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Galliano, John (John Galliano)

( Designer)

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Biography Galliano, John (John Galliano)
photo Galliano, John (John Galliano)
John Galliano - British designer, who works in the genre of avant-garde. He leads a double life. Today he is - designer of the House of Christian Dior, and thanks to him this house is no longer associated with the venerable matron, and with the alluring siren. In the House of Dior's Galliano - "Monsieur Komilfo": it bespoke diorovsky three-piece suit of dark wool, trilby famously crushed on one side, his nails perfectly polished. His studio is located in the chic Avenue Montaigne, just above the main Dior boutique, and he is an old mansion.
The next day he - John Galliano, the designer's own fashion house, located in a former doll factory. Dressed as a difficult adolescent - a huge amount of shorts and a T-shirt, black beret, a huge medallion on his bare chest and ski goggles in a gilt frame. He listens to club music and goes to the gym. Does not drink, refused to coffee, but a pack of Marlboro "he's always with me.

But it was not always. He was born in Gibraltar in 1960, and when John (then - Juan Carlos Antonio) was six years old, the family moved to London. His father was a plumber and her mother take care of children - she taught them how to dance flamenco on the kitchen table and dress up, remembers Galliano, for any reason - even just walk to the corner ".
John Galliano - pet fashion establishment, one of the most influential creators in the fashion world. He became the chief designer of the House of Dior and gave a stagnant in its respectability House a second wind: brushed naphthalene, introduced a fresh stream, made fashionable and desirable. Sales are growing, business is booming. And at shows in the first row - a gallery of stars: from Nicole Kidman and Demi Moore to Celine Dion and Kristin Scott Thomas.

Absolute romantic, nostalgic for the XVIII century, he creates for today. She likes fads, piles jewelry, embroidery, fringe, appliques - and at the same time can easily tailor the dress so that it will be the ultimate dream. A born showman, known throughout the world, he can with his eyes shut to describe all the technical stuff cut vest XVIII century.

Galliano for Dior's just created primarily because he shared his all-consuming passion for femininity. As he says himself: "Dior worshiped female beauty, so in today's models, we try to emphasize the line of the chest, waist, hips,. New image of women Dior - sensual, decadent, recklessly romantic. Arrogant raised chin, cascade necklace of peridot and milky pearl drop earrings. Mermaid dress-cut on the bias - dusty lilac or, perhaps, inky-black, with a train, painted lilies. And as the finishing touch - a dizzying height of heels. "This is a woman who enjoys her femininity, - confirms Galliano. - We tried to imagine what would have created a Dior, whether he is alive today ".
Unbridled imagination - a characteristic feature of John Galliano.

Working on the new collection, Galliano even changes his own style to match its spirit. "Clothes - a way of expression and part of the creative process - says he. - I became a dealer in cars, in gypsy or matador ". He said in the past tense, because now trying to dress neutrally: "I gave out too many secrets, using its own characteristic features of the future shape of collection.

Today Galliano - star of the world of fashion and must follow the cruelest schedule. He is torn between the House of Dior and his own and makes for twelve collections a year.

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Galliano, John (John Galliano), photo, biography
Galliano, John (John Galliano), photo, biography Galliano, John (John Galliano)  Designer, photo, biography
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