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RAMOS Diego (Diego Ramos)

( Actor)

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Biography RAMOS Diego (Diego Ramos)
photo RAMOS Diego (Diego Ramos)
'Upon entering, I was supposed to appear unfriendly type, although, truth to tell, I am timid and too hemmed in certain situations. I am not the man who had just entered the room, can talk about the most intimate secrets'.

. Name: Diego Cesar Ramos
. Date of Birth: 29 November 1972, Buenos Aires, Argentina
. Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
. Marital status: single
. Works: "Russian Mountain", "liberation", "Rich and Famous", "All yours - mine", "Summer 98" - on TV
. "Cinderella" - in the theater.
. Football Club: River Plate
. Something to remember: there must be a lot different, but at the moment nothing comes to mind
. Anything to forget: nothing
. Pro: I do not know, do not like talking about myself
. Defect: I am terribly upset when people think that I - a bad man
. Future: I will never look in the future
. I take the fact that there is now, and nothing more

His real name - Diego Cesar Ramos, he was 27 years old, and he was born November 29, 1972 in the Argentine capital. Cimpatiziruet soccer club River Plate and going crazy in the theater.
. Family consists of father, Diego Alberto (cardiologist), Sylvia's mother (a housewife), Sister Mary Sylvia (graphic designer), brothers: Christian (a specialist in international relations) and Hernan (university student)
. His childhood and adolescence spent in a suburb Diego Almagro, but for the past three years, as he lives in a suburb of San Telmo, together with his beloved dog Vaeytas. He studied at the College of San Francisco de Sales de Almagro, but education without playing in the theater was not his passion. He was very pleased with their uncles, aunts, brothers and sisters to watch different theatrical productions, even when we had to watch the same long hours every. It was then that he wanted to be an actor.

After graduating from high school, Diego began to study journalism, but then he realized that all this is not for him, and without regret gave it up. Then he came to one advertising agency and began acting in a commercial for TOFL, the more he did not study. He started taking acting classes. His first steps on the stage were made in children's productions, with whom he toured all corners of Argentina.
. I must say that before his TV appearance Diego also worked as a leading children's holidays and a simple servant in one of the many enterprises of the capital.
. His first big work sprained his chance
. While watching one of the theater, where he played his friend, sitting beside the lady asked him if he wants to go casting. Then it turned out that it was Patricia Weber (one of the producers of 13 channels). Without thinking twice, Diego agreed and came to audition. Some time later he called and said that his candidacy is approved, and now he will play one of the characters in the daily television series. At first he did not know where to play: in "Friends" or "Russian mountain", but then he became one of the characters of the last series. Since then, and began his acting career. Here he played a shy young man named Max.

Subsequently, he has been working in "Last Summer", "Gino", "liberated" and "How hot bread, all of 13 channels.

And then, finally, in 1997, he had the great opportunity to build on his career and popularity, he was offered a major role in the TV series "Rich and Famous" with Natasha Oreiro. It was the most popular telenovela of the year on 9 channel, and Diego became the first guy in the village and the idol of teenagers. He starred in this series in 1997 and played here a young lawyer (Diego Salerno) - son of a banker, who falls in love with a young girl facing in an accident. From this moment begins the love story "Romeo and Juliet". After the series, he signed a contract to participate in the weekly telenovela "All yours, mine, where he again plays a lawyer. Comedy is all summer, but by its end he did not know what will do next.

Then he enters into a contract to participate in the miniseries "Casablanca", starring Natasha Oreiro and Leonardo Sbaragliya. It was very hard work, and in the end, for various reasons, this telenovela never saw the light.

May 13 Diego began playing in the theater, along with Florence Peck, in a musical children's tale "Cinderella". This production was a resounding success. Work on it continued until August 98. His character was one of the principal and his name was Teodoro.
. Then he made two trips: one to New York to see the setting of "The Wizard of Oz," which was staged by the same producer, who called him a "Cinderella", as he saw it all in Buenos Aires and it is very like
. And the second - in Africa, where Diego was filmed for the series "Summer 98", where he played Bruno Belaustegi, physician. Then he returned to Argentina.

