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ORTIZ Scarlet (Scarlet Ortiz)

( Actress)

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Biography ORTIZ Scarlet (Scarlet Ortiz)
photo ORTIZ Scarlet (Scarlet Ortiz)
As soon as this beautiful and charming, . young Venezuelan actress appeared on our television screens, . then only a few weeks time to catch the fancy of viewers Russia, . which followed serious passions, . razygravayuschimisya in the telenovela "Luisa Fernanda",

. Name: Evis Scarlet
. Name: Ortiz-Pacheco
. Nickname: Scarlet Ortiz
. Birthplace: Caracas, Venezuela
. Birthday: March 12
. Zodiac Sign: ryba
. Favorite color: basically - black and blue, closer to violet.
. Talisman: gray-black Persian cat
. Collector?: No, lack of organization does not allow
. Favorite sport: gymnastics and aerobics regularly
. He is a passionate lover of extreme sports: parachute, diving under water:
Love in telenovelas: never falling in love with the actors with whom she acted in a pair, as has always known how to separate work from personal life. She always knew that the words "I love you" must be an allegation, but being uttered on the set - it just unconsciously uttered the phrase in the process
. Beginnings: her first kiss on television was terrible, because of him for a long time to work
. It was with Luis Fernandez, who in great detail to explain to her how all this must be done to prevent anything superfluous
. Will a child: I do not pretend to fill an entire life, on the contrary, I show him the way, it does not intrude into, like a shadow that never covers the man with the head
. How to sleep: when very cold, then in a small pajamas, but usually naked, sometimes in socks
. Favorite foods: special kinds of sauces and bits of banana, baked in cheese
. You have left the country without any pangs of conscience?: No, I admire Venezuela back, may be able to go to learn, but to live completely isolated from this place, never

. One young actress has long lived with the conviction that it will come tomorrow to her real life
. Keeping the dream - to act in films and telenovelas - she left her native town, to learn all the charm of its future work. It was the Scarlet Ortiz, a beautiful actress 26 years old, who lives overlooking the trite phrases

. Incomplete path?
. Scarlet studied in primary and secondary education in college Inmaculada Concepcion, . then attended the University Central de Venezuela (1992), . where she studied psychology, . but was unable to complete training, . because at the same time participated in the contest Miss Venezuela,
. Then she passed the 14 levels of knowledge of English in the CVA, in preparation, while a career in advertising and marketing, which also left, this time for participation in the program Nubeluz.

She did not complete any of the entities that have taken it quite a long period of time, but she never felt she was wasting time doing these things.

With this perception of life, Scarlet fought for what she wanted to achieve, but the future actress has always tried to respect, first of all, their ideals and family.

First Steps

It started just on the set in Nubeluz, thanks to his friend Randy Pikango, which at that time worked as an independent producer Marte TV. Randy Pikango tried to inspire Scarlet idea to take part in the casting, looking for the main heroine for the series "Llovizna" and this attempt is more successful than.

But before that there were long months of training, acting skills, plastics, dancing and singing in theater school Luz Columba Professor Nelson Ortega, who is still her adviser.

She persisted in its promotion, which helped her out of the crisis, in which she was, acting in Nubeluz. "It was in the same week, when I refused to participate in the program Nubeluz. I passed the exam, left, has signed a contract and the next day I was in the city of Bolivar on the set of the telenovela "Llovizna" (1997), together with Luis Fernandez ". On channel RCTV, she came in 1998, as kontrfigura in the telenovela "Nina Mimada" (starring with Marcelo Chezane and Eileen Abad), where she played the role of Federica Hordon. Then, in 1999, she again gets the main role, now - in the telenovela "Luisa Fernanda" - with Guillermo Perez (Rodolfo). Now it is released in "Three of my sisters" with Ricardo Alamo (Miguel Enrique in "Luisa Fernanda").

House friends

The actress said that during his artistic career, she opened a lot of good and faithful friends. Marcelo (Chezane), Guillermo (Perez), deserved a special mention Luis Fernandez, of which she says, as his teacher, his right hand, continue to train its.

In relations with Ricardo Alamo, they treat each other with respect, trust and sincere in their feelings. That is what allows them to make a new hot work "Three of my sisters' mutual, constructive criticism and not lose as we move to the end of the show respect for each other.

For the Scarlet, which is important, and most importantly - it is teamwork that it really helps. "This work provides you with energy," - she says.

Life in the family

Her life has been blessed by the father and mother, who taught Scarlet appreciate the love and friendship. From his mother, . which has always been a proponent of emotions, . she gets spiritual support, . and father, . which is very jealous, . she inherited it is this trait, . red thread going through all her life and help her to continue the fight and go on, . when lowered his hands,

To complete this wonderful picture, we can not fail to mention her two sisters (Scarlet Alejandre and Yokaste) and her three brothers (Category, Francisco Ernesto and Francisco Jose).

For this talented actress is the most important value that it had received from their parents is respected, that they taught her to appreciate things and not only materially but also spiritually, demonstrated the value of words, hugs. "I could say nothing, because it is usually not very expressive, but one embrace replaced all phrase".

In love:

Scarlet prefer not to go into details, forcing others to respect their intimate life. The only thing she said, it's about zhenihovstve with young actor Yul Burklom (Gustavo in "Luisa Fernanda"), whom she considers the master of my heart. The actress has no plans to marry. If it's fate - is to go married, have children and form a family - so be it, but do not rush things.

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  • I really love u ORTIZ
  • J.Velskoen for ORTIZ Scarlet (Scarlet Ortiz)
  • I like Your biography Scarlet...mwaaah keep up the good work. I'd really loved to see u and Ricardo Alamo again as a pair in telenovelas, miss 3 hermanas(my 3 sisters) really moved me..i love it, still enjoy waching it
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    ORTIZ Scarlet (Scarlet Ortiz), photo, biography
    ORTIZ Scarlet (Scarlet Ortiz), photo, biography ORTIZ Scarlet (Scarlet Ortiz)  Actress, photo, biography
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