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Paul Himmel

( Photographer)

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Biography Paul Himmel
Thirty years ago, a famous fashion photographer 40-50-ies, Paul Himmel left image and became a psychotherapist. Everyone forgot about him. Himmel remembered only in the mid-90's, when in 1996 in New York's Howard Greenberg Gallery was shown a small selection of his non-profit work. And then another meeting with the creativity of the photographer: in the James Danziger Gallery has opened a large retrospective exhibition of his previously unpublished and unknown photos. The exhibition is accompanied by an excellent album: "Paul Himmel: Photographs", designed for the photographer who made his wife, Lillian Bessman, famous fashion photographer, began his career as an assistant Alexei Brodovitch.

Everything started fine. Born in 1914 in a family of emigrants from the White Church (Ukraine), Paul Himmel, while still a teenager, influenced by his close friend takes an interest in photography. He shot friends, the streets of New York. Photography is his hobby. His own profession Himmel elect psychology, receives a masters degree and teaches biology.

He remained an amateur photography until the mid 40-ies, following the work of photographers FSA, especially such as Dorothea Lange. Once Himmel decided in the summer vacation to try his hand at professional photography. He arranged an assistant photographer at the studio of Vogue. From the first conversation, interest in photography grew into a passion. He helped John Rawlings shoot Marlene Dietrich. Himmel won and a great actress, and picture. Dietrich was "extravagantly pleasant - very defiant," he recalls.

Himmel throws teaching and became a professional photographer. Being self-taught, he listens to the course "Graphic design", which led Brodovich the New School for Social

It is appropriate to say a few words about the Alexis Brodovych had a significant influence on several generations of photographers and magazine charts. He is the son of small
Russia's landlord, a former cavalry officer who fought in the Tsarist army before and after the revolution. Brodovich first emigrated to Paris and then moved to America. By the time acquaintance Himmel Alex Brodovich was already well-known photographer, graphic designer and art director of the magazine Harper `s Bazaar (c 1934 to 1958). Since 30-ies, he introduced pictorial power in American magazines bold visual vitality.

Thanks Brodovitch, Himmel received its first contract with Harper `s Bazaar. He becomes a fashion photographer. His skill in the transfer of motion in the picture and Himmel used when photographing people. This gave his work liveliness and immediacy.

The forties - early fifties Himmel worked for Vogue and Harper `s Bazaar. The exhibition features several photographs of models standing in the center of the human whirlpool in the main hall of Grand Central Station. Imagery was on top, to transfer the movement of people Himmel did grease the outlines of their figures. These photos - all that remained of the long-term work Himmel fashion photographer. Other negatives and photographs were destroyed in 1969 when he decided to change profession.

In the early 50-ies of fashion magazine editors have lost interest in fotozhurnalistskomu style Himmel.

Commercial orders were on the wane, and creative works were not published. And Himmel 55 --
age throws photograph. And in the early 70-ies finished his career as fashion photographer Lillian Bessman. An interesting history dating this pair. In 1922, the Himmel family moved from New Haven in Coney Island, which opened America's first vegetarian restaurant and boarding house. A year later, to work in the restaurant received mother Lilian Bessman. Paul and Lillian met when he was nine, and her - six years. Again, they met nine years. Although Lillian was only 15 years old, they began living together

. Paul Himmel and Lillian Bessman began regain prominence in 1991, . when the English historian and curator of photography, Martin Harrison, . while in their home, . stumbled in the laboratory on an abandoned, . rain damaged packaging, . which were negatives Bessman 40-50-ies,
. For this discovery was followed by exhibitions Bessman in the U.S. and Europe. In his seventy-odd years, she again became known. After it was "open" and Paul Himmel. Today, all the best that made the photographer is shown at an exhibition in the James Danziger Gallery, and a large, newly released albums of his work.

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Paul Himmel, photo, biography
Paul Himmel, photo, biography Paul Himmel  Photographer, photo, biography
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