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Colunga, Fernando (Fernando Colunga)

( Actor)

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Biography Colunga, Fernando (Fernando Colunga)
photo Colunga, Fernando (Fernando Colunga)
He does not drink or smoke, . not take drugs and generally leads only to a healthy lifestyle, . which is constantly engaged in sports - from the daily visits to the sports hall, . swimming in the pool to play golf - and sitting on various diets,
. He is not married, but dreams of a family, which would have two adorable kids, and more ... in 2000, the female half of Mexico called it the most attractive man.

. General
. Full name: Fernando Colunga Olivares
. Place of birth: Mexico City, Mexico
. Date of Birth: March 3, 1966
. Sign: Pisces
. Height: 187 cm
. Weight: 85 kg

. Personal preference
. Favorite food: pizza, especially with bacon
. Favorite color: blue
. Pets: Max and Tiara (dogs)
. Passion: racing cars
. The advantage: no drinking, no smoking, hates drugs
. Defines himself as: a romantic personality

. This actor was born on March 3, 1966 in Mexico City Mexico City
. Fehr was the only child of his parents: Don Fernando Colunga and Dona Maria Olivares, who since childhood has been given all their attention.

"My childhood was one big holiday, on which there were two main guest: my parents" - says Fehr. With them he made a journey, it seems, on all the beaches of Mexico.

Fernando said that neither in school nor at university, where he was educated engineer, or working as a barman, he had never been better and, yet, he has always been one of the best. He was busy, and my father did his best to teach him discipline.

Fernando has never worked in the profession, but in the early 90's, while still at university, he heard that the actor is similar to. For the sake of laughter decided to audition and was accepted into the educational center "Artists Televisa.

First, Fehr worked a simple backup, and then he began to offer small roles in various serials. But the real success came to him after starring in a telenovela, as "Mary of the suburbs" (Maria la del Barrio) with a waist as a partner. Ever since Mexican producers felt that if Talia's resolve to withdraw in the series, then most likely it will be the partner Fernando. But ... yet formed.

In this role, followed by others, not less, and even more successful. It is no exaggeration to say, . most, . if not all of the telenovela, . in which he starred in the later, . became wildly popular not only in their homeland, . but outside of Mexico: "Esmeralda" (Esmeralda) with Leticia Calderon, . "Impostor" (La Usurpadora) with Gabriela Spanic, etc.,
. One should pay special attention to the TV series "impostor", as this telenovela was sold in more than 110 countries and has become one of the most successful telenovelas in the history of the company Televisa.

In addition to television work, Fernando acted in films and, of course, do not forget about the theater, which became his passion.

Despite 11 years of acting career, this recognition of the public and critics, he achieved only in 2001 when I received the most important reward of Mexico "Tv y Novelas", as "Best Actor" for the episode, "Hold me tighter" (Abrazame muy fuerte).

Of all the roles he played in serials, movies and the theater of his most beloved character - is Carlos Daniel Braccio.

Once journalists asked Fernando, that for him a kiss in front of the camera and he otv
etil: "A kiss on the lips, nothing more, but was in the case of his career, when a kiss meant to him very much ...

Playing in a trilogy about Mariyah ( "Maria Mercedes, Marimar" and "Mary of the suburbs"), he was so liked by the audience that in the last telenovela producers invited him to play a major role. But not only those marked for him in 1996, because it was then, on the set of "Mary of the suburbs, got into his romance with actress waist, which lasted nearly one and a half years. "Our relationship was something special and I believe that the harmony that existed between us and passed on to the screen. We did not have to play, because all these feelings existed in reality "- says Fehr.

They parted nicely, without saying a single bad word about each other. Now married to Thalia and Fernando ... Fernando does not cease to be a medallion, which she once gave him, and is in constant search narrowed: "I'm looking for, because I really want to form a family. I believe in eternal marriage. I am looking for a woman who would understand me and respect the. A woman who would be my ".

So what should be a girl to like this handsome Mexican: "I must admit that Thalia - this is the type of woman that I like: tactful, sympathetic, nice and cheerful". That's all inquiries.

Fernando does not smoke or drink, engaged in propaganda for a world without drugs and alcohol, and also participates in the program of assistance to children in difficult situations. He is regularly involved in sports and is on a diet. More? He also loves motorcycles, but his real passion is racing cars. His first car he bought with the money earned in a bar. And somewhere 10 years ago, he and his cousin even had a garage in Mexico City.

Being a sports fanatic, Fernando said: "The body and mind go hand in hand and I believe that we should care about both of them," Our body is like a machine, and we should use it 100 per cent "

. Filmography:

. Telenovelas (small roles):

. 1991 "Mother - selfish" (Madres egoistas);
. 1993 "Next to the bridge" (Mas alla del puente);
. 1993 "Maria Mercedes" (Maria Mercedes);
. 1994 "Marimar" (Marimar);
. 1995 "Alondra" (Alondra)

. Telenovelas (main role):
. 1996 "Mary of the suburbs" (Maria la del Barrio) with the waist;
. 1997 "Esmeralda" (Esmeralda) with Leticia CalderцЁn;
. 1998 "impostor" (La Usurpadora) with Gabriela;
. 1999 "I shall never forget you" (Nunca te olvidare) with Edith Gonzц¦lez;
. 2000 "Hold me stronger" (Abrazame muy fuerte) with Aracely Arambula

. Television work miniseries:
. - Plaza Sesamo;
. - "Web" (La Marcada);
. - "Cases of this life" (Casos de la vida real);
. - "Special Time" (Hora marcada);
. - "All about everything" (Todo de todo);
. - "Endless New Year" (Novedad sin fin, 2001)

. Kinoraboty:
. - "The Sea" (El mar);
. - "Sheep source" (Fuente ovejuna);
. - "Children of the Sun" (Los hijos del sol);
. - "Death Trap" (Trampa de muerte);
. - "Cinderella" (La Cenicienta);
. - "Kiss me on the lips" (Besame en la boca, 1995)

. Theater work:
. - "Do not present a sin" (El pecado no original, 1997) with Chantal Andere and Nora Salinas;
. - "Cheating does not harm" (Un engano no hace dano);
. - "Love seducer" (Un seductor enamorado, 1998) with Chantal Andere.

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    Colunga, Fernando (Fernando Colunga), photo, biography
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