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Biography DAVYDENKO Yuri
photo DAVYDENKO Yuri
In 1929 in Australia came Yury Davidenkov - one of the most brilliant of the Russian people of our time, one of the most prominent public figures of Sydney. Russian officer, . hero of the 1st World War, . Architect, . musician and editor of Russian foreign magazine in Australia, Yuri was, . sure, . representative of the Russian intelligentsia, . which as a class almost died or moved away from Russia during the Revolution,
. The loss of this class - intellectuals, idealists, people living Russian idea, still a detrimental impact on developments in modern Russia. But for the Russian community in Australia, the arrival of these people and, in particular, Yu.A.. Davidenkova it, you might say, exceptional luck.

Yu.A.. Davidenkov was born in 1897 in St. Petersburg. His father was director of the gymnasium, and in 1905 the family moved to Narva Davidenkova. Youth Jury Alekseevich was full of dramatic events: the end of the school and the Mikhailovsky Artillery Military School - War, two Orders, typhoid fever, hospital, revolution and, finally, teaching, and obtaining a diploma in architectural Danzig.

The first years in Australia have been very difficult. Architectural diploma is not recognized, had to look for any work. Most Yu.A.. worked as a musician, taught music or draw pictures, sketches for match-boxes in the factory and for dishes Repin.

In Sydney, of course, he first made friends with people of their steep, including those with Irina and Jaroslav Alexandrovitch Belinsky. Irina came to Australia too in 1929, . and her brother, . young engineer, . came from Harbin in 1925, the entire Russian youth immediately began to take part in the life of the Russian House and Russian events, . which were held in the Estonian club, . Russian organized a tennis club,

In 1934, Irina and Yury were married. The wedding took place Feb. 9 in the Greek Church of St.. Sofia street in Burke Darlingherste. Apparently, this was the first Russian Orthodox wedding in Sydney. Crowned the young about. Methodius.
Later in Davidenkova born son Alexei and daughter, Irina, and they took the children in his godson Vladimir Yudaeva.

In 1930, Yuri attended the commission to draft a statute Russian House, soon he was elected secretary of the club, then - Chairman. This position he held for about 20 years, but remained a board member before 1970. Most read papers and lectures at the Russian House. Active work Yu.A.. spent in the organization of the first Orthodox parish in Sydney, which he registered in 1933, when 12 people had accumulated the necessary parishioners. Tremendous work he has also conducted in connection with an extract of Russian emigrants in Australia: large families, and former Russian military stuck in Europe and China.

It is striking that while participating in this whole social and charitable work, a Yu.A.. still he found time to enter the final year of the architectural faculty at the University of NY. and receive a diploma, after which he immediately took a job at Public Works Dept., where Yu.A.. worked for 20 years, doing projects and postoroykoy hospitals and other buildings. Then Yu.A.. spent five years in private architectural firm, and retired when he was 70 years old. Together with Bishop Sava Yu.A.. made the design of buildings and churches in Benkstaune monastery church in Kentline (Sydney).

In 1937 he became diluted in the Russian Journal of Australia, the artist Linevich illustrated magazine, and Yu.A.. edited. Published a magazine (with a break) is about 17 years, and its editor was unchanged YA, who was able to attract the highly educated people in the magazine, owning a literary language and a beautiful style.
Yuri died in 1981 in Sydney.

Enormous role in the activities of this outstanding man played his wife Irina Davidenkova. It was not only a faithful assistant to her husband in all his endeavors, but often the initiator of many cases.

Irina was born in 1907 in Irkutsk. Her father, Colonel Alexander Gerkulanovich Belinsky was governor of Sakhalin. After the revolution Belinskys lived in Harbin, where IA. graduated from high school MA. Oksakovskoy, and in 1929 the family Belinskys across Japan went to Australia. In Sydney, IA. immediately became involved in theatrical activities of the Russian House, directing M. Stephanie, and continued this work over several decades. She also worked with the scouts, when the organization created SCM. Plekhanov, and became the first Russian school teacher at the club.

IA. was a member of the church choir and worked in the library of the Russian House. On the creation of the Russian tennis club in 1929, she says: My future husband, my brother and I found a tennis court at Bondi and a half shillings per week. The club attracted many fans of this sport, both Russian and non-Russian, but more - Russian youth. It also united us. The club existed for a long time, but herself, I played tennis until 1987!
On the issue of children with IA. responsible, . that could give them a good education: a daughter, Irina walked in the footsteps of his father - was the architect, . and son Alex graduated from the Military Academy Dontron, . rose to the rank of Major and, . besides, . become a psychologist, . received the title of Master of Psychological Science,

Until now, Irina frequently visited by the Russian Assembly, reports and concerts, reading Russian periodicals and very much hopes that all Russian organizations unite and establish the life of the Russian Club at new premises in Stratfilde. God help you!

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DAVYDENKO Yuri, photo, biography
DAVYDENKO Yuri, photo, biography DAVYDENKO Yuri  Scientific, photo, biography
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