A few months later, Diego left the "Summer:" to enter in the cast "Wild Angel" and stand in a pair with Natalia Oreiro. Here, for the umpteenth time, he plays a young lawyer who is in love with Milly (character Oreiro Natasha).
. He worked there for only six weeks, after which he returned in "Summer:" to revive his character Bruno.
. Between May and August, he is getting back into a pair of Florence Peck in a theatrical setting, which also has a great success.
. As for love, he never connected his life with any of his fiancee, and their close relationship with Isabel Macedo (bride Facundo Arana) and Nancy hollow says only one thing: "we are just very good friends"
. For three years, as he is in love with someone does not.

This biography of one of the most beautiful boys television Argentina - Diego Ramos.

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  • Antonia for RAMOS Diego (Diego Ramos)
  • ?? this handsome! He is the best, most beautiful in the world ! If anyone has his address, write to me please!
  • Ashley for RAMOS Diego (Diego Ramos)
  • A good actor! When I watched TV mini-series "Rich and znamyanitye" I prsto in love with him. Seechas is no (increased from the age, . when mad at the actors), . but a good impression of him is left for life! Series "Rich and znamyanitye" and to this day my favorite! Oreiro, too, would have been cutie, . if it were not starred in "Wild Angel" and did not become famous! Diego as though there appeared not become SUPER izvetsnym idiot! He is - COOL! Valeria and Diego BEST HEROES Episodes! (Ramos and Oreiro).,
  • Naka for RAMOS Diego (Diego Ramos)
  • ya pishu iz Armenii, t @ mne ochen nravishsya t @ klasn @ y paren
  • Naka for RAMOS Diego (Diego Ramos)
  • ya pishu iz Armenii, t @ mne ochen nravishsya t @ klasn @ y paren
  • cutie for RAMOS Diego (Diego Ramos)
  • I write with Tadzhikistana.Ya simply in love with him scrip'll go from love to him. If anyone has any of his address to write to me pozhaluista
  • Rudoba for RAMOS Diego (Diego Ramos)
  • zarina for RAMOS Diego (Diego Ramos)
  • krasiyi yakisli erkek ben sana kirgizstandan yaziyorum sen benim eski askimsin sana soylemek istiyorum sen ........... evlen! esin olsun capkingi olma sen iyi insan ol !
  • Diana for RAMOS Diego (Diego Ramos)
  • EXCITING MAN! I simply adore you! WAY TO ACCEPT Ashley! NATI AND DIEGO-BEST COUPLE! B.i Z. BEST series! Most romantic !
  • Zhenya for RAMOS Diego (Diego Ramos)
  • I simply adore you! He is so handsome! BEAUTIFUL I've never met! WRITE WHO KNOWS HIS ADDRESS!
  • nanul for RAMOS Diego (Diego Ramos)
  • i am from Armenia, as for me he is one of the bes actors, and handsome boys all over the world., good actor as well. Te adoro, DIEGO RAMOS!
  • diana for RAMOS Diego (Diego Ramos)
  • Diego handsome man ! he is very talented, and not kakakoy something macho and simple, quiet muzhchina.ya wish Diego finally find the girl of his dreams!
  • Rudi for RAMOS Diego (Diego Ramos)
  • WAY! ya vostorge ya dazhe neznayou chto skazat.ON samiy samiy samiiy i isho raz samiy luchiy. I ya ego .........................!
  • Alina for RAMOS Diego (Diego Ramos)
  • Diego Ramos talantlivyy.molodoy and very calm akter.Zhelayu him success in rabote.zhelayu Diego to find its second polovinku.Bud happy !
  • Irishka for RAMOS Diego (Diego Ramos)
  • Diego stunning man! "There is not enough! I would like to have him appeared the same stunning and worthy of his woman!:)
  • Anonymous for RAMOS Diego (Diego Ramos)
  • eva for RAMOS Diego (Diego Ramos)
  • es muy guapo
  • shailee for RAMOS Diego (Diego Ramos)
  • I really like him. Very handsome and very talanted man. If someone has his email adress, pls inform :)
  • Shailee for RAMOS Diego (Diego Ramos)
  • OHHHHHHHHH I love him! Very very handsome and very talanted actor. Greetings from Azerbaijan :)
  • arev-sole for RAMOS Diego (Diego Ramos)
  • te amooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
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    RAMOS Diego (Diego Ramos), photo, biography
    RAMOS Diego (Diego Ramos), photo, biography RAMOS Diego (Diego Ramos)  Actor, photo, biography
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