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LONG (Longos, II)

( Writer)

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Biography LONG (Longos, II)
Long; Longos, II (or the beginning of III) in. n. e. Author idyllic romance Daphnis and Chloe (Ta kata Dafnin kai Chloen) in 4 books. Filled with simplicity and charm of the action takes place on the island of Lesbos, . near Mytilene, . among fields and forests, . against which unfolds the story of two children planted, . brought up by shepherds: their awakening love, . separation, . suffering and frustration, . attainment of parents and the wedding, . which was the fulfillment of desires and reward loyalty,
. This story is very different from the other six surviving Greek novels. Its author, a connoisseur of literature, scholar grammars may originating from Lesbos, apparently read the works of his predecessors, many of them borrowed, but was able to create a completely original and a unique product. He broke with the tradition of wandering heroes to the far edges and seas - the action takes place only on Lesbos, . limited the number of related reasons, . focusing on the love story line, he also avoided specific to the other Greek novels, detailed narration and monologues,

Perhaps by describing's plan of living together of two children and their love blossomed in the L. was obliged known from papyrus fragments of Roman Nina. But instead of a palace L. placed his heroes in the village of lesbian, referring thereby to the bucolic poetry of Theocritus, which is also evident in the choice of the name of the protagonist, whom he calls Daphnis. Theocritus, and he sought to paint his canvases. Although the descriptions of nature L. somewhat mannered, they felt, however, the author's sincere love for the village and its charm, and perhaps even a longing for all this, living in a city writer. Daphnis and Chloe found the parents and can now live together with them in Mytilene, but returned to the village, because the world prefer the shepherds, in which they grew. This is the end of the novel reminds Evbeyskuyu Dion speech, praising simplicity and purity of life in the lap of nature. Therefore, the life of LA is likely to be dated to II in. In favor of the same shows style, marked by symmetry and smoothness.

Before the eyes of the reader in the novel A. is a gallery of various human types: the shepherds, farmers, fishermen, soldiers, pirates, as well as urban residents - large gentlemen, parasites and women of easy virtue. All these images are very plastic, despite the refined nicety. LA-stylist features artful simplicity. Carefully selected from all the writers the art of expressing the impression of spontaneity and immediacy. Describing the love of Daphnis and Chloe, skillfully maneuvering between innocence and naturalism, and sometimes deliberate frivolity. This is really the most beautiful of the Greek novels. He had a great influence on literature. L. read and loved already in Byzantium. Western Europe became acquainted with him through the French translation of Amyot (1559). A famous followers. were T. Tasso (drama Aminta), Bernardin de Saint-Pierre (novel Paul and Virginia) and above all Gessner.

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LONG (Longos, II), photo, biography
LONG (Longos, II), photo, biography LONG (Longos, II)  Writer, photo, biography
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