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MARTINEZ Jorge (Jorge Martinez)

( Actor)

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Biography MARTINEZ Jorge (Jorge Martinez)
photo MARTINEZ Jorge (Jorge Martinez)
Behind him stretched a long train of works of high quality. He is a true professional of his business with a well-deserved reputation. More than once Married, with children, but Jorge Martinez is one of the most cherished characters of soap operas.

. He married, it seems, only nine months ago, Venezuelan actress Eluz Peraza, who left him, according to rumors, because of his addiction to alcohol

Now the actor is located in Miami, where rehearsing his latest role, now in theaters. She's gone to his native Venezuela, but they say that ex-lovers have remained good friends.

Nine months ago, they were shining with joy, were in love and happy. Jorge Martinez and Venezuelan actress Eluz Peraza enjoyed their wedding, before that, they rejoiced at the same event, but occurring at the will of writers on the show "Revenge", but here in real life, their relationship did not have a happy finale. Several months ago, friends and the press were stunned when, in his interview to a television channel in Miami, an Argentine actor, who has two years of living in the United States, announced that he is in the process of divorce. "I am very sad and I'm terribly upset. Relationship ends, after you're married, lived with a man for a while, built with him plans for the future is very difficult. Unfortunately, we were with Eluz was not very well together and, in the end, we decided to go away, "- said Jorge on the phone told the magazine" Semenario ".

Some Mexican newspapers do not priminuli express his version of what happened - it all happened because of the actor's addiction to alcohol. "It's nonsense! - Said Jorge. - People who know me well understand that this is not true and therefore I am calm ". So he answered all the talk about the fact that his ex-wife, allegedly left the house, as they could not longer bear the permanent pyanok husband.

Meanwhile, Eluz returned to Venezuela, where he now lives with her two daughters from a previous marriage and is working on the telenovela "Faraway, like the wind" (Lejano como el viento), where together with Arnaldo Andre plays a major role. Her relatives say that the actress in order, because in spite of the third failed marriage, her associates and Jorge beautiful friendship.

Going back far into the past, let us remember the wedding ceremony, Jorge Martinez and former Miss Venezuela "Eluz parasite, which took place on February 24, 2001 in Miami. Then, they were shot in the hottest telenovela "La Revancha" and therefore all broadcasting rights for the celebration were sold to the channel Venevision for 50,000 dollars. The problem was that while the actress has had a relationship with Hernan Toro, the operator series. But the passion has overcome all obstacles and unite lovers. In their 53, Jorge again decided to go down the aisle, . although he had been behind three failed attempts to get married - the first - the mother of his children, . then at Titi Rodrцґguez and Alejandro Gavilanes, . as well as many novels, . among which we can say about his relationship with Veronica Castro, . Lusiey Mendes, . Maite Zumelzu and seventeen Stella Maris,

. When, in April this year at a studio in Miami Beach over the work on the "revenge", the pair settled down for a few months in Argentina, Jorge has a special part in the TV series "PH", where the actor called him a friend, an Argentine producer Enrique Estevanes
. Then the couple returned to the States, where he had lived together several months, after which their relationship "exhaled".

Currently the actor is resting in Key West, Florida, while being prepared for the theatrical production of "Nada de sexo que somos decentes". "In this project I had put all his energy, which allows me to travel to Latin America. I like to do theater outside Argentina, but I'm always thinking back, because it is very long for their children - says Jorge. - Today I did not leave with the feeling that if I want, I can reach for the sky and touch the sun. I was with a woman whom he loved and for which he tried to change, have been ups and downs, was a success, but, suddenly, everything changed in my life, but without a doubt, I'm not the man who dropped his hands and submit to fate. "

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MARTINEZ Jorge (Jorge Martinez), photo, biography
MARTINEZ Jorge (Jorge Martinez), photo, biography MARTINEZ Jorge (Jorge Martinez)  Actor, photo, biography
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