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Biography SARIE Gabriela (Gabriela Sari)
photo SARIE Gabriela (Gabriela Sari)
Ivo, a character Facundo Arano of 'Wild Angel', mercilessly called Gabrielle, played by the Gloria, 'Dwarfs'. But looking at the last picture the interview, where she shares the work in this novel, nothing but the exhalation: "Wow !!!", is not coming to mind ...

. 'In "Wild Angel" we did not stop laughing'
. I would like to participate in "Wild Angel-2"

. Of course, Gabriela Sari, Gloria from the "Wild Angel", recalls with pleasure gay denechki with Facundo and Natalia, but between the performances in the theater, shooting on television and voice lessons she has no time for nostalgia
. Our correspondent in Buenos Aires - Sari Shain - hear from the actress about her father's death, its jealousy of his friend and that she still lives with his mother.

We write this story with some good news for all people who constantly wrote and asked us about it, the sentimental Gloria from the "Wild Angel". It is true that Sari does not dye his eyebrows, but the truth is that in life they are much more vivid. So the fact that not very thick in life has no value. Add to this amazing green eyes Sari and you will see that his eyebrows are just for emphasis, so that the finish on this.

The girl is only 22, really nice. Also, in the life of Sari's much more than in telenovelas, with an amazing skin and inexhaustible energy. When she still arrives at the hotel, the first thing on the ground, she apologized for the delay of his flight, but she had already told me on the phone. Then we need a little time to realize the fact that my name is identical to its name, which is written in Latin just as.

-Where are you now?
-I am learning to sing. I've always been interested to learn how to sing well and that's a month ago I began this study.
-And how? Successfully?
-I do not know, you need to ask my neighbors (she starts to laugh cute).
-You're now playing in the theater?
Yes, I'll rehearse the play "The Postman". You have to remember the Italian film. I play there Beatriz. This work is very serious for me, because there I play with very important people in the theater. We started work in April and will premiere in January. I know that you return to Israel, but if you could attend the premiere, it would be nice.

For me it's not a problem, just a flight lasting 24 hours.

Success: "It is very confusing"

In "Wild Angel" Sari - is Gloria's best friend Millie (Natalia Oreiro). They grew up together in the women's monystyre, who first left Milagros to begin work at the mansion of "Solitude", and then there came and Gloria. First, she falls in love with Chamuko, unattractive young man, becomes pregnant and loses the child, but, as in all novels, her life at the end is shown in pink tones.

- How do you work in "Wild Angel"?
- Amazing! I would have been very pleased if filmed "Wild Angel-2". I really liked the character of Gloria, and I think we like to play together. There was a lot of different jokes, games, we did not stop laughing.

- After filming "Wild Angel" you meet with the actors who played there?
- With the majority of them, no. We are all busy with their own projects, but sometimes, somewhere, we meet all together. With Facundo Arana I meet more frequently than others, because we have a common agent. He told me that was with him in Israel. It was amazing to see in the Argentine television here, the reception, which had Natasha and Facundo ceremony "Viva 2000". I hope that one day, and I have been there.

- You also played with Facundo in "Good Neighbors".
- Yes, but there I have a very small role. I am in love with Diego Facundo role-but he, unfortunately, is in love with someone else. There, I have very few scenes.

- You were at the concert Natalia?
- Unfortunately, no. It was at that moment I had other things to do. She called me and asked why I did not come, but I really could not. Well, I will have many more opportunities.

- What has changed in your life after the "Wild Angel"?
- I can not say that from now on is really something changed, I stayed all the same person. Great, now I know the streets and everything in this spirit, but sometimes it becomes very difficult to make it. When I was in a department store, for example, and people do not know how to attract my attention, they just start laughing and it confuses me. All this costs the profession that you must survive. All the time we must remember that now you are here, but tomorrow you can be here and not be. You should always stay down on the ground.

- A little scary, is not it?
- I - optimist by nature. For me life is beautiful. I do not think constantly about what will happen tomorrow, I will work or not.

- When you first realize that you're a celebrity?
- When people on the street asked for my autograph.

- What is the most "embarrassing" moment happened when you communicate with fans?
- I was riding on an escalator, and a man shouted to me: "Gloria, I love you" and everyone looked at me.

- People still call you Gloria?
- Now, less than they have already forgotten, as they called me on the show, now they tell me simply: "Wild Angel".

Start: "My father refused my"

- You are very young, when you start playing?
- My debut was when I was 18 in the program, seeking future stars, "One soul is too much". I always wanted to be an actress, dancer or singer, do something artistic. All the time I got out my father's request to help me, but he did not want to, I came into this world. My father was an actor and singer, he has worked perfectly. I gave him a photograph that he showed it to someone from the studio, but then I discovered that he did not. But fate still catch up with you and puts you in the right seat to her, I think so. Once I heard about the program "One soul is too much," went there, and danced a few weeks later they called me and offered a role in the telenovela, which has never been withdrawn. After this episode, I was invited to "Casablanca" with Natalia Oreiro in the title role, where I played her sister, but this story never came out on the screen. And then luck turned to face me. You will be prompted to play in a "Wild Angel". I telephoned Rodolfo Rodo, one of the producers, which I want to thank you for all that he has done for me. I think about it constantly. I have his phone number, but I'm not intending to call him with the spirit. Perhaps he sees this interview with the Israeli.

- And what is the reaction of your father now?
- My father died when I was 15. He did not see anything that happened to me, but it is possible and see ... thence. I'd like to hope that he now looks at me and is proud of his daughter.

