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MATSTSARELLO Marcelo (Marselo Mazzarello)

( Actor)

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Biography MATSTSARELLO Marcelo (Marselo Mazzarello)
photo MATSTSARELLO Marcelo (Marselo Mazzarello)
Not many have the ability to amuse the audience - for this is not enough ridiculous appearance - in this case must have talent and great charm. Present to you Matstsarello Marcelo, who has all the qualities needed this artist.

Marcelo Matstsarello (Rocky) began his ascent on television 10 years ago, because until the mid 90's he worked in "El Paracultural", putting the various sketches. Once his room "Cadet" I saw Louis Oliver ...

He went to Marcelo in the dressing room and offered to work together, because he had a very good monologue, and a few stories that they could put. The day after this conversation, they sat down at home in Marseilles and began rehearsing the new stuff, subsequently took a hand and his wife Matstsarello. Before that they did not have a penny in my pocket, and clothes to borrow, then from then on they came, and the fans, and clothes, and a little fatter economic situation.
. They played their stories, but dreamed about television, each time asking the producers at least a minute to appear on the screen, and once: they were at that moment
. They called some Argentine oil baron and said: "You have one minute. Improvise ". In general, they have completed work on commercials at dawn, but when looked at him, said: "This is a failure". But in fact it was not the case, Baron said a few unintelligible and inconsistent words about this product, but for them it has become synonymous with success. Since then, they were heated from the endless phone calls. There were many different proposals, but one of them stood out in particular: in 1997, Marcelo was invited to sample in the series "The orange and half" (Naranja y Media), producer Rodolfo Ledo looked at it and said that they need a duet. Then best friend, Louis Oliver also began work on the show. In this movie, Marcelo played Coco - a friend of the protagonist and an accomplice in the double life, which he leads.
. After the "Orange" followed by "Wild Angel", and the end of 1999 Marcelo Matstsarello works in "Good Neighbors", which continues to improve his comic image

. 'Interview Marcelo Matstsarello'
. We tried to find out what a man hiding under the guise of fun and a good Rocky, it was Matstsarello Marcelo, 34 years old.
. Marcelo appeared in the actor's environment, only recently, "Wild Angel" - this is his second telenovela, and together with this little experiment on television.

. - You look like this actor
. It was more than just an opportunity to escape for a couple of her watch from school because I'm pretty lazy. Subsequently, I have about two years studying acting.

. - How did you get on TV?
. - My first coming on the television held in telekomedii "orange and half, but long before that, 19 years old, I started playing in the theater, and it was my personal and professional interest
. In "Oranges and halves were removed Claribel Medina (Mimi from" Gypsy ") and Veronica Vieira (from Vicky Wild Angel), which after a few scenes are played with me said:" Matstsarello gorgeous and very talented. "

. - You also interested in movies?
. - Yes, it is true
. In the following September will be published movie with my participation.

- Rocky in "Wild Angel" is like a clown in a castle. The fact that you participated in the comic part of the series - it was your choice, or you would prefer to take part in the main part of the novel?
- I played not only the comic scenes, just in them, I feel most comfortable. I believe that I can play a major role, but if you ask me: "What would you like to play, I always choose a comedy and I'll do it for as long as it's possible.

- Your lyrics in "Wild Angel" is very similar to improvise. In Rocky has a lot of Marseilles?
- Yes, it is true, in my texts much improvisation. Rocky and Marcelo have something in common, but they are not similar.

- Which episode, scene, character, and you especially like?
- I love that episode from "Iguazu" (a beautiful waterfall in the north of Argentina). To me he remembered and loved especially since I had never before been there, but also because for the love story that was the most auspicious moment, the moment when dreams come true.

. - You and Jean Rennie (Ramon) played together a lot of scenes and it seemed that you spent a lot of time together and before
. You are friends in real life?
- Gino and I first met on the set "Wild Angel". First we were friends on the script, and then they were in life.

. - Tell us a little about the character of Louis, the role you play in "Good Neighbors", a new series on-going for 11 channels of Argentina.
. - My character in this series, quite the opposite of who I played in "Wild Angel"
. It is different to all, including appearance and thinking. Rocky, I liked more.

. - And what character would you play and where?
. - I would like to play in the theater, but now it is impossible, because now I'm writing a lot of scripts for theatrical productions.

. - So maybe you tell more detail about your future projects?
. - I have an opportunity to do another TV series, but this is only a mirage.

. - Tell us a little about your personal life, family, hobbies:
. - I was born in Buenos Aires on 13th February 1965
. My father's name is Juan Carlos, he is a public servant, and my mother Regina - housewife. I have a sister and a brother, Gabriel, and Juan-Carlos. I love the sport, no matter what.

- And goodbye to two important questions: Marital status and the most cherished dream?
- About my family situation I can only say one thing: I'm in love. My friend name is Natalia, and my dream - to live in the south of Argentina, after the travel the length and breadth of Latin America.

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  • A fan serials Latin America for MATSTSARELLO Marcelo (Marselo Mazzarello)
  • , blyat not dick they can not Nitsche, as asshole on the show, for this aristocrat ran, zhopku almost kissed her, and she wiped her feet on his. Actor in my opinion slightly giknulsya of love, and was unsympathetic prozvishe from Natalia Oreiro: Rocky kloun.Koroche olive, though shofer.La well on his dick, better Milagros, no one there. And this mozzarella-mudik from birth. Suchesos Marine dna.Gavnyuk.
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    MATSTSARELLO Marcelo (Marselo Mazzarello), photo, biography
    MATSTSARELLO Marcelo (Marselo Mazzarello), photo, biography MATSTSARELLO Marcelo (Marselo Mazzarello)  Actor, photo, biography
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