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Mashkovskiy Stepan Filippovich

( Hero of the Soviet Union)

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Biography Mashkovskiy Stepan Filippovich
photo Mashkovskiy Stepan Filippovich
(27. 11. 1914 - 18. 3. 1958)

With tepan Filippovich Mashkovskii - squadron commander of 184 th Fighter Regiment (Bryansk Front) Lieutenant. Born 14 (27) November 1914 in the village of Temryuk (now Б?  s Starchenkovo Volodarskogo Donetsk region, Ukraine). By nationality Ukrainian. In 1932 he graduated from the 2 courses in the town of Primorsk Agrarian Zaporizhia region. In 1932-1935 worked as a mine foreman Б•ї 30 in the Donbass.

In the Soviet army from 1936. In 1937 he graduated from the Kharkov Military Aviation School of Pilots. He served in the Leningrad Military District at the commander level, squadron navigator.

. In July-September 1939 in the post adjutant, squadron of the 56 th Fighter Regiment SF Mashkovskii received its baptism of fire at Khalkhin Goal
. During the fighting he had made 120 sorties and personally shot down 3 enemy planes in person and 1 in the group, for which he was awarded the Order of the Red Banner.

. After Khalkhin Gol continued to serve on the squadron commander's office in Trans-Baikal Military District.

. In Private World War II from July 1941 as commander of squadron 184 th Fighter Regiment (11 th Composite Air Division, the Bryansk Front)
. During the first month of fighting, he made 64 combat sorties, shot down in person, 2 in group 4 enemy planes. August 1, 1941 carried out an air ram, after which safely landed his I-16 at the airfield.

. W tion of the Hero of the Soviet Union with the award of the Order of Lenin and medal "Gold Star" Stepan Philipovich Mashkovskiy awarded on Sept. 11, 1941 for their courage and heroism in aerial combat.

. Shortly thereafter, SF Mashkovskii was appointed deputy commander of 32 Fighter Regiment (43 istribitelnaya Air Division Western Front)
. In December 1941, was seriously injured and up to October 1942 was in the hospital. After healing was appointed commander of the squadron 180 (November 1942 - 30-th Guards) Fighter Regiment (1 Army Air Western Front), which included fighting until March 1943.

. In this world in the war years made 280 sorties, carried out 72 air battle in which 14 and knocked himself in the group of 17 enemy aircraft.

. March 1943 to Б?  flight test work in the Flight Research Institute
. Here he worked his way from an ordinary test pilot, captain to deputy chief of the flight of the LII, Colonel. For 15 years the institute has held a large number of various tests.

. In 1944, he tested the American Thunderbolt fighter Б•  Б•? (P-47 firm Ripablik "), during which, due to the destruction of the engine was forced to make an emergency landing outside an airport
. In 1944-1945 SF Mashkovskii participated in trials experienced high-altitude fighter Pe-2I, in 1946 Б?  in tests of experimental aircraft MiG-8 Duck Б•  Б•?, Б?  in 1955 in tests on refueling MiG-19 from the Tu-16.

. It should be noted, . what, . coming to test the work of Air Defense, . He easily mastered the heavy aircraft, . successfully tested: modification of the passenger Li-2 with the AL-82FN engines (1944-1945), . heavy bomber Tu-4 (1948), . jet bomber Tu-16 (1954-1955),
. Much work was carried out SF Mashkovskiy at various flying laboratories. In particular, they were tested: turboprop godvigatelya TV-2 (Tu-4LL, 1951), jet engines AL-7F (for Tu-4LL, 1955) and AM-3M (for Tu-16, 1955) .

. In 1947-1949 with Pe-2 and MiG-9UTI, manned SF Mashkovskiy, bylivy are the country's first ejection (parachutist test GA Kondrashov).

. In 1947-1950 Stepan Filippovich actively collaborated with the OKB Lavochkin
. He lifted into the sky and tested experimental aircraft La-156 (1947), La-150F (1947-1948), La-200 (1949-1950). April 10, 1947 for the first time in the country by plane La-156 was done to them taking off and flying with the inclusion of Fast and the Furious. He also participated in tests of experimental aircraft La-152, La 160, La 174TK.

In 1954, SF Mashkovskii completed courses at the School of test pilots. Since 1952, among pervyhletchikov Test began training in Zhukovsky, a branch of the Moscow Aviation Institute in 1958 preparing to defend a diploma. However, this does not suzhdenobylo true.

March 18, 1958 in tests of heavy strategic bomber M-4 with disabled boosters catastrophe occurred. 6 people were killed, among them Б?  crew commander, pilot-test Class 1 Stepan Filippovich Mashkovskii. He was buried in Moscow, the Novodevichy cemetery.

. With tepan Filippovich awarded 2 orders of Lenin, Order of the Red Banner, 2 orders of the Patriotic War, 1-st degree, Order of Red Banner of Labor, 3 Orders of Red Star and medals
. Test pilot class 1 (1948).

In the village Starchenkovo the bust of SF Mashkovskiy. Zhukovsky, the house where he lived, Б?  plaque.


Biography provided by A. Simonov


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