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Polyakov Ivan Matveevich

( Hero of the Soviet Union)

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Biography Polyakov Ivan Matveevich
(11. 9. 1919 - 1. 6. 1944)


And van Matveyevich Polyakov, . Lieutenant, . commander of the 907 th Fighter Regiment, Special Purpose (148 th Fighter Division, . 9 th Fighter Air Corps, . Northern Front PVO), . born September 11, 1919 in g,
. Volsk, Saratov region. Russian. He graduated from the seven-year school and school factory training at Volsk cement factory "Bolshevik". He worked as a fitter at the plant, while he studied at the flying club. In 1938 he entered the Military Aviation School.

From December 1943 until July 1944 had fought in the 4-Corps defense. In aerial combat shoot down enemy bomber rammed 1.

. W tion of Hero of the Soviet Union Ivan Matveevich Polyakov conferred posthumously on Nov. 18, 1944 for ramming enemy reconnaissance aircraft.

. IM Polyakov buried in g
. Korosten Zhytomyr region. Order of the Minister of Defense he was ever enrolled in one of the lists of military units. In the name of the hero is named one of the streets in g. Volsk.

In May and June 1944 in preparation for the summer offensive of Soviet troops in Ukraine and Belarus, enemy reconnaissance aircraft intensified their activity. Nazi planes especially closely followed regrouping and concentration of our troops in the rear of the frontline. To this end, they often appeared over Kyiv, Rivne, Proskurov, Bryansk and other major sites of roads. The fight with the enemy reconnaissance aircraft were anti-aircraft gunners and fighter-interceptors, including the pilots and 907-th regiment, which served as a senior lieutenant Polyakov.

His first victory over the enemy Polyakov won on May 13. And it happened so. The post of aerial surveillance, it was reported approaching a railway junction Korosten enemy reconnaissance. "Ju-88" was at a height of 8 thousand meters. Polyakov was ordered to destroy the vulture. Once at altitude, a Soviet fighter went to the intended point of the meeting. Soon he saw the enemy and attacked him. From the very first stages of the Junkers on fire. Nazi pilots sideslip tried to extinguish the flames, but before he did it, Polyakov next cannon burst knocked vulture.

Day 1 June 1944 Polyakov flew to intercept the enemy's reconnaissance in the area of Zhitomir. At this time, "Junkers-88" were more experienced Nazi aces. Skillfully applying protivozenitny maneuver them safely out of the zone of intense anti-aircraft artillery fire and took pictures of our military installations in the areas of Kiev and Zhitomir. Fly to the destruction of enemy reconnaissance fighter plane during an air battle was severely damaged. Young pilot who did not fulfill its mission, landed on its airfield. Now the failure of a comrade was correct Ivan Polyakov. We had to destroy the enemy in that whatever the cost: the fascists had Exposed film with valuable intelligence.

From Zhitomir enemy scout turned Korosten. Polyakov said his almost over the city and forcing the engine of his La-5, swiftly attacking the enemy from the sun. Attack our fighters to the enemy was not unexpected: the Junkers met his machine-gun fire. Polyakov slipped down, made a U-turn and battle again attacked the scout. Pushechnaya all this time had to be on the right motor, which immediately smoked. Scout immediately dived down into the cloud. Poles did not depart from the "Junkers" and attacked him from different directions. Finally enemy aircraft went into a steep dive, simulating a disorderly fall. The Soviet pilot knew the trick of the enemy and rushed him. At the ground the Nazi pilot leveled the machine. Poles with overclocking attacked her, pulled the trigger, but did not feel the familiar tremors of his car: ran out of ammunition.

Hundreds of residents of neighboring villages, watching the fight. At the last moment they saw little Krasnozvezdniy fighter aircraft gained height and then hit the "Junkers".

In razhesky scout lounged on the part. However, it fell in a field and a Soviet fighter.

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Polyakov Ivan Matveevich, photo, biography
Polyakov Ivan Matveevich, photo, biography Polyakov Ivan Matveevich  Hero of the Soviet Union, photo, biography
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