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CASTRO Veronica (Veronica Castro)

( Actress)

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Biography CASTRO Veronica (Veronica Castro)
photo CASTRO Veronica (Veronica Castro)
Veronica Castro - the woman who told viewers in Russia and showed that this soap opera. At the moment, its track record, consisting of telenovelas, movies, music CDs and much more, on so many great that it becomes incredible that all this has made a small woman

. It is well known in Latin America not only as the heroine of the series "The rich also cry", . More than 20 telenovelas and almost as many movies, . but as a singer (she has recorded more than ten large disks), . and as a popular TV (during the last tournament she commented even football battles), . and a well-known producer (her own television studio with a concert hall, . from broadcast popular night entertainment program), . and as the organizer of the show (now she is preparing a grand hitparad all the "stars" of the continent, . dedicated to 500 anniversary of the discovery of America).,

. - The only thing I did not try his hand - this is politics, - sighs Veronica
. - For the profession I am a diplomat, a specialist in international law, graduated from the Faculty of Law mazhdunarodnogo National University of Mexico.
. In October of this year, Veronica Judith Sain Castro, because it sounds full name, deployed by 40 years
. Twenty-five of them she gave the creative activity. Then he was engaged in a television advertisement (advertised deodorants), worked as model, once even shot for the cover "Caballero" (Mexican version of "Playboy") in the nude, or rather a half-naked to the waist.

. - No, I am not ashamed of it - ahead of the issue, said Veronica
. - I then was a tremendous figure. If I could keep it up to forty years, I would have continued to appear without clothes. In art, to be on the crest of glory, from time to time require scandals.

- You are a mother of two children, but never were never married. As we say, you're - single mother. Are you in my life met a great love or just you - the principal opponent of marriage?

- I was so absorbed in his work, which takes me 14-16 hours a day, that the husband I do not have neither the strength nor the time. That's why fans have always been my lot, and get married almost no one offered. Many men are simply afraid of me, not wanting to get lost in the shadow of my glory. Others have used me, my name for selfish purposes, to make yourself publicity. Much love often leads to high calculation. Grated simply lost patience, tired of waiting.

But the fourth ... first son, Christian, I gave birth to 17 years, so his father, also an actor, over the years had made no attempt to meet with his son. I thank God that he became my husband.

Veronica's last novel, a young actor Omar Fierro, with whom she starred in the telenovela "Let the gods pay!", Lasted more than three years and in all the details discussed in the Mexican press. Friends have already started talking about the fact that finally celibacy, which gave Veronica, will be over soon. And Veronika promised herself to throw a feast for the whole world and even give birth to a daughter of Omar. But a month ago after a stormy lovers quarrel broke their relationship forever.

. Veronica lives with her mother and four sisters and brothers of one big happy family, which today, with all children, nephews and grandchildren, there are 24 people
. Sister Beatrice creates for her elder sister model of the toilet, which she had to change almost every month. One of the brothers leads her financial affairs, the other - the chief administrator of its programs. Well, the mother is the education of children and grandchildren, all of the household.
. The multi-teleroman "The rich also cry" - one of the early work of the actress, he was shot 13 years ago, walked around the screens of many countries, including most of South America, Italy, China and even the Vatican
. Pope John Paul II Mexican teleepopeya so much that he honored performer starring the audience, saying that never in my life met a more charming woman than Veronica Castro.

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    CASTRO Veronica (Veronica Castro), photo, biography
    CASTRO Veronica (Veronica Castro), photo, biography CASTRO Veronica (Veronica Castro)  Actress, photo, biography
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