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Spanic, Gabriela (Gabriela Spanic)

( Actress)

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Biography Spanic, Gabriela (Gabriela Spanic)
photo Spanic, Gabriela (Gabriela Spanic)
Gabriela Spanic began as a model. At age 19 she won a beauty contest - the year before it was withdrawn in its first telenovela "Rosanhelika". After the filming of the telenovela "Only You" Gaby meets her husband, and her third major role in the TV series "impostor" has brought her worldwide success, which even she herself has not yet been able to repeat ...

Gabriela Elena Spanic Ulterra (Gabriela Elena Spanic Ulterra, height - 174 cm, weight - 57 kg) was born in Ortiz, Guarico State, Venezuela, December 10, 1973. She has a twin sister Daniela, a younger sister Patricia and brother, Antonio. The Spanic family is traditional Croatian-Venezuelan family. Her father moved with her grandparents from Croatia to Venezuela back in 1947. Gaby attended psychology classes for a year, but soon realized that her true passion is the scene. That is why she started attending acting class with "Luz Columbia Theatre research Centre". Then she took different courses in "Training Centre of Professionals Communication" and "Free Workshop for the actors". Also Gabiela established itself as a model by attending "Herman's Institute", because she knew that the business model will lead her straight into the world of cinema. In this field of Gabriela Spanic was elected Miss Guarico "in 1992 and" Miss Figure "beauty contest" Miss Venezuela International ".
. Like many famous actresses, Gaby starts to appear first in the background scenes later she gained a small role in Venezuelan telenovelas
. For Venezuelan channel Venevision Gabriela gets its first success. Gaby appeared in a small role in the telenovela "Rosanhelika" (Rosangelica, 1991), where she played Karla, and then in 1992 in the "cruel world" (Mundo de fieras) and "wounded a she-wolf" (La loba herida). Gradually, the producers started to notice it and give aspiring actress, more and more attention. "Morena Clara" (Morena Clara) released in 1993, became a telenovela, where Gaby has invested all his talent in performing part of her character Linda Prado. This role opened doors for her in the next telenovela "Marцґa Celeste" (Maria Seleste, 1994).

In the telenovela "Only You" (Como tu ninguna, 1994/1995), Gabriela plays her first leading role and receives international recognition. Her partner on the show was Venezuelan actor Miguel de Leon (Miguel de Leon), which Gaby dislike at first sight. She thought he looked like a doll on a cake. The longer the shooting continued, the stronger Gabriela firm in the view Miguel. But as work on the telenovela ended, to everyone's surprise, Gabriela and Miguel met in real life, abandoning their previous partners. "Only You" became one of the best telenovelas in Venezuela and has been shown in more than 80 countries.

Gabriela got Emiliano role in the series "_" (Quipa de tres mujeres, 1996). Her next project is called "All for the sake of your love" (Todo por tu amor), in which she ochrednoy again demonstrated his acting talent as a comedian, and drammatichesky. Her character in this novel called Amaranth.

After filming this, Gabriela and Miguel decide to get married. Their wedding took place on October 22, 1997 and broadcast on television. The biggest challenge in career Gabriela was made in the form of an offer to work in Mexico. Instead of the legitimate enjoyment honeymoon newlyweds spend together just five days, and gathered my things and went to Mexico. Writer Carlos Romero (Carlos Romero), which Gaby worked in TV series "Only You", written specially for her role in the new major project of the Mexican channel Televisa, which was called "impostor" (La Usurpadora, 1998). Popular Mexican singer Thalia has been dismissed from this role, Carlos Romira, who commented on this event as follows: "Or, Gabriela Spanic, or nobody!". And he was right. Of course, Gabriela could not miss the chance to work in Mexico - in this "Hollywood for telenovelas". She did not even imagine how it will affect her life. In Mexico, Gabriela and Miguel did not know anybody - they were perfect strangers in a foreign country. They started to attend speech classes to get rid of heavy Venezuelan accent does not show it in LA USURPADORA, where she was offered a dual role: the poor and true Paulina and evil, frivolous Paola. Her co-star of the telenovela was the star of Mexican serials Fernando Colunga (Fernando Colunga). "Impostor" has broken all records for watchable and has become one of the most recognized telenovela, which was shown in more than 120 countries (translated into more than 25 languages).

. After the success of 'impostor', Gabriela has won international recognition and admiration of millions of fans
. TV company Televisa offered her a three-year contract to make two more telenovelas with this wonderful actress. In 1999, Gabriela was withdrawn in the next draft Televisa - telenovela "For your love" (Por tu amor). Her partner was a famous Mexican actor serials Lisazo Saul (Saul Lisazo). Her character's name was Maria del Jamais.

