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Morris Olivia (Olivia Morris)

( Designer)

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Biography Morris Olivia (Olivia Morris)
photo Morris Olivia (Olivia Morris)
Olivia Morris (Olivia Morris), a shoe designer, best known for his creation - tattuirovannymi boots. For the life of a cheerful man in a powerful way which combines the wit and wisdom.

She said that the choice of her profession is related the fact that in 14 years, she wore boots a size 41, which still had to find. "Fortunately, my legs are no longer grown, but I will always remember this nightmare," - she says.

Olivia was born and raised in Richmond and has close ties with Ireland. "Both of my parents - the Irish, so I have a second nationality". She tried to study fashion in college, but it was not her vocation. Once Olivia came home and began to make sketches of shoes, that's when she realized that this is - just what she needed. And after the basic course, Olivia went to college Cordwainers shoe design UK. During her studies, she worked in a shop of Patrick Cox, and he sponsored her graduation collection. Next year after graduation, she worked in the fashion footwear label Stride. A year later, Olivia, left the firm to start his own company.

Olivia finds technical training in Cordwainers invaluable. "The most brilliant thing in Cordwainers - is something that you really learn how arranged Shoes. No one can really deal with design shoes, not knowing how it is done. Technicians there brilliant ".

Although Olivia Morris shoes made by hand, it is not doing this myself. In so doing, it helps a little, the family factory in London.

Shoe design and manufacture of shoes - this is not a simple matter. Each item of footwear, whether it be shoes, shoes or boots, consists of about 60 components. Olivia shoe designs on paper, the project creates a block, and on it is a sample. The sample appears approximately two months after the establishment of the project, but the process can take months and five months.

After Olivia Morris founded his own company in 1998, she realized that "90% of my time is spent on business, I'm not sitting at the sketches in the office every day". However, this has a consequence: in its 27 years, Olivia has had a profound impact on the footwear industry.

Despite the successes, it is simply a man. "I - a normal girl, I'm really not interested in the presence of columns in Elle about where I spend my holidays. I will be grateful to my PR-service, if there is a photograph created by me a pair of shoes - my work, for which I will respect ".

Her recent successes - Collection "tattuirovannoy and pirsingovannoy" shoes. It has become extremely popular in Los Angeles and New York. Olivia is also developing a collection of shoes to show Anthony Symond spring / summer 2002, which will be held at the London Fashion Week. Fashionable new this fall from Olivia Morris - black leather shoes in the Victorian style with lace and crucifixes.

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Morris Olivia (Olivia Morris), photo, biography
Morris Olivia (Olivia Morris), photo, biography Morris Olivia (Olivia Morris)  Designer, photo, biography
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