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Dolnik professor Gregory

( Hero of the Soviet Union)

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Biography Dolnik professor Gregory
photo Dolnik professor Gregory
(8. 5. 1923 - 23. 3. 1996)

Dr. Gregory olnikov professor fighter. Born May 8, 1923 in St. Petersburg in the family working. Belorus. Member of the CPSU since 1944. His family moved to the village Saharovka the Gorki district, Mogilev region. Graduated from the 7 classes of junior high school in 1939 and trade schools with school depot in Minsk. He worked as a mechanic, then a foreman at the Minsk Car Repair Plant named after AF Myasnikov. Simultaneously, he studied at the flying club. In the Red Army in 1940. In 1943 he graduated from Bataisk military aviation school pilots name of AK Serov.

On the Great Patriotic War in July 1943. Pilot 100 th Guards Fighter Regiment (9 th Guards Fighter Air Division, 8 th Air Army, the Southern Front) Guard Lieutenant Dol'nikov G.U. Carried out 55 armed sorties. Down 3 enemy planes.

September 30, 1943, flew to his 56-th (third day) sortie as part of the six fighters Aerocobra to cover the Dnieper airborne operation. Near the front lines in the area of the river Dairy our pilots have entered into an unequal battle with 68 enemy planes. During the battle Dol'nikov knocked one of them. He was wounded in the leg. When run out of ammunition, a battlefield is not out. Second Nazi aircraft destroyed a battering ram. The blow of his fighter lost control and burst into flames. Dolnikova managed to leave the plane with a parachute. Landed on the antiaircraft battery of the enemy and captured.

T rizhdy tried to escape. The fourth attempt was successful. He fought as a partisan "Rodina". After the liberation of Nikolaev in April 1944 he returned to his regiment. With the help of the divisional commander Dzusova IM. again became a fighter pilot. In the first 3 days shooting down 4 enemy aircraft. He flew on a free hunt, to attack, a cover for ground troops and blocking enemy airfields. During the Iasi-Kishinev operation shot down 5 enemy planes. Later he became a flight commander, then - deputy commander of the regiment on the air-rifle Service. The last fight held in May 1945 over Prague, shooting down enemy fighter FW-190. All the years of war has made 160 sorties, carried out 42 air battles, in which the person 15 and knocked in a pair of 1 aircraft of the enemy.

After the war, sent to serve in Khabarovsk, which until 1950 was under investigation because of the captivity. In 1950, thanks to the courage faculty selection committee, was admitted to a preparatory course of the Red Banner Air Force Academy. External students passed the exam for grade 10. After Stalin's death in 1953, he was last summoned to the NKVD, and announced that his case is closed. Graduated from the Academy in 1955. In 1968 he graduated from the Higher Academic Courses of the General Staff Military Academy. He held various command positions.

. W tion of the Hero of the Soviet Union with the award of the Order of Lenin and medal "Gold Star" Gregory professor Dolnikova awarded on Feb. 21, 1978 for personal courage and bravery, . displayed in the Great Patriotic War, . good results in the combat training of troops, . development of complex military equipment and in connection with the 60-year anniversary of the Soviet Army and Navy.,

. In 1981, Colonel General Aviation Dol'nikov G.U
. appointed Deputy Chief of the Air Force in universities, the Air Force chief of university. Honored Military Pilot of the USSR. Elected deputy of Supreme Soviet of Lithuania and the Georgian SSR, was a candidate member of the Communist Party of Georgia. Ph.D. in History. After retirement he lived in Moscow. Decorated with 2 orders of Lenin, the Order of the October Revolution, 2 orders of the Red Banner, Order of the Patriotic War of 1 degree, the Red Star, "For Service to Motherland in the Armed Forces" 3 degrees, medals and foreign orders and medals.

. In action 23 March 1996
. Buried in Monino, Moscow region.

Flies Steel Squadron
. - Moscow: Military Publishing, 1983.

Biography provided by AE Melnikov

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Dolnik professor Gregory, photo, biography
Dolnik professor Gregory, photo, biography Dolnik professor Gregory  Hero of the Soviet Union, photo, biography
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