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Mironov Vasily

( Hero of the Soviet Union)

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Biography Mironov Vasily
photo Mironov Vasily
(5. 1. 1919)

In asil G. Mironov, captain, commander of the machine-gun company of the 1 st Battalion, 240 Infantry Regiment 117 th Infantry Division, was born January 5, 1919 in a. Yasashnaya Tashly Terengulskogo district of Ulyanovsk region in a peasant family. Russian. He graduated from the Ulyanovsk Civil Engineering in 1939. From 1939 to 1946 he served in the Soviet Army.

In 1941 he trained in Slavutsky military infantry school. From February 1942 until January 1945 fighting on the Kalinin, the North-West, 1 st Baltic and the 1 st Belorussian fronts. Participated in the battles at Hill, Staraya Russa, Great Luki is unknown, Vitebsk, in the liberation of Ukraine, Belarus and Poland. Double shot. For military distinctions awarded the Order of the Patriotic War, 1 st degree (1944), Red Star (1943) and three medals.

. W tion of the Hero of the Soviet Union with the award of the Order of Lenin and medal "Gold Star" Vasily Mironov awarded on Feb. 27, 1945 for bravery and courage, . shown during the crossing of the Vistula, . capture and hold a bridgehead on the west bank of the River.,

. D emobilizovavshis from the army for injury, VG
. Mironov many years worked as a forester. Captain retired, lived in Saratov.

In echerom July 29, 1944 a company of Captain Mironov on motor vehicles was transferred to the area of the city Pulawy. The soldiers tracked down on the bank of the Vistula, six of the old boats and two new. While the soldiers repaired the boat and tied up the rafts of logs and boards, commanders took a decision on the crossing of the river. One of the officers proposed to use for crossing the railway bridge blown up by the Nazis. Mironov did not agree. He rightly felt that the heavily fortified area of the bridge and the enemy defends his large forces. The most convenient place for crossing, he seemed to land opposite the island, which was not occupied by the enemy and covered the river from frontal small-arms fire. In the opinion of Mironov Command accepted.

In the first hour of the night began crossing. Enemy fighters, constantly patrolling the river, hung flares and began to bombard the rafts and boats with machine guns. On the right bank of the Vistula, our anti-aircraft gunners opened heavy fire and shot down several enemy aircraft.

Soon the air was heard the noise of heavy engines. Shedding light on the river, nine "Junkers" lay down on the combat course. Again, our anti-aircraft guns began to speak. Airplane lead, not coming out of a dive, was hit and went under the water. Three bombers fell into the river, flames. Others did not dare to continue the bombing, bombed away from the crossing and left in a westerly direction.

. Meanwhile, the company Mironov under heavy fire heavy machine guns of the enemy from the railroad bridge has overcome half a kilometer Vistula and landed on the island
. Without stopping, the men crossed the ford hundred-meter sleeve that separates the island from the west coast, and rushed at the enemy. High brick wall was destroyed landed estate shielded soldiers from the enemy machine-gun fire. By the morning of the first battalion captured a narrow strip along the coast to the front about one and a half kilometers.

At two o'clock the Germans opened fire on the positions of the battalion from all weapons. From a great height or three dozen "Junkers" bombs. The Nazis overran one of the rifle companies, and broke through to the river. Roth Mironov was cut in half. Direct hit from a bomb was broken radio, communication with the right bank stopped. The threat of loss base, the loss of the battalion.

At this critical moment Mironov gathered around him a group of fighters and after a severe attack of fire 82-millimeter mortar rounds led people to attack. The Nazis were defeated, the situation has been restored.

Two days rota Mironov, along with arrows held bridgehead. 12 machine-gunners repelled counterattacks, hold the bridgehead, and provided transportation for the main forces regiment.

1) Heroes of the Soviet Union: A Brief Biographical Dictionary. V.2. M.: Voeniz.1988.
2) Rumyantsev.N.M. People legendary heroism ". Saratov. 1968

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  • SeMir for Mironov Vasily
  • Thank you for having arranged the site is a short description of the heroism of my grandfather. Sincerely, Mironov, SI
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    Mironov Vasily, photo, biography
    Mironov Vasily, photo, biography Mironov Vasily  Hero of the Soviet Union, photo, biography
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