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Georg Franz Hoffmann (Georg Franz Hoffmann)

( Scientific)

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Biography Georg Franz Hoffmann (Georg Franz Hoffmann)
photo Georg Franz Hoffmann (Georg Franz Hoffmann)
G.F. Hoffman was the first head of the Department of Botany and the first director of the Botanical Garden of Moscow University. A graduate of the University of Erlangen (1786), where he was then professor of botany (1787-1792), G.F. Hoffman later headed the department of botany and was director of the Botanic Garden at Gottingen University (1792-1803).

He began working in Moscow in January 1804, Mr.. By this time, Hoffman was already well-known botanist, author of works on the taxonomy and the use of lichens and a specialist in willow. He has released two editions of "Flora of Germany" (manuscript of the third edition, unfortunately, burned during the fire of Moscow in 1812). In Moscow, Hoffman published a classic monograph of the family Umbelliferae ( "Genera Plantarum Umbelliferarum", 1814, 1816), a description of the Botanical Garden of Moscow University, which included 3528 species of plants (1808), and several other important works. Hoffman was a remarkable lecturer. Suffice it to mention that his lecture at the University of GцІttingen listened to Goethe and Humboldt. Hoffman was also a talented illustrator. He himself made the drawings for some of their work.

Hoffman collected in GцІttingen and moved to Moscow, a vast collection of dried plants and an excellent library. These collections include a relatively small number of samples collected personally by Hoffmann, as well as other charges, a very famous, nerds (VA. von Haller, JA. Murray, AJ. Hugo, JF. Ehrhart, JR. Forster, JG. Forster, JJ. Dickson, DH. Hoppe, CP. Thunberg, JE. Smith).

Gallery Hoffmann, thanks to a happy coincidence, survived the fire of 1812: they are not stored in the building of the University and not in the house of Hoffmann, and in the Moscow Military Academy of Medical-Surgical. Hoffman library and manuscripts were burnt in his house. Kept in the Herbarium of the Academy and after 1812, apparently in connection with the fact that Hoffman read a lecture here, and since 1817, Mr.. was a professor at the Academy (along with its main office in Moscow University). Currently, the bulk of the collections owned by Hoffmann, stored in the Herbarium of Moscow University (MW).

Sam Hoffman few herbarium collected in Russia, but there continued acquisition of other collections of botanists. In addition, he worked in Moscow over the structure of his personal herbarium (which, it should be noted, includes a number of charges other persons, but not all collections, Hoffman brought from abroad). Consequently, the structure of the herbarium Hoffman formed already in Russia. Unfortunately, Hoffman usually replace the original label their other nerds, reduced copies of. In 1825, Mr.. He published, however, the catalog of his personal herbarium, which became part of the lowered when copying label information. A copy of this directory is stored in the Herbarium of Moscow University.

In honor of Hoffman named genus Hoffmannia Sw. 1788 (Rubiaceae) and Hoffmannia Willd. 1789 (= Psilotum, Psilotaceae).

DD. Sokolov, SA. Balandin


Lipschitz S.YU. Professor of Botany, University of Moscow, one of the founders of the Moscow Society of Naturalists, Georg Franz Hoffmann (GF. Hoffmann) (1761-1826) and his disciple L.F. Goldbach (1793-1824). M.: Izd MOIP, 1940.

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Hoffmann GF. Herbarium vivum, sive collectio plantarum siccarum, Caesareae Universitatis Mosquensis. Pars secunda, continens plantarum copiam, in omni terra a cel. botanicis collectam, secundum Systema Linnaeanum digestam, ad positis Systematis Naturalis Jussievii ordinibus, a G. Fr. Hoffmann. Mosquae.1825.

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Georg Franz Hoffmann (Georg Franz Hoffmann), photo, biography
Georg Franz Hoffmann (Georg Franz Hoffmann), photo, biography Georg Franz Hoffmann (Georg Franz Hoffmann)  Scientific, photo, biography
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