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CHEN, Joan (Joan Chen)

( Director)

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Biography CHEN, Joan (Joan Chen)
photo CHEN, Joan (Joan Chen)
Joan Chen - sample a truly international star. She is known and loved as in his homeland, China, and in the Western world, and during his career, Joan (Chen Chong, as it is called in China) has worked with directors from Australia, Hong Kong, Italy, India and the U.S.. But the childhood of one of the most talented beauties cinema world was purely Chinese: seven-year-Jong experienced all the "charm" of the Cultural Revolution, when her parents are doctors authorities banished to the countryside to "overextension", leaving the girl with the brother of one. But the happiness then still found it in the form of veteran Chinese cinema Che Jin, who chose her from hundreds of young school girls to shoot in the movie "Youth", where Chan has played a mute. The girl noticed and already the next film - "The Little Flower" - brought her the award for Best Actress at the Chinese Academy of Motion Picture Arts Bayhua. At that time she was only 18. China was at her feet, but after studying at the Shanghai Film Academy and inyaze "Chen continued her education in the States - first at the University of New York, then in California.

However, she did not cast a movie, but the roles have been continuous, and the success it has achieved only after the shootings in Bertolucci's epic masterpiece "The Last Emperor", where she played a major role. Finally in her star status has helped to consolidate the chief lunatic of American cinema, David Lynch, invited her to "Twin Peaks". Mysterious Josie Packard in the performance of Joan turned out perhaps the most striking character in the cult television series, yielding, perhaps only the main hero - Agent Cooper (Kyle McLaughlin). Unfortunately, very few directors could see Joan in a serious actress, inviting her to the ranks of the militants behind the colorful Oriental Beauty. But in the 90's with Chen were unquestionable artistic success, . such, . as a powerful drama "Turtle Beach" Wallace, . The final part of the "Vietnam trilogy, Oliver Stone's" Heaven and earth "and the Hong Kong painting" Red Rose, . White Rose "(Prize for Best Actress at the festival" Golden Horse "in Taiwan).,

. Talk about yourself all over the world, Joan made in 1998, when the screens went out of its strongest directorial debut, "Shew, Shew - referred"
. In this dramatic tape Chen invested experiences of his childhood, reliably showing how breaking a young innocent girl millstone "Cultural Revolution". This theme is once again fell into disfavor with the Chinese authorities, so the picture was banned in the home the actress and director, did not prevent the film cause a wide resonance in the West. "Shew, Shew" has been honored with many prestigious festivals: special prize of the jury in Paris, another "Golden Horse" (this time for Best Director), the nomination at the Berlin Golden Bear award and the American Independent Spirit ". Two years later, Joan takes "Autumn in New York" - a love drama with Winona Ryder and Richard Gere. The plot of this film is not new, but the director's soft style allowed artists to open up emotionally, so that the film has won audience hearts. Joan constantly stressed in an interview that the main direction for it - contact with the actors, because she understands very well what is on the other side of the camera.

. Currently, Joan continues to act in films, incidentally trying to themselves as business-WOMAN
. We hope that the latter will not be much distract her from her artistic career, and look forward to her new roles.


Youth - Youth (1977). Directed. Che Jin.
Little Flower - Little Flower (1979). Directed. Zheng Zhang.
Wake up - Wake Up (1981). Directed. Venzhi Shadow.
Eternal Rhapsody - Everlasting Rhapsody (1986). Directed. Frankie Chan.
Tai-Pan - Tai Pan (1986). Directed. Daryl Duke.
The Last Emperor - The Last Emperor (1987). Directed. Bernardo Bertolucci.
Blood of Heroes - Blood of Heroes, The (1988). Directed. David Webb Peoples.
Twin Peaks - Twin Peaks (1990, TV). Directed. David Lynch.
Collar - Deadlock (1991). Directed. Lewis Teague.
Turtle Beach - Turtle Beach (1991). Directed. Steven Wallace.
Strangers - Strangers (1991). Directed. Joan Tyukesberi.
Heaven and Earth - Heaven & Earth (1993). Directed. Oliver Stone.
Temptation of a monk - Temptation of a Monk (1993). Directed. Clara Lou.
On the dead earth - On Deadly Ground (1994). Directed. Steven Seagal.
Golden Gate - Golden Gate (1994). Directed. John Madden.
Red Rose, White Rose - Red Rose White Rose (1994). Directed. Stanley Kwan.
Target - The Hunted (1995). Directed. J. F. Lawton.
Judge Dredd - Judge Dredd (1995). Directed. Danny Cannon.
Wild Party - Wild Side (1995). Directed. Donald Kemmell.
Exact search - Precious Find (1996). Directed. Philippe Mora.
Shew, Shew - exiled - Xiu Xiu - The Sent Down Girl (1998, dir.).
Purple Storm - Purple Storm (1999). Directed. Teddy Chan.
What's cooking - What's Cookin '(2000). Directed. Gurinder Chadha.
Autumn in New York - Autumn in New York (2000, dir.).
Avatar - Avatar (2002). Directed. Jiang Hong Kuo.

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CHEN, Joan (Joan Chen), photo, biography
CHEN, Joan (Joan Chen), photo, biography CHEN, Joan (Joan Chen)  Director, photo, biography
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