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TORRES Susana (Susana Torres)

( Actress)

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Biography TORRES Susana (Susana Torres)
photo TORRES Susana (Susana Torres)
In life Susana big optimist, but in the actor's environment, there is a perception of its exclusive nature of conflict. However, this did not prevent her fall into a group of young actresses who chose the Colombian television. Russia's television viewers, she is known for the TV series 'Rauzan'.

. The wife of Jorge Tadeo Lozano in "Cronicas de una generacion tragica", spoiled and plohovospitannaya girl in "Clase aparte", charming and mysterious Juan Bautista in "Las Juanas", and then one of the treacherous women in "Carolina Barrantes".
. All of this - Susan Torres, actress, traded youth and naivete, haraktirizuyuschie its role, the nature of the Corsican, petticoats and fantastic clothing 19 century, its new role

Despite the fact that her family would have preferred to see her daughter at the university, making the traditional career, Suzanne, graduated from high school, already knew he wanted to be an actress.

After six years in the actor's environment, and having behind him 25 years, Suzanne has been the main performer of roles in "Las Juanas", "Codigo de pasion", "Carolina Barrantes" and now in Rauzan, "where she plays Soledad de Santini, main heroine.

"La toma de la embajada" and "A que te cojo raton" - films in which co-starred young actress. While there she played the role of the second plan, as recognized by the actress herself, they became for her the opportunity to grow in her profession.

After eight months of rest, Suzanne returned to television screens once again to play a major role Soledad de Santini in the telenovela "Rauzan, which for several weeks is at 19.00 on Ren-TV.

-So you have the opportunity to play a character who lives in another era.
-This age is slightly different from that in which the action takes place "Cronicas de una generacion tragica", where I worked in six series, an hour each. The rest of my characters were very modern

. - Have you seen the episode, "Caballero Rauzan," which was filmed 20 years ago, and especially your character Soledad de Santini?
. - No, I have not seen the original of this series and think it is for the better, because watching this telenovela, I could repeat the same mistakes actor
. In addition, the new series is very different from the original, because the characters were strongly altered and more adapted to our reality, to what they would like to see the audience now.

- Do you think those who watched TV series "Caballero Rauzan" look its a new version?
- The fact that calms me, the original was shown many years ago and those who watched it, do not remember all the events that occurred there. I think the new version of the telenovela is a great opportunity for those viewers to see the series from another point of view, with new technology and at the same time remember the telenovela, which was a hit Colombian TV.

. - What are the specific changes made to the new version of the show?
. - The biggest change - a lexicon, which had greatly changed
. By Hector Forero, . in collaboration with Julio JimцLnez, . producer, . and the director thought and felt, . the language telenovela, . which was in the original, . absolutely not suitable for today's time, . because people have to like the lighter things,
. So hospitable lexicon is one of the main criteria for success of the telenovela.

- How you got the role of de Soledad Santini?
- I called Hugo Leon, with whom I worked in a previous paper - "Clase aparte". We met by chance when I was resting and he said he wanted to offer me a role in the telenovela, the plot which takes place in another era. After about three months, or something like that, I already had the role

. - Once you had to play a modern character, how you coped with the character of the 19 th century?
. - I think that telenovela is a constant challenge, especially when you have to play porsonazha from another era, it's a very radical change

Although the telenovela is not new for me, but it was different from what I have done before, since the preparation of the character took a lot longer. But when you izuchesh movement, manners and vocabulary of his character - it becomes very easy to play.

- What is your experience in the Colombian movie?
- I have a wealth of experience, even though I played only minor roles. These small role gave me the opportunity to try his hand in the movies, play with beautiful Mexican actor, who showed me a completely different style of work that gave me the opportunity to get acquainted with foreign actors.

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  • DENIS for TORRES Susana (Susana Torres)
  • Susan TORRES very interesting ACTRESS, playing, I especially liked the film "RAUZAN. WHOM CAN I HAVE BIOGRAPHY Actress, please send me, I shall be very grateful
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    TORRES Susana (Susana Torres), photo, biography
    TORRES Susana (Susana Torres), photo, biography TORRES Susana (Susana Torres)  Actress, photo, biography
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