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Lakhtin Leonid Kuzmich

( Scientific)

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Biography Lakhtin Leonid Kuzmich
(14 (26). IV.1863 - 14.VII.1927)
Rector: 1904. - 1905

Comes from a family of hereditary honorary citizen. Born in the estate of his father in the province of Tula. Secondary education in the 3rd Moscow High School, graduating in 1881. In the same year he entered the Physics-Mathematics Faculty of Moscow University. After graduation in 1885. was on the faculty to prepare for a professorship. Since 1887, Mr.. worked as a mathematics teacher in the 3rd Moscow Gymnasium.

In 1889, Mr.. Lakhtin passed the Master's exam and began to teach in their own department as a privat-docent. Parallel studies conducted in the engineering classes of boundary Institute and worked as a teacher of mathematics in several secondary schools in Moscow.

In 1892, Mr.. was invited for the post of extraordinary professor of Tartu University, where a year later defended his master's thesis. In 1896. was transferred to Moscow University to the position of extraordinary professor.

In 1897. Leonid Kuzmich defended his doctoral thesis, soon after he was appointed Secretary of Physics and Mathematics (before 1903). In addition, he taught at the Imperial Technical School and went on to work in the Land Survey Institute, where he read advanced mathematics.

Since 1902. Lakhtin ordinary professor. Since 1903. assistant to the rector of Moscow University. On the eve of the Revolution 1905. in the normal scientific and educational activities of the Moscow University became increasingly interfere policy. So, . just entered the position of rector, . Lakhtin faced political student demonstration on Oct. 15, 1904, . caused by the beating of students by police, . came to Yaroslavsky Station, . to carry out their comrades, . going on a Russian-Japanese War,
. All clearly show his leftist nature of society at the Moscow Pedagogical University, . and after, . as its chairman was a member of the RSDLP, . Assistant Professor of History and Philology Pokrovsky, . Society has become virtually a mouthpiece of revolutionary propaganda in the university.,
. During the outbreak of the revolution to the Council of Moscow State University, together with the rector had 19 January 1905, Mr.
. take such a difficult decision, as the closure of the University. And although it was already lifted on 29 January, it was a precedent for the practice is repeated in the course of the revolution of 1905-1907. than once.

In February 1905. the Council of Moscow State University discussed the provision of university autonomy in the management of academic life. For drafting a new charter of Russian Universities was established so-called Academic Union, which united mostly liberal professors. Academic Union was actively engaged in the task and March 25-28, 1905. I held his convention in St. Petersburg to discuss options for changes in the existing statute.

Finally, on 27 August 1905. were promulgated new interim rules on the management of higher educational institutions of the Ministry of Education, on which universities receive some more rights than the statute in effect 1884. Among them was the right of free choice of university rector. Therefore Lakhtin resigned and was replaced by the elected rector of Moscow University Professor. SN Trubetskoy.

After his resignation valid state councilor Lakhtin Leonid Kuzmich worked full professor of physics and mathematics faculty of Moscow University. In 1910,. was appointed director of the 3rd Moscow secondary school they. A. Shelaputina. Since 1912. by 1918. was dean of physical-mathematical faculty of Moscow University. In 1914, Mr.. was named Distinguished Professor. He owns a number of works in the field of mathematical analysis, higher algebra, probability theory and mathematical statistics. Leonid Kuzmich continued to teach and in Soviet times.

Died Leonid Kuzmich Lakhtin in Moscow and was buried at Novodevichy Cemetery.

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Lakhtin Leonid Kuzmich, photo, biography
Lakhtin Leonid Kuzmich, photo, biography Lakhtin Leonid Kuzmich  Scientific, photo, biography
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