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Evgeny N. Stepanov

( Hero of the Soviet Union)

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Biography Evgeny N. Stepanov
photo Evgeny N. Stepanov
(22. 5. 1911 - 5. 9. 1996)

With tepanov Evgeny Nikolaevich fighter pilot. Born May 22, 1911 in Moscow in the family of employee. Russian. Member of the CPSU since 1939. He graduated from the school FZU Dzerzhinsky F.E. 1930. Engaged gliding. In 1932 he graduated from the school pilots Osoaviahima. In the Red Army in 1932. In 1933 he graduated from the 2-S Borisoglebsk Red Banner larly aviation school pilots Chkalov VP. He served in the Leningrad Military District youngest pilot in the brigade special purpose. He flew bomber. Then he was transferred to a fighter aircraft. Was flight commander.

In July 1937, under the name Ava Heno volunteer Siepanov went to Spain. He fought a fighter squadron I-15 under the command of AK Serov. Fighting account was opened in early August 1937, knocking in the area of Zaragoza bomber Do-17. In August he was appointed commander of the link. Then fought in Valencia. By October 1937, had 205 hours of combat flying, shot down 8 enemy aircraft. October 12, 1937 in an air battle near Huesca tried to ram the CR-32, but at the last moment fascists managed to avoid.

. The biggest success was on Oct. 15, 1937 when a squadron of I-15 attacked the airfield in Garanillos, near Saragossa
. Subsequent intelligence reports there was destroyed 6 Fiat CR.32, 3 Ju.52/3m and 3 He.45, damaged about 20 other Italian and German aircraft.

On the night of October 25, 1937 Lieutenant Stepanov, EN. carrying on combat duty in the area of Barcelona on the plane I-15 (side Б•¬ 6) in a pair of aviator I. Finn. Approximately 3.00 to 40 km north of the city at an altitude of 2000 m Stepanov discovered Italian bomber SM-81 and went to the convergence. Shooters opened fire on him. Machine-gun bursts Stepanov managed to set fire to the left first, and then - right wing. But the enemy continued to fly. Reload weapons do not have the time and Stepanov rammed. By increasing the speed, he decided to left reversal strike the landing gear wheels on steering wheel rotation, but miscalculated and hit the propeller and the left wheel. Beat was rolling, and therefore not very strong, but it was enough: unmanaged bomber crashed into the sea. It was the world's first night rammed. Soon Stepanov discovered a second Nazi bomber. He attacked him on the damaged plane and the first attack of machine-gun fire struck the cockpit. Fascist stone fell to the ground. Stepanov safely landed at the airfield Sabadell.

After the departure of Serov's home became a squadron commander. His last fight in the skies of Spain held 17 January 1938 in the city Ojos Negros, which shot down a fighter CR-32. He tried to ram the second, but was shot down by antiaircraft fire. Landed on enemy territory. Six months spent in Nazi prison. He was sentenced to death, but the Republican government was able to exchange it through the International Red Cross in the German pilot (Captain Mueller, downed Gusev). Left Spain in July 1938 on the ship, who was walking through France and Belgium in Leningrad.

. Results in Spain shot down 12 enemy planes, for which he was awarded the Order of the Red Banner.

. In the fighting on Private Khalkhin Gol (Mongolia) in August 1939
. Squadron 22 Fighter Regiment (23rd Aviation Brigade, 1 st Army Group). Kapitan Stepanov, EH. flew on I-16 and a bit on the I-153. One, led a group of 12 aircraft Stepanov entered into battle with 30 Japanese fighters and personally shot down 1 plane. In total, the fighting has made more than 100 sorties, 40 air battles shot down 2 enemy planes.

. W tion of the Hero of the Soviet Union Evgeny N. Stepanov conferred by the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR of 29 August 1939 for valor and courage in the sky of Spain, and Mongolia.

. Fter Mongolia was appointed an advisor to Air Force units that participated in the liberation of Western Belarus (and occupation of eastern Poland) in September 1939, and in the Winter War with Finland in 1939 -1940 years
. During the Great Patriotic War, he worked in the Office of the Moscow Military District Air Force.

In April 1948, Colonel Stepanov - in stock. Worked in the CC DOSAAF, was head of department, deputy head of the Central Aeroclub Chkalov VP. For several years, served as vice president of the International Aeronautical Federation (FAI). April 12, 1961 signed the act on the world's first flight into space Yu.A. Gagarin. Then, a retired colonel Stepanov, worked at the Central House of Aviation and Astronautics in Moscow.

. H agrazhden Order of Lenin, 2 orders of the Red Banner, Order of the Patriotic War, 1 st and 2 nd degree, 2 orders of Red Star and medals, Mongol Orders of the Red Banner and "For Military Merit.

. Died Sept. 5, 1996
. Troekurov buried at the cemetery.


Biography provided by AE Melnikov

. ---
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