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Blokhintsev Dmitri Ivanovich

( Scientific)

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Biography Blokhintsev Dmitri Ivanovich
photo Blokhintsev Dmitri Ivanovich
It is no exaggeration to say that the DI. Blokhintsev was an extraordinary person. Even as a child fascinated by aircraft and rocketry, the young Dima Blokhintsev independently mastered the basics of differential and integral calculus, familiarized with the works in. Obert and M. Faliro, corresponded with K.E. Tsiolkovsky - the archive can be found a copy of the letter Tsiolkovsky passage of Dmitri Ivanovich, written in 1925. Subsequently, Dmitri Ivanovich recalled: "Correspondence with K.E. Tsiolkovsky gave me not only the impetus to further enthusiasm for the idea of space flight, but it and admitted me to his worldview, which was based on admiration for the beauty of the universe and its harmony. "

DI. Blokhintsev made a significant contribution to the development of several branches of physics, . namely: the theory of solids (explained phosphorescence of solids on the basis of quantum theory), . Physics of Semiconductors (explored and explained the effect of rectification of electric current on the boundary of two semiconductors), . optics (developed the theory of the Stark effect in a strong alternating field), . Acoustics (constructed a theory of sound phenomena in moving and inhomogeneous media, . obtain the equations of acoustics, the most common type),
. DI. Blokhintsev worked in the field of quantum mechanics and quantum electronics, . Nuclear Physics (participated in the development of nuclear weapons), . theory of nuclear reactors (developed effective methods for calculating reactors slow, . intermediate and thermal neutrons, together with AI,
. Leipunskii managed a project to create Europe's first fast reactor with liquid metal coolant; created momentum fast reactors), . quantum field theory and elementary particle physics (advanced ideas on the fluctuations of the density of nuclear matter and quantum stochastic spaces, . as well as the theory of the existence of several vacua and the spontaneous transition between them, . pointed to the existence of so-called unitary limit), . In recent years, much time was devoted to the life of philosophical and methodological issues of physics (in particular, . understanding the concepts of space and time in the microcosm).,

. Dmitry Ivanovich had the rare scientific intuition
. Even in 1938, for 17 years prior to Willis Lamb Nobel Prize for experimental detection of the shift of energy levels in the hydrogen atom, Blokhintsev predicted this phenomenon. In 1960 Blokhintsev pointed to the need of a new, more nuanced concept of forms of matter inside the elementary particles themselves (as we now know that three years later, the notion of quarks and gluons then.

It is difficult to overestimate the contribution of DI. Blokhintsev in the organization of domestic science. On the basis of a research laboratory in Obninsk, whose director since 1947, Mr.. He was an Blokhintsev created the Physics and Power Engineering Institute, where under his direction was designed and built the first atomic power station, which entered service in 1954. But being a theoretical physicist, not only to post, but also by vocation, Blokhintsev in 1956, left his child in Obninsk and became the director established in Dubna Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR). Traditions, . laid down by him, . alive and still, . his merit was not the only attraction in Dubna outstanding scientists, . founders of the current laboratory, . but also the creation of a modern training facilities, . Branch SINP MSU, . which became the main Teaching and Research Center JINR.,

. A graduate of the Physics Department of Moscow State University
. M.V. University (1930), teacher, and later a professor at Moscow University (1936), DI. Blokhintsev throughout life to maintain close ties with his Alma Mater. Together with Kurchatov, Petrovsky, Skobeltsyn Vernov Blokhintsev became the creator of the Division of Nuclear Physics at the Physics Department of Moscow State University.

Uchveniki Blokhintsev remember him as a brilliant teacher. Textbook DI. Blokhintsev "Principles of Quantum Mechanics" to this day not lost its popularity among students of physics specialties.

"Scientists do not characterize the titles, and the activity. The peculiarity of this activity - creativity. For science - the same art. Therefore, a scientist must be a person with a broad spectrum of knowledge, "- wrote Dmitry Ivanovich, confirming the correctness of this statement by example. It is difficult to understand how he could find at this time loaded beyond measure director of the International Research Institute, . active scientist, . But according to the people, . who knew Dmitri Ivanovich, . Painting is an integral part of his life,
. It was for him not tolkoi rest, but also an expression of his thoughts and ideas. Known by his portraits of Louis de Broglie, R. Oppenheimer and other physicists.

Finish the same words, this review wants to DI. Blokhintsev, which fully include and to himself: "Science - it's talent and vocation as well as the collective case. Yet among scientists, regardless of ranks and positions is a category of people who are possessed by a passion for science, the talent which only occasionally gives them joy, but causes constant frustration reached. It is they often kept the success of any scientific endeavor. They are usually not practical, thin-skinned - they should be protected - they are "white cranes".

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Blokhintsev Dmitri Ivanovich, photo, biography
Blokhintsev Dmitri Ivanovich, photo, biography Blokhintsev Dmitri Ivanovich  Scientific, photo, biography
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