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SHIROKOVA Inna Alekseevna

( Artist)

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Biography SHIROKOVA Inna Alekseevna
photo SHIROKOVA Inna Alekseevna
First of all, portrait painter. Since 1965, it remains for this fame. Then a recent graduate of Yurkovskogo art school first became a party to the second exhibition "Soviet Russia", showing a portrait of "Olga". The natural feeling of acute and now helps her devote surrounded by people with an extraordinary appearance, sealing the bright character. It was they who become the hero of portraitist. When acquaintance Inna Alekseevna determines hobbies, passions, interests and models, be sure could all be reflected in the painting.

. Through communication with Shirokova Inna alone forever remain in the "Portrait of age," others - "grow up" in life and on canvas, but one way or another part of the portrait gallery, it has created.

. And now for the fourth solo exhibition on the occasion of the 60-year anniversary of the artist's written 20 portraits
. Expected next success - "Portrait of the artist Alexander Mochalova", "Portrait of Olga Simonova," Lena in Russian Costume "... Creative personality in the artistic environment - a favorite material for Shirokova. And let someone tell you that the main thing for Ina "to be a decorative" - adorn society, and she wants to paint "homeless". Yes, and the Mother Superior of the convent of my mother Sofia has attracted in the portrait as a monumental way, and warmth, affection sight.

Young people have always been interesting for Ina Alekseevny. Grown up son in the workshop were the grandchildren and their friends. Children and adolescents, the most direct living nature, correspond to the optimistic mood and temperament Ina Alekseevny, which remains infectiously young.

To her family - "п╨п╬я┬п╟п╨п╦" and the dog. And please, no flames, experts forms: domestic animals Eve, Ryska and Basil Palych really are fed, that they seem in pictures of the artist's swollen, toys - all comes from love, tenderness, thrifty relationships between family members. The true mistress of the house and in the studio since Inninogo childhood remains a dog. Are changing the breed, color, model cutting, meets a different dog's character, but the periods of life are associated with Misha, Ella, Eve ... The dog appears in a portrait, is consistent with the quiet things in life still life, landscape fills the movement.

. The peculiarity of character and creativity Ina Alekseevny affects how she comes to the creation of domestic products, and more exactly "festive" genre
. Bleak picture she wrote. All that the artist loves connected within a single composition. Dear people, cats and dogs, still-life elements are on the background of a winter or autumn scenery, and wonderful moment imprinted with a brush. Festivities, performances, meeting with friends, do not last long, but the artist wants to keep the holiday on the canvas of the soul.

At all times, wrote Shirokova Inna Russian bathhouse. Well, when the model is not afraid of a naked, even better, when posing with the mood. Painter feels it, and you receive the track chastely-touching, or provocatively bold, or in kustodievski chinnaya.

. Where truly reveals Shirokova Inna as connoisseurs of folk art, it is a still life with painted housewares, toys, paper flowers
. Dymkovo toy can dominate, set the tone for its lively harmonies, and can serve as an expressive addition to the image of succulent cacti, the hand-made rugs and even busogo kitten.

. The easiest way the artist comes from a flower: having the imagination and three gladiolus donated by amateur gardeners, Inna creates sumptuous still-life
. She also admired the fruits of the earth and the tradition of their images in art. She is not afraid to cite Saryan. Great Armenian and kirovchanka Inna so close in temperament, that our compatriot can accurately select a still-life objects consonant saryanovskoy intonation and take a hot palette color.

. Addiction to vivid images of a full-fledged natural Shirokova Inna connects creativity with the traditions of arts and crafts
. Unusual in the artist section of the exhibition of embroidery and applique patterns for apparel. The fact that Ina "own fashion," everyone knows, who met with her. We needlewomen all like a European couturier of high-end wardrobe on a machine not sewn. Moreover, if yesterday she was dressed pogorodetski, today in the spirit of the Japanese geisha, and tomorrow will remind us of Egypt. In these original works of the artist, as a rule, reflects a sense of style, developed over the centuries.

. Expression of works Shirokova not all clear, not every stand the pressure of passions, in a tangible form and the stress fracture coloring
. But such an emotional, conflicting language acquired it at the beginning of a creative way, when pushed off from a purely social realism with its academic naturalistic. The very era - 60's - allowed the artist to make a choice to appeal to people's roots in art. Childhood, . spent at home Dymkovo fishing, . training center near khokhloma painting, . tour of the northern villages of the initiative group of friends-artists, . collection of objects of peasant life, . - All this in conjunction with the natural qualities of character formed a unique individuality of the artist,
. Over the years successfully established the creative life of her solo exhibitions were held in thirty cities.

. Can a critical attitude towards love? And whether it is possible to love yourself, what you eat? It's a happy state, feeling of self-worth when there is no discord with itself
. Shirokova Inna - bright and rare flower in a wreath vyat artists, it can not miss it - a happy man and artist. Let this mind be from reliable!

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SHIROKOVA Inna Alekseevna, photo, biography
SHIROKOVA Inna Alekseevna, photo, biography SHIROKOVA Inna Alekseevna  Artist, photo, biography
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