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MALIN Ivan Gavrilovich

( Hero of the Soviet Union)

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Biography MALIN Ivan Gavrilovich
(6. 7. 1897 - 18. 12. 1966)


And van Gavrilivich Malin, . Guard Sergeant, . offices platoon commander walking exploration 203rd Guards Rifle Regiment Krasnoziamennogo 70 th Guards Rifle Red Banner Division, . born July 6, 1897 in a,
. First Gorodets Trubchevsk district of the Bryansk region. Russian. Member of the CPSU since 1932. Primary Education. In the Soviet Army was in 1918 - 1921 and 1942 - 1945 years. Participated in the Civil War on the Southern Front. On the eve of World War II he worked in Kazakhstan party organizer farm behalf SM. Kirov Taldykorgan area.

From May 1943 to victory over Germany fought on the Central, 1 and 4 of the First Ukrainian Front. Participated in the Battle of Kursk, the liberation of Ukraine and Czechoslovakia. For military distinction was awarded the Order of the Patriotic War, 2 nd degree (1945), Red Star (1943) and two medals.

In 1945, IG. Malin was demobilized from the Soviet Army. Lived at first in Kazakhstan, then moved the whole family in the Saratov Region. Died Dec. 18, 1966 in the working village of scattering.

203rd Regiment approached the Dnieper. Major Kovalenko was summoned to the foreman Malina I set the task to get behind enemy lines and capture the captured officer. Command needed information about the crossing of the Dnieper and the enemy's defenses on the west bank of the River.

Dark rainy night office Malina went on a mission. The solid front line was not, and the scouts easily passed the enemy's screens. On the way Oster-Gornostaypol continuous stream of moving beyond the Dnieper retreating Nazi troops. The scouts have done an ambush near the house of the forester, who was standing in a forest clearing in the side of the road.

In the yard of the house shone with windows covered car, guarded by a sentry. "So, here headquarters" - flashed through the mind of the Raspberries, and he decided to take the captured officer is here. Soon the lights went out in the car, time has changed. Silently removing a nazi, the scouts opened the car door and attacked a group of vacationing officers. One of them still managed to fire a gun ...

After taking a portfolio of documents and a bound with rope nazi, the scouts began to retreat in the woods towards the location of our troops. However, the shot was awakened by the Nazis, vacationing in a small house of forester. The Germans were jumping out of windows and doors. They caught up with accurate bursts of automatic Soviet spies. As a group the Nazis had slaughtered. Malin fire a machine gun and rifle butt personally destroyed 12 enemy soldiers and officers.

Scouts in the morning returned to the regiment. Captured officer gave valuable information, and seized documents described the command of the plans of the enemy.

September 25th Regiment went to the Dnieper River in the area with. Teremtsy. Again, the separation of raspberry was placed important task: first to cross the river and divert the enemy's attention from the plot of the forthcoming crossing of the main forces regiment.

. Fulfilling this task, Malin and his comrades during the night crossed the Dnieper, burst into the trenches of the enemy and, after killing the group resisted the Nazis, captured an enemy machine gun
. Established in the coastal hills, Malina scouts took the first blows from superior enemy forces, enabling the advanced units of the regiment without significant losses to cross the Dnieper and establish a bridgehead on the western bank. Throughout the day, Malin fire from the captured guns provided the right flank of the regiment, destroying more than 30 enemy soldiers and officers.

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3) Rumyantsev.N.M. People legendary heroism ". Saratov. 1968

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  • Malin Ivan Gavrilovich lived in the village of Hay
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    MALIN Ivan Gavrilovich, photo, biography
    MALIN Ivan Gavrilovich, photo, biography MALIN Ivan Gavrilovich  Hero of the Soviet Union, photo, biography
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