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Zverev Nikolai Andreevich

( Scientific)

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Biography Zverev Nikolai Andreevich
photo Zverev Nikolai Andreevich
Born in the village Gorbatovskaya district of Nizhny Novgorod Province. Primary education received at home, then was given the Nizhniy Novgorod school, which finished with a silver medal in 1869. In the same year he entered the law faculty of Moscow University.

. Listening to a full course, was released in the rank of the candidate of law and entered a home to a former librarian of the Faculty of Law of Moscow University FM Dmitriev
. Most of the three years that NA Zverev spent in this capacity, he lived in the estate of his employer in the county Syzran Simbirsk Province. Work in a vast library of professors allowed him to prepare an essay on "Politics of Aristotle, . which has received positive reviews and the reason for the abandonment of a young scientist at the department of history of philosophy of law, the law faculty of Moscow University to prepare for a professorship,
. In 1877, Mr.. Zverev has successfully passed the MA examination, and started working on his thesis.

However, this work was soon interrupted by the death of the head of the department Prof.. PL Karasevich, a course on the right encyclopedia, and the perceived need to replace the departed teacher as the teacher. In this role, NA Zverev worked until 1884, . when up to protect master's thesis ( "Grounds for classification of states in connection with the general theory of classification methodological study") was promoted to associate, . and in November the same year - an extraordinary professor of encyclopedias and history of philosophy of law.,

. In the summer of 1885
. NA Zverev was sent overseas and spent two years at universities in Germany, France and Switzerland, where he attended lectures of leading scientists, mainly on the philosophy of law. Upon his return in 1887, Mr.. home, he resumed his lectures and began performing the post of full professor.

From 1889 to November 10, 1893. Nikolai Andreyevich Acting Secretary of the Law Faculty of Moscow University. From 10 November 1893. to 17 March 1898. worked as assistant to the president, chairing numerous economic commission for repair, renovation and construction of university buildings. Among the activities, . conducted by the University in a short period of his principalship, . include the organization of the Society for lovers of literature Russia exhibition, . dedicated to the memory of VG Belinsky, . and building a bookmark of the Zoological Museum and Institute of Zoology, . comparative anatomy, . Physiology, . physiology and anatomy of plants on B,
. Nikita Street, which took place just a day of liberation Zvereva of duties of the rector.

. In accordance with the new appointment NA Zverev moved to St. Petersburg, where he was appointed Deputy Minister of Education and took an active part in a number of preparatory work on the reform of secondary schools
. In 1901, Mr.. Imperial command, he was appointed a senator. Since 1902. headed the General Administration of Press and for its conservative policy in this area has been criticized by various publications. He was dismissed from his post on his own petition on Jan. 16, 1905
Since the autumn of 1908. NA Zverev was a professor of the Imperial College of Law. As a member of the Society of adherents of the Russian historical education in memory of Emperor Alexander III. Since 1905, Mr.. - Deputy chairman of the Society SUPPORT graduate of Moscow University, and from 1914. - His paymaster. Since 1909. by 1917. Zverev was a member of the State Council. In 1912-1913. He was a member of the commission, created on a voluntary basis by the Organization of the United Nobility to formulate a new bill on the press. Participated in many committees on public education.

. Peru belong Zvereva article about Leo Tolstoy and Fyodor Dostoevsky, critical sketch "Fundamentals of the utilitarian morality", article "On the question of free will", etc.
. Died Privy Councilor Nicholas A. Zverev of pneumonia in the midst of turbulent events in Russia in 1917
. After the funeral service in the Church School of Law was buried in the Novodevichy Convent in St. Petersburg.

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Zverev Nikolai Andreevich, photo, biography
Zverev Nikolai Andreevich, photo, biography Zverev Nikolai Andreevich  Scientific, photo, biography
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