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Ander Chantal (Chantal Andere)

( Actress)

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Biography Ander Chantal (Chantal Andere)
photo Ander Chantal (Chantal Andere)
She always plays zlodeek. In this area, Chantal has achieved professional excellence. Daughter follows in the footsteps of his mother, who is also a star of telenovelas. Someday Chantal hoped to play a major role in their own telenovela.

'Chantal Andere and Roberto Gomez Fernandez joined their lives'

November 24, 2001, Mexico, Mexico City. Chantal Andere able to realize his most cherished childhood dream: to marry.

Produced by Roberto Gomez Fernandez and daughter Jacqueline Andere, Chantal, formally registered their relationship.

After three years of relations that began after the actress mother presented them to each other, today they have entered into a marriage, which, however, has not received the blessing of the church, as Roberto was married.

Chantal could always rely on his mother, but in such a special day, she could not forget about his father, Jose Maria Fernandez Marquez, whose grave she visited the day before the ceremony, bringing flowers and saying a prayer.

Nervous, but happy, the actress has devoted the last 24 hours of his freedom last minute preparations, chose a hair and makeup, a manicure.

Although, everything was ready for her wedding a month ago, including the bride's dress, which is specially made for her Eugenio Alzas, Chantal decided to personally make sure that nothing will spoil this great moment in her life.

"I am very happy with their lives, of course, now I'm a little nervous, but I think it feels any woman who intends to marry," - says Chantal.

A new stage of her life is full of plans, fantasies, and most importantly, the actress is confident that all of her life and will continue to emerge well as Chantal and Rodrigo are convinced that each is created for another.

"We both were looking forward to that day and now I'm very excited".

The actress says she knows - there is no marriage without problems, but she assures me that if between her and her husband will respect and understanding, then all will be well.

"Respect - the foundation of all relationships: friendship, work, etc., but other than that, I think that couples should be understanding, which helps make the relationship better" - she says.

Because of the work on the telenovela "The game of life" (El juego de la vida), producer Robert Fernandez, honeymoon will have to wait until the couple can find for him in his schedule a little time.


Location: Center of Mexico City. Time: 20.00. Event: Wedding Chantal Andere and Roberto Gomez Fernandez.

From early morning crowds Chantal and Roberto, interfering with the traffic, surrounded the ex Convento de San Hipolita, a building that Chantal has chosen for his wedding
. Chantal and Roberto made a feast, to which were invited about 400 guests, among whom were Gaby Spanic, Saul Lisado, Maria Victoria, Renee Kasados, Silvia Pina, Ernesto Alonso, and many others.

. 'When you love, everything is possible'
. We Chantal and Roberto tight schedule, but their wedding is not far off

Chantal Andere and Roberto Gomez Fernandez - is living proof that when you love, anything is possible. Both of them are employed in telenovelas, but the bride and groom skillfully taken the time to prepare everything for their wedding to be held in Mexico City on November 24.

They can be seen together on presentations, premieres and weddings of friends. Both claim to have found the love of my life. And although their crowded schedule leaves them plenty of free time, the couple knows how to use it to prepare for their wedding

. It seems everything is ready
. Yes, . It seems everything is ready, . sorry, . I could not help "- Chantal says -" I just finished shooting, . at the end of the week, . therefore agreed to a special person, . which organizes weddings, . handed in his hands all the preparations and not mistaken, . everything is fine ",

. On her bridal dress, Chantal said,, . that she had to leave the musical play "Vaselina" because of all these preparations, . and this time she decided to work with the Mexican fashion designer Eugenio Alsas, . that he made her elegant, . but very comfortable dress,

On his famous "retirement", the actress said: "Contrary to what was being said, I'm not going to finish his career. My priority, of course, will be the family, but I will continue to do what I like ".

Busy groom

And if Chantal is engaged in "Disenador Ambos Sexos" and the telenovela "La Intrusa" (intrusa), Roberto Gomez Fernandez of it does not lag. Son Chespirito producing its second telenovela, "El juego de la vida", and which devotes most of his time.

"Preparations for the wedding are going well, I think so" - he said modestly - "The truth is that I do not have time to dive into all this, but I have a lot of talking to Chantal and I know that everything is progressing very well".

- Are you nervous?
- With so much amount of work I do not have time to be nervous, but I'm excited and counting the days until this great event.

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Ander Chantal (Chantal Andere), photo, biography
Ander Chantal (Chantal Andere), photo, biography Ander Chantal (Chantal Andere)  Actress, photo, biography
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