During this time, a twin sister Gabriela Daniela moved to Mexico and stayed there to live with her and a relative. Daniela, who studied computer science, at that time wanted to become a professional model. Unlike her famous sister, she's not interested in acting. By joining together the sisters decided to open a school for professional models under the name "Institute Gabriela Spanic, which was subsequently closed due to lack of time on this project to Gabriela. In 1999, Televisa sent Gabriela on promotional tour with LA USURPADORA. In the same year, she and her husband, Miguel, his sister Daniela and their parents visited Brazil. In 2000, Gabriela, accompanied by the same faithful sisters Daniela and coordinator of Televisa's international operations, Mr. Hector Cardenas Saavedra, is going to Slovenia, Croatia and Indonesia. Thanks to the invitation of the Croatian magazine GLORIA Gabriela found her long lost relatives in Croatia. The whole family reunited at a large dinner party in March 2000. This trip served as an inexhaustible source of unforgettable emotions for Gabriela, and for Daniela. After Croatia's path lay girls in Indonesia.

American TV UNIVISION invited Gabriela to Miami for the award LO NUESTRO as "the most elegant dresses actress". Then Gaby was invited to Israel, to present the next awards. Along the way she dealt a one-day visit to Spain, while in the second half of 2000 visited the Philippines.

Returning to Mexico, Gaby began preparing for its third telenovela on Televisa, which is called "intrusa" (La Intrusa). Again, she was offered the role of nurses - Virginia and Vanessa. At this time her co-star will be Arturo Peniche (Arturo Peniche), who also took part in the shooting of "impostor". In Mexico, the show "intrusa" began in October 2000 and ended on October 19, 2001. Telenovela occupied the second rank watchable TV series, but was never able to reach the level of popularity "impostor", although Gabriela, as each of the crew, hoping for a. Most viewers have accused the creators of the series that he was a copy of "impostor", though despite the similarity of names, subjects telenovela completely different. In the near future "intrusa" will be broadcast in many countries.

The three-year contract with Televisa Gabriela expired in May 2001 and she still has not signed a new, unlike her husband, Miguel, who has a contract, also for three years. According to Gaby she was in the future would like to stay with Televisa.

After four years of experience of family life actress, more and more thinks about motherhood. In its plans for the immediate future of the children are paramount, and it is ready to give all their energy to this dream. It is going to take a two-year holiday on television to enjoy life as wife and mother in her colonial-style house located in Mexico. Also, Gaby wants posvyaschyat all his free time favorite hobbies - cooking, and her two dogs - Wampus and Linda.
. Regardless of whether Gabriela continue to give interviews and to appear in telenovelas, you can say with certainty - it declares itself not the last time.

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  • Jade for Spanic, Gabriela (Gabriela Spanic)
  • Gaby molodets no ochen hudaya ! Ey bi nemnogo (na kg 3) popravitsa! A tak ochen krasivaya jenshina v polnom rascvete sil:)
  • irma for Spanic, Gabriela (Gabriela Spanic)
  • Gaby Spanic-the most beautiful woman on the planet after Michele Mercier!
  • irma jajanidze for Spanic, Gabriela (Gabriela Spanic)
  • Gabriela you are the best!
  • Yuri for Spanic, Gabriela (Gabriela Spanic)
  • Gabriela is THE BEST OF THE BEST actriss I've ever seen! Thanks for attention!
  • levani for Spanic, Gabriela (Gabriela Spanic)
  • iz gruzii at levana s balshoi lyubovyu
  • KOMRON for Spanic, Gabriela (Gabriela Spanic)
  • Olga for Spanic, Gabriela (Gabriela Spanic)
  • She's really very beautiful and, most importantly, that as I am the sign of the zodiac - Sagittarius!
  • ela for Spanic, Gabriela (Gabriela Spanic)
  • I was a child and to this day called Paola because I like Gabrielle even don `t know how get rid of it I have already changed many times but still all believe me it looked like this I certainly flattered but even so want to be individual
  • Lena for Spanic, Gabriela (Gabriela Spanic)
  • This fil Captive class just wow
  • Lyazzat for Spanic, Gabriela (Gabriela Spanic)
  • Gabriela like to wish you good health and your malyshu.Ya know you're a good mom be schastlivy.Pust God you hranit.Vy strong and beautiful zhenschina.u you had difficulties in life, but nevertheless you spravilis.iI let your mom lived a long time .
  • Igor for Spanic, Gabriela (Gabriela Spanic)
  • When the series was showing "impostor," I was shocked by the beauty of Gabriel, her posture, her eyes said that she a strong woman. Its role two sisters-twins I have appreciated by 100%. I wanted to wish Gabriele and her husband, family prosperity and harmony in the home health.
  • Carol for Spanic, Gabriela (Gabriela Spanic)
  • La mejor de todas,la amo mucho!Es perfecta en todo que hace.
  • Μινα for Spanic, Gabriela (Gabriela Spanic)
  • Είναι όλα όσα έχει κάνει από τότε που 949;
    και είναι 942;
    και 942;
    σε ότι κάνει την 969;
    πολύ και την 974;
    και θέλω ο θεός να τις 953;
    σε κείνη και στην 94
    της πολύ πολύ υγεία και χαρά φιλιά πολλά με 951;
    η πιο 942;
    σου 94
    από την 942;
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    Spanic, Gabriela (Gabriela Spanic), photo, biography
    Spanic, Gabriela (Gabriela Spanic), photo, biography Spanic, Gabriela (Gabriela Spanic)  Actress, photo, biography
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