- Tell a little about your family.
- I live with my mother in a small town Nose. I have a sister who is studying in medical school and lives next to us with a friend. Also I have an aunt, uncle. Since we have very little family, we try to be together every Sunday, when we are preparing a holiday dinner.

- You would like to live alone?
- At the very fact, yes, but I realize that my mother live very comfortably. On the other hand, if I leave, we will be less mutually irritating. I think that the families live apart is not so bad, because when you are dating you have not left forces in the strife.

- Change theme. Do you have a friend?
- Yes. He lives close to me and is an employee of Public Relations. Fortunately, it is not an actor.

- Why to happiness?
- Because I'm very jealous. I would simply could not stand seeing him in intimate scenes with other actresses. I know it's silly, especially since I myself, actress and well know all podnagotnuyu this work, but still ... Although he, for example, does not make problems because of the "Wild Angel".

- Maybe because you kissed Chamuko, but not with Facundo Arana?
- (Gabriel begins to laugh hysterically) And you're right, absolutely right.

- So why you do not live together?
- I think that first I must live alone and to understand who I am in fact, and then you begin to share an apartment with someone else. Living with a boyfriend to be cool when you love each other, but let no one asked me to wash his pants.

'It was like a revenge'

Gabriela Sari (21) lives with her mother in Lanus. Her father (Miguel Esteban Sari), worked in one of the clubs. "He imitated Elvis Presley. He died six years ago "- she says. Her first appearance on TV was held in "More than eavesdropping, 9 channel. "I noticed when I played with my colleague (Jose Manuel Estrada) to" Happy Sunday "to earn a start in Bariloche," - she recalls. She worked in the "Wild Angel", where was Gloria, a friend of Natalia Oreiro, and it is now - Luli, a friend Maleny Szold in "Good Neighbors". Theatrical skill learned from Augusto Fernandez. In the presence of a guy is: "but he was not of my entourage," - says the girl.

"It was like revenge"

It replaces Hulietu Ortega in a production of "The Postman". In this work, Gabriela play naked, but these scenes were mercilessly slaughtered.

. - Are you nervous before going out on the stage Santiago del Estero, where you had to give up quite explicit scenes?
. - Yes, I am a little nervous, but everything turned out just fine
. Before you go on stage, Hugo (Arana, director) brought us together and warned that after this performance anything might happen:

. - You anticipate that the audience could react badly?
. - We were ready for what could happen anything, because we were threatened
. Some newspapers in Santiago called on people to violent action. We were careful, because people can throw anything. But nothing happened. In addition, we had security.

- Were you scared?
- No, certainly tickled the nerves a bit, but nothing more. I really wanted to play, we even had to add a couple of unexpected performances.

- What do you feel when the naked scenes in which you had to play, censored?
- I could not believe it. When I was told about this, I became very hard. I have nothing against the lady Juarez (Juan Carlos, the governor of Santiago del Estero), but they told me that they understand why it was done. We live in a democratic country. In addition, these people have no idea what they say. How can you censor theatrical work!?

- Everything that has happened has attracted the attention of the audience?
- Now it seems to me that most people are going to look at our staging only because of this became known scenes. But we would not want to be so in reality.

- You bared her body. How was it?
. - Yes, I have bared, but it was done very carefully, our bodies were in front of the light illumination was such that we always have been like in the shade.

. - Do you feel the aggression directed at your side, after this performance?
. - No, only words of gratitude.

. - It was like a rematch?
. - Oh, yes.

. - You replaced Hulietu Ortega, as you got into this performance?
. - I called Hugo (Arana), with whom I work in "Good Neighbors"
. I could not believe it, I was seized by trembling, because I had never played in the theater. We rehearsed for 20 days, and now three months since I came here. I saw the play with Hulietoy in the title role, and I like it very much.

- You do not care if you play better or worse than her?
- No, the only thing I wanted - to do their work. Never one not draw any comparisons. I did not feel any pressure. This production was a very big challenge for me.

- Hearing that you have to crop up on stage, you do not want to give up?
- First - yes, because never before I was shot in such scenes, I had not undressed or partially or completely. To do this, no experience, it was quite risky. I was scared, I felt ashamed, but with all my fears have overcome Hugo. When I read the script and we started rehearsing, everything disappeared.

. - You play in this scene, along with Nicolas Cabra, you worked with him before?
. - No, but it does not prevent us from functioning well together.

. - You like Beatrice, your character?
. - She was 16 years old, and it is the first time in his life fell in love with Mario Jimц?nez (Cabra)
. Her mother forbade her to meet with this young man and young woman had to fight for his love. She answered the call, Beatrice daring and courageous girl. I do not often fall in love, but I'm pretty passionate. In all I do, I try to put a drop of the very best that is in me. To make a good stew, you need a good meat. I have Scorpio on the zodiac sign, and it exerts its influence. If I have a goal, I reach it.

- How will the tour?
- We have already visited Bernal, Cordoba, Santa Fe: I like to travel. We want to finish the tour in Santiago del Estero, it will be somewhere in October or November.

- What gave you "The Postman"?
- He became for me an accelerated acting class, and also gave me the opportunity to do something really worthwhile. Fulfilled my dream - to play in the theater.

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SARIE Gabriela (Gabriela Sari), photo, biography
SARIE Gabriela (Gabriela Sari), photo, biography SARIE Gabriela (Gabriela Sari)  Actress, photo, biography
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