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RUBIO Paulina

( Singer)

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Biography RUBIO Paulina
photo RUBIO Paulina
Paulina Rubio (17.06.1973 years)

Paulina Rubio Dosamantes (Paulina Rubio Dosamantes) was born in Mexico City, June 17, 1973. Her father Enrique Rubio (Enrique Rubio) and Susana Dosamantes (Susana Dosamantes) (dos amantes-two lovers / lover). She grew up on a stage surrounded by her, . camera, . and lighting, . because her mother was a famous Mexican actress, . she always took her to the shooting and a girl from the beginning wanted to become an actress and her family in that it supported.,

. Her musical career began in 1980 when she decided to join the Training Center Televisa
. After two years of preparation, she was spotted and she was selected, her and 6 other people, among whom were Kapetilo (Capetillo) and Talia (Thala). In 1982, she debetirovala at a concert of this group. The Panel was called 'Timbiriche', Pauline appeared in the group of 10 years, they recorded 10 albums of which "Timbiriche 7" reached the peaks of popularity and at one time entered the top ten best-selling titles in Spanish. From the first speech in public in Pauline grew stronger desire to become a great singer. Paulina combined the robot in the group with lessons jazz, singing, singing in Los Angeles.

In 1988, Paulina starred in his first series, it inherited the role of a negative character in "Pasin y Poder" (Passion and Power). For those filmed in the Spanish version of "Vaselina", together with the other members 'Timberiche'.

In 1991, Pauline decided to leave the group and start his solo career. She went to Spain and they recorded his first CD "La Chica Dorada" (Golden Girl), under the leadership of Miguel Blasco (Miguel Blasco).

From her first album have been more successful songs "Mo", "Amor de Mujer" and "Sabor a Miel". A few days later her album went gold and in 1993 he was certified platinum as it sold more than 300,000 copies.

In the same year she released her second album, "24 Kilates", recorded again in Spain under the leadership of Miguel. The audience liked best songs "Nieva Nieva '" El me enga?o "and" Asunto de dos ". In Mexico, he received a gold disc after just three weeks after the beginning of breaking the barrier of 150,000 copies.

. After roles in two series and two hit albums Paulina first time participating at the Festival of Vi?a del Mar in Chile (Festival Vi?a del Mar en Chile), as a member of the jury and the special guest performer.

. His third CD, she writes again, with Miguel, the music is recorded at the studio Balu Balu (Balu Balu) in Spain, but the voice in the studios 'South Beach Studio Miami' and 'Estudio Center Miami' in Miami.

. Pauline continues to play in serials
. Role in the series "Baila conmigo" (stations with me), then the main role in the movie "B?same en la boca" (Kiss me in the mouth) and finally a starring role in the series "Pobre ni?a rica" (A poor rich girl).

. In January 1995, comes the third album by Paulina "El Tiempo es Oro", (the gold), he is great interest among the public
. The first single from the album "Te daria mi vida" became a hit.

. In 1996 she released her fourth album "Planeta Paulina" (Planeta Paulina), . image of the golden girls left behind, . new image of a cybernetic and songs more dance, . notable songs "Siempre tuya desde la raiz." and "Enamorada" (text written by Paulina),
. Before this album, she noted on the official album of the Olympic Games in Atlanta with the song "Ser? entre tu y yo".

. Talent Paulina power over all, at one time, she has a TV program in Spain, "Vive el Verano".

. But music is still the most important in the life of Pauline
. In 2000 she recorded the album 'Paulina' on which she worked for two years that would provide the public the work of the highest quality.

. To record this album were attracted composers of the first magnitude such as Estefano, Armando Manzanero, Juan Gabriel and Christian de Walden.

. "Lo har? por ti", inspired by Estifino (Estifano producer), the first single from this album
. At the time this CD has become popular in many countries apart from Spain and Latin America, he became very popular in these countries is not Spanish as Germany and Italy. Paulina has recorded several versions of songs in English. The number of sold copies of the album has exceeded 2 million.

Now Pualina recording a new CD entirely in English.

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RUBIO Paulina, photo, biography
RUBIO Paulina, photo, biography RUBIO Paulina  Singer, photo, biography
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