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DEATH Alexander

( Hero of the Soviet Union)

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Biography DEATH Alexander
(1918 - 28. 4. 1945)

By onchin Alexander - zampolit Battalion, 266 th Infantry Regiment of the Guards (88 Guards Rifle Division, 8 th Guards Army, 1 st Belorussian Front) - Guard Captain. Born in 1918 in a working class family of a railway station Bui now Kostroma region. Russian. Member of the CPSU (b) since 1941. He graduated from the 7 classes of secondary schools and Ivanovo industrial college. Then he entered the Novosibirsk Engineering Institute. When the Soviet-Finnish War, volunteered for the Red Army. In 1940 he returned to the Institute. Was excellent pupil, name scholarship, secretary of the Komsomol bureau of the Faculty, the master of sports of skiing, had 1 bit of swimming, and parachute jumping. When the Great Patriotic War, with the fourth year as a volunteer went to the front.

In September 1941, Novosibirsk military authorities sent a death in a military school in Podolsk. In October, the Moscow area the situation was critical and the Podolsk cadets, it was decided to urgently send to the front. Communist Death was given the rank Б•  Б•? junior political officer, and he was appointed military commissioner company. Since June 1942, in parts of the Airborne fought in the Don and Volga. August 18 in the battle for the height of 87,0 in the Lake Tsatsa in melee Konchin personally killed 5 Nazis, but he himself was seriously wounded. He picked orderlies and sent to the field hospital. As part of Death was considered dead, and a decree awarding him the Order of the Red Star came out with a mark "posthumously."

Konchin was in the hospital until December. He was also a ski team. Since January 1943 he participated in raids on the enemy's rear. He successfully completed an intensive training course. Command aim was to leave him at the school in teaching, but Lieutenant Konchin got sent to the front.

. Since April 1944 he fought in the 266-th Guards Rifle Regiment in the post of deputy battalion commander for political affairs
. His battalion took part in battles near Tiraspol, defended Dnestrovskii springboard. Then 8 Guards Army moved to the left flank of the 1 st Belorussian Front. Parts of the army participated in the battles of Kovel, in the liberation of the city of Lublin and Majdanek concentration camp.

July 18, 1944 when the breakthrough to the west of Kovel Guard Captain Konchin led to the attack battalion. Having wounded, remained in military orders and continuing to lead the battle, the battalion has achieved the combat mission.

. In January 1945, when the breakthrough in the area of the village Tsytselovka on the River Vistula, death, along with the soldiers Davydov, Babin and Stepanovich with the banner of the first battalion rushed to the attack
. The battalion on the move broke the German trenches and went to the railway station. Here the enemy put up fierce resistance. Heavy machine-gun fire slow down the right flank. Finished rushed there and picked up the men in the attack. Quickly leaving the zone of fire, with minimal loss of guardsmen stormed the station. Key point was taken.

January 26th Battalion of Death came to the Warta River near the village of Weissenburg (now Bedrusko, 15 km north of Poznan, Poland). Aim was to force a crossing. Night, Lieutenant Б•? lkin with soldiers Ovchinnikov and Lagutin swam across the river and secured on the other side of the rope, which began to cross battalion and transport machine-guns and mortars. Finding the crossing, the Germans opened mortar fire. Then Konchin crossed to the west bank and arranged a cover ferry fire. Then headed crossed the battalion broke into Weissenburg, knocked out the Germans and organized the defense. Happy enemy 7 times passed in counterattack, but they were repulsed. Meanwhile, across the whole division crossed. This ensured the success of its further encroachment on Poznan and on to Kyustrenskomu bridgehead on the Oder.

. March 24, 1945 Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet battalion commander Guard Captain S. Umarov, . his deputy for political affairs Guard Captain A. Death, . Guard squadron commander, Lieutenant IS Б•? lkinu and machine-gun crew commander Guard Sergeant DI Semenov awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union.,

. April 16 in combat in the area of farm Werder Brandenburg Province in battle wound was the battalion commander Umarov
. Konchin took command over. Roundabout maneuver battalion seized estates. During this battle Guard Captain Konchin awarded the Order of the Red Banner.

After breaking through the enemy defenses on the Seelow Heights, part of the 8-th Guards Army rushed to Berlin. April 24 shelves 88-th Guards Division reached the Teltow Canal and the next day began storming the city neighborhoods. The battle was for each house, floor, basement. April 27 at the approaches to the Tiergarten during the storming of the reference point close to death exploded bazookas. Wounds, he died. He was buried in a mass grave in the city of Poznan.

He was awarded the Order of Lenin, 2 orders of the Red Banner, 2 orders of the Patriotic War of 1 degree, the Order of the Red Star, Medal for the Defense of Stalingrad Б•  Б•?. The plaque installed in Ivanov at the building of the former Industrial Technical School (now housing the Ivanovo State Architectural Academy).


Biography provided by AE Melnikov

. ---
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DEATH Alexander, photo, biography
DEATH Alexander, photo, biography DEATH Alexander  Hero of the Soviet Union, photo, biography
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