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Grischuk, Alexander

( chess-player)

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Biography Grischuk, Alexander
photo Grischuk, Alexander
Born October 31, 1983 in Moscow

Winner memori Chygorina 1999, the FIDE World Championship semi-finalist in 2000.
Grandmaster since 1999.

Professional rating of 1 September 2001. - 2615
FIDE rating of 1 July 2001. - 2669

Let me digress: Several years ago I was an involuntary witness to the conversation of two venerable candidates in the chess club "Spartak". "You would not believe" - confided to one another, - "that boy a few months ago was pervorazryadnikom, and now confidently beats candidates. Will go far ". This, as you probably guessed, was about Alexander Grischuk. Time has shown that an experienced candidate was not mistaken. Since then much water has flowed: Today, Alexander Grischuk - the brightest young star of modern chess. And this despite the fact that the young Grishuk not particularly shine in the international youth championships - on his account only the division of the first places on the World Cup for boys up to ten years. However, in 2000 at the forum of the strongest young players on the Olympic system in Lausanne (where essentially solved who is who), namely, Alexander won the first place, having won in the final hope of Ukrainian chess Ponomareva.
Onrush Grischuk started at the Chigorin Memorial in St. Petersburg in 1999. In very representative of the company Alexander takes first place. His speech at the FIDE World Chess Championship 2000 was a downright sensation (though not for all, . Our expert, . Grandmaster Sergey Shipov other Grischuk almost in the champions) - newcomer made his way to the semifinal! I think Alexander has one of the most important qualities of a modern professional (of course besides great talent and efficiency) - strong nervous system,
. Even in the most difficult positions he does not lose self-control. In his mind is extremely difficult to judge the situation on the board. Perhaps only in a very difficult situation, Alexander slightly pale.

After refusing Kramnik and Anand, an experienced organizer Renterц╜a quickly realized that to make up this loss can only be part of a young, promising, and eager for victories Grandmaster. Candidacy Grischuk had to be more like the way. However, after the quite good performance in Linares where Alexander fought with the chess elite, followed by a decline - 50% result in Engen Leben in a far less representative of the company, -1 in Biel. They started rumors that Grischuk overpraised that he still have much to prove and t. n. I think now all the skeptics priumolkli. Already in the match Russia - China has become obvious that Alexander is regaining its fighting form. A European championship among the clubs has become a real benefit performance Grischuk. Playing it on the first on the second board, he gave the opponents only half a point, winning the last three rounds wins in a row! I think, having in its ranks such miner, Norilsk Nickel, the first place you should not worry ...

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  • Musya for Grischuk, Alexander
  • People! I urgently need a soap that man! a better phone! help URGENT! thanks in advance
  • Grand for Grischuk, Alexander
  • Alexander had to win and go through the semi-finals! GOOD LUCK!
  • Siren for Grischuk, Alexander
  • Alexander the! Good luck in the Khanty-Mansiysk ! UDA-A-RDAs!
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    Grischuk, Alexander, photo, biography
    Grischuk, Alexander, photo, biography Grischuk, Alexander  chess-player, photo, biography
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