo.Kogda interesting to our planet Earth izrygnet you to hell ! WHAT, . STAR, . Shocked ! And with your voice, . just shouting out sartira: BUSY ! Sang more, . Schmoe !,
  • Lena for Sergey Zverev
  • I do not know how to rest, but I strongly Sergei Pts please! I love it and, as a stylist, a hairdresser and as a man! Pts had an interesting face! general, we can speak briefly and simply glamorous MEN A !
  • Diana for Sergey Zverev
  • Hello ! You have sexual ETRP! I'll обажаю you are the "Cleves Stylist"! Say hello to Boris Maiseevu and Dime Bilanu.Ya обажаю all your songs you're cool, you're the best, I can not find these words what you are! YOU ARE SUPER!
  • Stellochka for Sergey Zverev
  • Cool! I'm on it toschus! Love! Dear! Kiss!
  • ert for Sergey Zverev
  • Son, the so-called sorry for him ... Bedolagu picked up somewhere on the street, and fuck it now probably every day. Boheme damned.
  • Roma for Sergey Zverev
  • You stuffed goluboe.Perestan screen pozorit.Beri example of Joseph Kobzona.Koroche right YET I do not want in your time tratit.Bay Bye Baby ! ! !
  • MISS UST-KAMENOGORSK for Sergey Zverev
  • Sergei why you are cheating, . You're from Ust-Kamenogorsk ! Lera Kudryavtseva and Bari Alibasov too! soon as they are not ashamed and not skryvyut in otlichiotebya! Un охуеный city, . Moscow and Peter rest, . you would have dropped in that it is .... and then you fagot believe ....,
  • Julia for Sergey Zverev
  • In fact, I respect such people. Sergei has a lot in life and cool guy!
  • Anuta for Sergey Zverev
  • my God, that for the comments, admit that you are jealous of him, his zhizni.On I like for what he does not like everything he bright, stylish !
  • Elena for Sergey Zverev
  • all attached to him glamorous uncle, well here it is such as who you are, I know it and you do not
  • UCA for Sergey Zverev
  • pozornik you Sergei! Tell me honestly - I'm with U-Ka is a city. Rubbish nkkuyuto thought about Irkutsk ... again - pozornik!
  • daisy for Sergey Zverev
  • Sergei! Did you study at Ust-Kamana, p New Sogra! I do not understand why you say nothing. Your mother worked in a bookstore. Well, what of it? At least you have everything for yourself! good luck. Your home town!
  • oleg for Sergey Zverev
  • is all sick of it already, гомосятина asshole
  • Svetlana for Sergey Zverev
  • Zverev great stylist, and what he something silent, I think it is a personal matter. You do not need all znat.Zaymites their careers and not envy.
  • Brutal guy for Sergey Zverev
  • Zvereva and peasant called hard, . pure gay, . look disgusted at him! And it's not about envy, . just if you guy, . it looks like a peasant, . not as a cheap whore! Attract attention and be another way, . not posing transvestite,
    . Êàî freak fag and redkosny dunce, you look at him, a woman a woman. Yet he left tit pump, will be spilled sleaze.
  • ÛÛÛ for Sergey Zverev
  • and pisyuha at cha is? or also in the car lost cat?
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