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Nicolas Roeg (Nicholas Roeg)

( Director)

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Biography Nicolas Roeg (Nicholas Roeg)
photo Nicolas Roeg (Nicholas Roeg)
This original British director began his journey in the film industry as an assistant editor in 1947. He participated in the creation of such masterpieces as "Lawrence of Arabia, David Lean, and later worked as an operator with Roger Kormanom, Francois Truffaut, John Schlesinger and other famous masters of directing.

. In 1968 the Rogue River in collaboration with writer and artist Donald Kemmellom removes his directorial debut, "Presentation"
. The abundance of scenes of violence and sex, plus the presence of the hero Mick Jagger problems with sexual orientation shocked distributors, and the film was released only after two years. (Not only for our filmmakers with film reels for a long time lay on the shelf. ") But in the future, things Roeg went sharply uphill. Pritchevaya drama "Walk" and a stunning thriller "Do not Look Now" have made a director of genuine celebrity, and even now, after almost three decades, these bands are present in the list of best films of Great Britain. Next tape - a philosophical fantasy with David Bowie - also became a cult, and Rogue entrenched in European kinoelite. His completely original cinematic language, custom scripts, combining the grotesque and life experiences, and at the same time, the commitment to classic British school make a unique style of Nicolas Roeg.

. After shooting a fairly sensational "mismatch in time, he was married to actress Theresa Russell, starred
. (Because of the identical names of many people mistakenly believe the wife of Ken Russell, . colleague and compatriot Roeg.) should be recalled and tragicomedy "trifle", . in which the will of the authors in a hotel room together Marilyn Monroe (in the interpretation of Russell), . husband - a famous baseball player Joe Di Maggio, . Albert Einstein and known mafioso,
. Painting "29-th path is no less remarkable magical actor's work, Gary Oldman, Christopher Lloyd and all the same Theresa Russell. However, the work of film-making team - from actors to the editor - in Roeg always deserves higher ratings.

In recent years, unfortunately, the Rogue takes little, and mainly for television - most likely because of old age. 73 years - no joke. He rarely makes public appearances and does not like to be photographed. We barely managed to find a picture of this outstanding producer, but we found a photograph of his family, which will be glad to demonstrate.

. Filmography
. Submission - Performance (1970).
. Walk - Walkabout (1971).
. Do not Look Now - Don't Look Now (1973).
. The Man Who Fell to Earth - Man Who Fell to Earth, The (1976).
. The discrepancy in time - Bad Timing (1980).
. Eureka - Eureka (1983).
. Trifle - Insignificance (1985).
. Rejected - Castaway (1987).
. Aria (short story "Un ballo in maschera") - Aria (1987, segment "Un ballo in maschera").

. Sweet Bird of Youth - Sweet Bird of Youth (1989, TV).
. Witches - Witches, The (1990).
. Cold Heaven (passionless vault of heaven) - Cold Heaven (1991).
. Heart of Darkness - Heart of Darkness (1994, TV).
. Two deaths - Two Deaths (1995).
. Hotel "Paradise" - Hotel Paradise (1995, korotkometr.)
. Full Body Massage - Full Body Massage (1995, TV).
. Samson et Dalila - Samson and Delilah (1996, TV).
. Sound of Claudia Schiffer - Sound of Claudia Schiffer, The (2000 korotkometr.)

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Nicolas Roeg (Nicholas Roeg), photo, biography
Nicolas Roeg (Nicholas Roeg), photo, biography Nicolas Roeg (Nicholas Roeg)  Director, photo, biography
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